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External communication Essay

The external communication is more robust and it takes a two-step horizontal structure in which the organization sifts the information it needs to release to the outside. The kind of information is decided by market needs, competitor activity as well as the strategic fit of CA. The marketing campaigns constitute the bulk of the communication targeting customers. This is done through trade magazines, TV, radio, third party published reporting such as journal articles all intended to influence the public positively and meet their information needs.

CA also has resellers in over 40 locations in the world and they also are useful in the communication process. Below is an illustration of CA’s external communication flow. TV CA Magazines Public Resellers Source: Self In as far as organizational diversity is concerned, CA embraces diversity and encourages it. This is done in appreciation of the fact that diversity for an organization can be a source of talent, a source of divergent ideas as well as a source of innovativeness (Kapstein, 2004).

Therefore the company demonstrates its recognition for diversity by having a zero tolerance towards all forms of discrimination in the work place. CA has a well pronounced disciplinary system which does not favour any

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employee on grounds of culture. This has seen CA appoint to managerial positions employees of varied cultural backgrounds something which has contributed to success of the organization. Where applicable, CA has come up with policies which tolerate cultural differences.

Consequently CA provides an empowering environment for all of its employees regardless of their cultural backgrounds. Due to the embracing of diversity, CA boasts of an employee force with different backgrounds, talents, skills, capabilities all of which work towards the common good of the organization and its employees. What CA has done is to create a positive organizational culture which is already bearing fruits given the expansion CA is currently undergoing. CA policies are numerous and are all geared towards accomplishing the organization’s objectives.

With over a thousand policies in place, these have provided guidance by spelling the rules and regulations governing the employees’ conduct. These have served in conflict resolution, and guiding the employees into putting individual goals behind the organizational goals. In CA, policies include those which govern job attendance, communication flow procedures, work flow procedures, rewarding and punishment policies, public relations policies as well as corporate responsibilities policies.

However, CA has had on many occasions to alter or adjust organizational structure and policies to conform to legislative policies in various regions. Conclusion Cultural diversity, communication and organizational policies are all very important to an organization’s success. CA has excelled in all of the above. This is the reason why the company is fast growing and registering tremendous growth and it has a very staff turnover.

With a very motivated culturally diverse workforce, the company is set to become a market leader given the current encouraging trends.


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