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Final Exam (Communication)

professional communication
_____ incorporates written, verbal, visual, and digital communication to provide factual information that is usable in the workplace.
A. Corporate communication
B. Professional communication
C. Business communication
D. Lateral communication
The study of writing or speaking as a way of communicating information or persuading an individual is called _____.
A. goodwill
B. instruction
C. process
D. rhetoric
communication process
A series of actions on the part of the sender and the receiver of a message and the path the message follows is called _____.
A. communication process
B. verbal communication
C. formal communication
D. informal communication
Formal communication
_____ is sharing of information that conforms to specific protocol.
A. Communication process
B. Verbal communication
C. Formal communication
D. Informal communication
sending an e-mail response
Verbal communication includes all of the following except _____.
A. making requests
B. giving information
C. participating in meetings
D. sending an e-mail response
The environment or setting in which something occurs or is communicated is called _____.
A. paralanguage
B. haptics communication
C. context
D. professional communication
The attitude an individual projects with the tone and pitch of his or her voice is _____.
A. paralanguage
B. haptics communication
C. context
D. professional communication
Standard English
Professional writing requires the use of _____.
A. decoding
B. Standard English
C. Business English
D. translating
_____ includes age, race, nationality, gender, mental ability, physical ability, and other qualities that make an individual unique.
A. Diversity
B. Culture
C. Stereotype
D. Abilities
_____ is a belief or generalization about a group of people with a given set of characteristics.
A. Diversity
B. Culture
C. Stereotype
D. Abilities
English as a second language
The use of English by those with a different native language is known as _____.
A. Standard English
B. business communication
C. professional communication
D. English as a second language
Leadership positions are always easy.
Which of the following is not true regarding leadership?
A. Leaders guide others toward a goal.
B. Leaders are organized.
C. Leadership positions are always easy.
D. Leaders bring focus to a team.
The _____ leadership style is a hands-off approach to leadership.
A. democratic
B. autocratic
C. laissez-faire
D. dynamic
critical-thinking skills
The ability to interpret and make reasonable judgments and decisions by analyzing a situation is called _____.
A. organization skills
B. listening skills
C. collaboration skills
D. critical-thinking skills
passive behavior
Accepting things that happen without trying to change them is known as _____.
A. conflict management
B. passive behavior
C. forming
D. group process
parliamentary procedure
A process for holding meetings so they are ordeArly and democratic is _____.
A. parliamentary procedure
B. democratic method
C. procedure rules
D. Belbin method
employer and employee
Maintaining a safe workplace is the responsibility of the _____.
A. leader
B. employee
C. employer and employee
D. employer
improper lifting
Most back injuries are caused by _____.
A. improper lifting
B. falls
C. material-storage hazards
D. natural emergencies
Digital literacy
_____ is the ability to use technology to create, locate, evaluate, and communicate information.
A. Digital communication
B. Digital literacy
C. Digital citizenship
D. Digital ethics
Speaking a false statement about someone that causes others to have a bad opinion of him or her is called _____.
A. flaming
B. libel
C. slander
D. spamming
Fair-use doctrine
_____ allows individuals to use copyrighted works without permission in limited situations under very strict guidelines.
A. Fair-use doctrine
B. Patent
C. Copy left
D. Creative commons (CC) license
code of ethics
A document that dictates how business should be conducted is called a(n) _____.
A. code of conduct
B. social responsibility
C. code of ethics
D. acceptable use policy
Spyware, Trojan horses, worms, and viruses are examples of _____.
A. firewalls
B. phishing
C. cookies
D. malware
printing press
Which of the following was invented by Johannes Gutenberg?
A. printing press
B. telephone
C. television
D. radio
Expressing thought through verbal language is _____.
A. symbols
B. ideograms
C. pictograms
D. speech
cloud computing
Which of the following describes the use of remote servers to store and access data over the Internet rather than on a personal computer or local server?
A. cloud computing
B. Internet use
C. ARPANET broadcast
D. WiFi
service mark
A _____ protects taglines, slogans, names, symbols, or any unique method to identify a service.
A. trademark
B. graphic mark
C. patent
D. service mark
Which of the following is a predecessor to the Internet?
subject and predicate
What are the two main parts of a sentence?
A. noun and verb
B. subject and direct object
C. pronoun and adverb
D. subject and predicate
describes an action or state of being for the subject
A predicate in a sentence _____.
