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An ergonomic keyboard is one that has been designed to fit the natural placement of your hands.
An external peripheral device must have a cable that connects it to the computer
A firewall can be either hardware or software
RAM is memory that temporarily holds programs and data while a computer is on. ______________________
CDs and DVDs are examples of optical storage devices.
A(n) server acts as a central storage location for programs on a network, and provides mass storage for most of the data used on the network. _________________________
In common usage, the term “PC” refers to computers that ____.
use Microsoft windows
____ is/are the intangible components of a computer system.
The ____ is mounted on the motherboard and is responsible for executing instructions to process data.
The pointing device most likely to be found on a notebook computer is a(n) ____.
Monitors are divided into a matrix of small dots called ____.
The most popular printers for business use are ____ printers.
The accompanying figure shows the ports on a ____.
desktop computer
A computer interprets every signal as either “on” or “off, ” using numbers known as ____.
binary digits
Because a computer can access ____ memory more quickly than RAM, frequently and recently accessed data and commands are stored there instead of in RAM.
optical storage device
____ is the set of instructions that tells a computer to initialize the motherboard, how to recognize devices connected to the computer, and to start the boot process.
A(n) ____ stores data as a trail of tiny pits or dark spots on its surface.
optical storage device
A keyboard and mouse connect to a computer via either PS/2 ports or ____ ports.
A monitor is a(n) ____ device.
The Internet is the largest example of a ____.
Trojan horses, spyware, and worms are all forms of ____.
____ is a program that tracks a computer user’s Internet usage and sends this data back to the company or person who created it, without the user’s knowledge.
A(n) ____ is like a locked door on your computer.
Software can be divided into two major categories: ____ and ____.
____ means that data, applications, and even resources are stored on servers accessed over the Internet rather than on users’ computers.
cloud computing
A(n) ____ is a confidential series of characters you may be required to enter before you can work with Windows 7.
A(n) ____ displays icons that represent items stored on your computer, such as programs and files.
The user interface in Windows 7 is called ____.
____ settings are those preset by the operating system.
The ____ menu provides access to programs, documents, and much more.
To select an object in Windows 7, you usually need to point to and then ____ that object.
You point to All Programs on the Start menu. After a short pause, ____.
the all programs list opens
To open a folder and see its contents, you ____ the folder icon.
double- click
In Windows 7, right-clicking an object ____.
opens its shortcut menu
After you use a program, Windows 7 adds it to the list in the ____ pane of the Start menu.
When you ____, you end your session with Windows 7 but leave the computer turned on.
____ allows you to work on more than one task at a time and to switch quickly between projects.
Clicking the ____ button shrinks the window so you only see its button on the taskbar.
You can click the ____ button to reverse the effects of your last action.
A ____ displays a list of available choices, from which you can select one item.
list box
All of the following are ways to view the contents of a Windows 7 folder EXCEPT ____.
fullscreen icons
____ is the term for a duplicate copy of important computer files.
A(n) ____ displays similar types of files together, no matter where they are stored.
A folder name can have up to ____ characters.
____ a file places the file into a new location that you specify, but does not remove it from its current location.
The ____ keyboard combination has the same effect as clicking Cut on a menu.
The ____ is a temporary storage area for files and information that you have copied or moved from one place and plan to use somewhere else.
To rename a file, right-click the file in a folder window, then click ____.
When you delete a file from a hard disk, Windows 7 removes the file and stores its contents in _____.
the recycle bin
When you ____ a file in a folder window, Windows 7 opens the file.
When you save a document for the first time, you use the ____ dialog box.
save as
You can find the Save As command under ____ on the menu bar.
By default, the Save As dialog box saves text files in the ____.
Documents library
A sort arrow that points ____ indicates that the column is sorted in ____ order.
down descending
If a column is sorted in descending order, and you wish to view it in ascending order, you ____.
click the column heading to reverse the order
You ____ a folder so that the files it contains use less space on a disk.
Search engines use a program called a(n) ____ to compile databases of webpages that are indexed by keywords.
A search engine results page displays links that are ____ at the top of the list.
more recent
____ are personal commentaries that present the writer’s opinion, but can also provide innovative ideas or breaking news.
____ browsing displays multiple webpages in the same browser window.
Press and hold the ____ key as you click a link on a webpage to open a new webpage in a new tab.
All of the following are listed as ways to evaluate search results EXCEPT ____.
contact the author
Pinning a page to the taskbar ____.
D:allows you to open a page directly from the desktop without starting Internet Explorer first
In the US, intellectual ____ is protected through patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights.
____ is the first step toward conveying information and facts in a written report.
The _______ displays the name of the open file and the program.
title bar
In _______ Mode, extra space around the buttons on the ribbon allows your finger to tap the specific button you need.
The main difference among different types of business letters is _______.
D:how parts of the letter are indented from the left margin

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