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Final Exam Chapters 8-14

Eric is in a group with five other management trainees at Coca-Cola. Eric’s group is competing against other management trainees at the firm in a simulated marketplace. Each group must decide how much to spend on advertising and how many products to manufacture over the next three years. In which of the following activities is Eric most likely participating?
management games
Which of the following is most likely NOT one of the goals of a firm’s employee orientation program?
assisting new employees in selecting the best labor union
Which of the following terms refers to a section of an employer’s Web site that provides employees with online access to job-related training courses?
learning portal
American Airlines uses flight simulators to train pilots about airplane equipment and safety measures. This is an example of ________.
vestibule training
Which of the following terms refers to a teaching method that uses special collaboration software to enable multiple remote learners to participate in live audio and visual discussions via a PC or laptop?
virtual classroom
Which of the following terms refers to helping new employees appreciate the values and culture of a firm?
________ are special software tools that support Internet training by helping employers identify training needs, and to schedule, deliver, assess, and manage the online training itself.
learning management system
Which of the following terms refers to the process of evaluating an employee’s current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standards?
performance appraisal
Which of the following best depicts how information technology supports performance management?
tracking team performance with digital dashboards
The continuous process of identifying, measuring, and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning their performance with the organization’s goals is known as ________.
performance management
Peer appraisals have been shown to result in a(n) ________.
reduction of social loafing
Which of the following terms refers to the process of allowing subordinates to rate their supervisor’s performance anonymously?
peer evaluation
Which of the following is one of the primary complaints regarding the use of the forced distribution method for performance appraisals?
harm to employee morale
Smith Industries has established a career development program for its employees that offers career coaching and workshops. However, a recent employee survey indicates that many women still feel dissatisfied about their career opportunities at the firm. Which of the following would most likely improve the attitudes of female employees at Smith Industries?
smith implements a flexible career track system
Jackie is working with a coach to identify her personal skills and interests. Afterwards, she will investigate opportunities that fit her skills and interests and set specific career goals. In which of the following activities is Jackie most likely participating?
career planning
All of the following methods are used by firms to recruit and retain retirement-age workers EXCEPT ________.
using psychometric selection tests
All of the following are typical activities of career coaches EXCEPT helping employees to ________.
negotiate with firms for higher salaries
Michele’s firm does not have a formal mentoring program. However, entry-level employees, such as Michele, are encouraged to form relationships with experienced workers. Michele wants to make sure that she has an effective mentor relationship. Which of the following mentor relationship guidelines would NOT be recommended to Michele?
select a direct supervisor as a mentor
Which of the following is NOT one of the typical methods used by job evaluation committees to determine the worth of a job?
paired comparison
Which of the following questions is most relevant to developing a market competitive pay system?
what is the relevant labor market
What type of equity is a manager most likely trying to maintain through the use of performance appraisals and incentive pay?
Beth, a small business owner, wants to ensure external equity when establishing pay rates. Beth should most likely ________.
conduct a salary survey
Employees at GameTime Software participate in a gainsharing plan. Employee bonuses are calculated by dividing payroll expenses by total sales. GameTime Software most likely uses which of the following plans?
Tanner’s employer puts a predetermined portion of profits into a trust account for Tanner’s retirement. Which of the following is most likely the type of profit-sharing plan used by Tanner’s employer?
deferred profit-sharing plan
With a ________, an executive receives units instead of shares of company stock. In the future, the executive receives cash equal to the appreciation of the units owned.
phantom stock plan
In Vroom’s theory of motivation, motivation is equal to E * I * V, where I represents ________.
All of the following are preventive services offered by employers as part of their wellness programs EXCEPT ________.
case management services
All of the following are true statements regarding the application of the Family and Medical Leave Act EXCEPT ________.
employers must receive advance notice and medical certification from the employee
Which of the following sets minimum mental health care benefits?
mental health parity act
________ means society’s accepted standards of behavior and always involves basic questions of right and wrong
________ is the activity that involves establishing and maintaining the positive employee-employer relationship
employee relations
According to research, which of the following has the greatest impact on work-related ethical decisions?______
personal inclinations
The methods used to give new or present employees the skills they need to perform their jobs are called ________.
All of the following are useful methods for ensuring success after on-the-job training has occurred EXCEPT ________.
providing turnkey training packages for learners
In most firms, a rating committee used for performance appraisals consists of ________ members
Which of the following terms refers to an appraisal that is too open to interpretation?
unclear standards
Which of the following is most likely to occur when a new employee’s high expectations and enthusiasm confront the reality of a boring job?
reality shock
Which of the following is a specific example of a career development activity?
training workshop
________ means collapsing salary grades and ranges into just a few wide levels, each of which contains a relatively wide range of jobs and salary levels.
broad banding
Craig is a line manager at a paper supply company. All of the following are methods that Craig should most likely implement to motivate his subordinates EXCEPT ________.
encouraging workers to earn overtime pay
Nonfinancial payments like health and life insurance, pensions, time off with pay, and child care facilities are examples of ________.
According to the text, what are the two main forces that lead to the development of employment laws?______
unalienable rights and public policy
Tyler, a new accounts representative at Martin Marketing, is learning the job by actually doing job-related tasks such as contacting customers. Tyler is most likely participating in ________.
on-the-job training
All of the following are benefits of using computerized or Web-based performance appraisal systems EXCEPT ________.
enabling managers to monitor employees’ computers
________ refers to being psychologically involved in, connected to, and committed to getting one’s job done. ______
A ________ is comprised of jobs of approximately equal difficulty or importance as established by job evaluation.
pay grade
Tyler Oil offers a profit-sharing plan to its employees. Each year, Tyler Oil distributes total annual profits less taxes among employees based on employee merit ratings. Which of the following is most likely used by Tyler Oil? 47) ______
Lincoln incentive system
Which of the following represents the largest proportion of all reported disabilities?
mental illness
________ refer to people who are inclined to make unethical choices.
bad apples
Which of the following is most likely NOT measured when evaluating a training program?
overall organizational productivity

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