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Factor that affects sales performance in an organization

Sales performance depends on a number of factors. Traditionally, organizations have used skill building as an approach to improve sales performance. Yet motivation, and tools or resources should be considered as well to impact on sales performance. The failure of the sales team to achieve the set targets may be due to lack of necessary tools or resources. For instance, do the sales personnel have mobile phones and calling allowance, means of transport, and are meals provided. The organization should establish whether the employees have the necessary skills applicable in sales.

Although the educational background is important, the organization should consider retraining the personnel through a program that is specific to their operation. In conclusion, the organization could consider reviewing the personnel compensation and pay plan such that they are competitive in the market. In addition the company could consider other aspects of motivation such as inducements, appreciation and recognition, and enhancing communication Concept and Processes of Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development The purpose of recruitment and selection is to establish the best candidate for a job position.

A typical recruitment and selection process involves describing the requirements of the job position, the application process where the job posting is published, short listing, interviewing and assessment, and offering the candidate the role. Training and development is an educational process that imparts the knowledge and skill employee need to do their jobs. It helps a company keep pace with both internal and external needs. A good training program produces knowledgeable, motivated, and efficient employees thereby stabilization the company’s workforce, lowering absenteeism, increasing productivity, and reducing operating costs.

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