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FBLA Intro to business procedures

To work effectively in a team, employees:
should set cleat goals for the team
during a brainstorming session:
explanations and combinations of ideas are encouraged
to help bring about change in your personality
be honest with yourself about your behavior and beliefs
an organization’s communications network that is meant for the use of it’s employees or members is called
an intranet
a computer that stores data and application software for all PC workstations in a single building or building complex is called a
which statement is false about about moderns
a modern is not a electric device
what does it mean to enunciate properly
saying each word carefully
a well-written business message:
is clear, concise, courteous, complete, and correct
the primary purpose of editing a document is to
make sure the message is accurate and conveys what the writer intended
the process of accomplishing goals of an organization through the effective use of people and other resources is:
the best way to determine the problem after a symptom has been identified is to
ask questions
once a problem has been identified, a manager should
list possible solutions
a U.S government publication that discusses the major occupations in the country is
The occupational outlook handbook
Your desired achievements related to work such as jobs, education, and work experience are:
career goals
when striving for continuous improvement in your job, you should
eliminate needless steps in doing tasks
an official U.S. document that grants citizens permission to travel outside the United States is a
when you keep a record of items you expect to receive under separate cover, by special postal services, or by private mail services, you are:
creating an expected mail log
which class of domestic mail would you use for a ten-pound package when delivery in three days or less is not necessary
parcel post
A personal information management program
can be used to schedule appointments and tasks and to hold contact information
microfiche is a type of
microfilm storage medium
which one of the following is not one of the common responsibilities of supervisors
keep employee complaints and concerns from top management to prevent problems
which one of the following provides income for eligible persons who have been dismissed from their jobs
unemployment insurance
which one of the following provides retirement benefits for eligible workers
social security act
to avoid strain and fatigue, an office worker should
use good posture
short-term debts owed to a company by others, such as its customers, are
accounts receivable
a report used to compare bank and company account records is called
a bank reconcilliation
which one of the following are found on a projected balance sheet
the process in which a software program searches for significant patterns in data is referred to as
data mining
information processing involves input, processing, output, and which one of the following
making decisions and recommendations based on information studies is an example of
creating or analyzing information
which is not a common time-waster on the job
keeping a time log
a computer program that allows electronic tracking and control of records is called
records management software
which one of the following steps would not help a person to listen actively
assess the speakers appearance
this level of management sets goals for specific areas of the business and decides what the employees in each area must do to meet these goals
middle management
which statement below would be a good way to achieve your career goals
educate yourself, get experience in a field you think you would like, and consider an internship
if you need to send a business document through the united states postal service and you need to get the document to the receiver in one day, which mail service would you use.
Express mail
a schedule that show how long particular types of records should be stored in a company is called a
retention schedule
currently, it is legal for your employer to
read your e-mail
companies need to be sure that receipts and payments shown in their records are reflected also in the banks record. You may have the task of comparing these records to prepare a
bank reconciliation
a ______ is a meeting of people in different locations connected by a telecommunications system.

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