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Final Business Exam

Communication skills are
critical to effective job placement, performance, career advancement, and organizational success
For years businesses have been flattening their management hierarchies. this flattening means that
employees at all levels must be skilled communicators
Select the best definition of communication
Communication is the transmission of information and meaning from one individual or group to another.
_helps the sender know whether the message was received and understood
Eric is part of a team developing a new product idea aimed at a specific target market. Because team members are located throughout the country, they don’t meet in person. instead, they use communication technology to collaborate on the project. Because members use technology to stay connected. Eric is part of a
Virtual Team
Tracey is planning a meeting to develop new procedure for handling employee grievances. how many participants should she invite
Five or fewer
An example of a country with a high-context culture is
An example of a country that has a low-context culture is
United States
The belief that one’s own race is superior is known as
Which of the following occurs during the second phase of the 3-x-3 writing process
Conduct research to gather the data you need to provide facts
Which of the following is done during Phase 2 of the writing process
Leon has been asked to learn how many pedestrians walk by a specific location that his company is considering for a new coffee shop. Probably the most useful way to research this information would be by
investigating primary sources
Which of the following is an informal research method
Looking in the company files for information
one of the most important tasks in preparing well-organized messages is
including ample tables and charts
Phase 3 of the 3-x-3 writing process begins with doing which of the following
Revising the message to improve content and sentence structure
The final phase of the writing process focuses on
all of these
Which of the following is an advantage of writing concisely
All of these choices are advantages of writing concisely
Select the most accurate statement about proposals
Proposals are legal contracts
Proposals are
all of these choices
the introduction to a proposal typically
Highlights the writers qualifications
Tom is writing a solicited proposal in response to an REP and is working on the background section. What is his goal in this section
To persuade the reader that he understands the problem completely
What is the most accurate statement about oral presentations
A recent study shows that the No. 1 predictor of success and upward mobility is how much you enjoy public speaking and how effective you are at it
what questions should you ask about your audience to determine your pattern, delivery style, and supporting material
All of these choices
You will be presenting information to your staff about new benefit options, and you expect your staff members to be very pleased with the changes in their benefits package. What is the best advice for delivering your presentation
Include humor, personal examples, and experiences
During a question-and-answer period at the end of an oral presentation, what type of audience would most likely require a moderator
Hostile Audience
How many employers can you expect to have had before you reach the age of 38
Sophia will be graduating soon and wants to learn more about a career path she is considering. Which of the following should she do
Sophia should do all of these
The best place to look for a job online is
Company websites
What is the most accurate statement about job interviews
Preparation often determines who gets the job
what is the most common type of hiring/placement interview
One-on-one interviews
What is the first question you should ask yourself as you begin to prepare a message
Do i really need to write this e-mail, memo, or letter
A phone call or face-to face visit is a better channel choice than email when you need to
All of these choices
Business letters are preferred over email messages when
all of these choices
Chandra wants to give her employees a brief update about an upcoming sales promotion. What is her best communication channel for Chandra to use to send this message to her employees
Alison is writing a recommendation for one of her former employees. What is the best communication channel for Allison to use to send this message to a potential employer
Natalie is writing a routine email request. The main idea or purpose of her message should be placed in
The opening

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