A. is the person speaking or the person, place, or thing the sentence describes
B. is someone or something that receives the action of the verb
C. is an adjective that describes the subject or a noun that renames or tells what the subject is or does
D. describes an action or state of being for the subject
An antecedent is the word a _____ replaces.
A. noun
B. verb
C. pronoun
D. subject
A(n) _____ is a word that replaces a noun in a sentence.
A. proper noun
B. mass noun
C. antecedent
D. pronoun
nominative, objective, or possessive
The case of a pronoun can be ______.
A. dative, genitive, or ablative
B. nominative, objective, or possessive
C. objective, dative, or nominative
D. possessive, ablative, or genitive
37. _____ pronouns identify or direct attention to a noun or pronoun.
A. Demonstrative
B. Declarative
C. Personal
D. Objective
active or passive
The voice of an action verb can be either _____.
A. declarative or active
B. active or passive
C. passive or subjunctive
D. declarative or subjunctive
Which of the following is an example of a compound-complex sentence?
A. Paula ate lunch in the cafeteria, and Kim ate lunch in the park.
B. Mrs. Parsons, who lives on Maple Street, complained about the noise, which was keeping her awake at night.
C. The cart rolled down the narrow, winding road.
D. Whenever she dines at a restaurant, she orders a salad, and this helps her stay healthy.
nonverbal communication
Which of the following describes an action, behavior, or attitude that sends a message to the receiver?
A. Nonverbal communication
B. Translation
C. Informal communication
D. Receiving barrier
A(n) _____ clause that requires the rest of the sentence to provide a complete thought.
A. dependent
B. independent
C. interrogative
D. declarative
Which of the following is an example of impromptu speaking?
A. You give a presentation to a group of managers about sales figures.
B. You are stopped in the break room by a coworker to get a status update on a project.
C. You reply via e-mail to several questions from your supervisor about an account.
D. You make a phone call in reply to a voice mail message that was left over the weekend.
all of the above
Which of the following behaviors is acceptable when introducing yourself in a business setting?
A. Firmly shaking the hand of the other person.
B. Making eye contact.
C. Telling the person your role in the company.
D. All of the above.
speaking informally
Leaving voice mail messages, participating in group discussions, and making introductions are examples of ____.
A. speaking formally
B. speaking informally
C. being direct
D. being polite
When you ____ someone, you convince that person to take a certain course of action.
A. inform
B. instruct
C. persuade
D. teach
The ____ is why a speech is needed.
A. occasion
B. subject
C. topic
D. scope
Which approach works well when delivering an informative speech?
A. direct
B. indirect
C. polite
D. attention-getting
attention-getting device
Asking a question, citing a surprising statistic, reciting a relevant quote, and telling a story are all examples of a(n) ____.
A. topic
B. attention-getting device
C. introduction
D. clincher
Which strategy will increase your credibility as a speaker?
A. Present opinions as facts.
B. Cite only data that comes from reliable sources.
C. Alter research findings to support your topic.
D. Use humor to diminish a serious topic.
The main points of a presentation are made in the ____.
A. outline
B. introduction
C. body
D. conclusion
What are the three important elements in a slide presentation?
A. content, visual aids, auditory aids
B. master slides, content, visuals
C. master slides, template slides, content
D. master slides, content, headings
18 point
Text used in a slide presentation should be ____ or larger.
A. 12-point
B. 18-point
C. 36-point
D. 72-point
Which of the following is not a reason to use handouts in a presentation?
A. Help the listener understand the information in the presentation.
B. Provide additional information about the topic.
C. Provide an outline of key points.
D. Provide word-for-word text of the presentation.
What is the purpose of presentation notes?
A. Keep the speaker on topic.
B. Keep the audience on topic during the question-and-answer session.
C. Engage the audience.
D. Show how something is done.
Changing the emphasis of words by raising and lowering your voice is ____.
A. enunciation
B. intonation
C. modulation
D. pitching
____ describes the highness or the lowness of a sound.
A. Modulation
B. Pitch
C. Rate
D. Intonation
How can you emphasize a word while speaking?
A. Raise the volume of your voice.
B. Pause before the word.
C. Vary your rate of speech.
D. All of the above.
Where can the correct way to pronounce a word be found?
A. dictionary
B. thesaurus
C. style guide
D. manual
Which of the following is an effective method of practicing a presentation?
A. Create a video of yourself delivering the speech.
B. Conduct a dress rehearsal.
C. Memorize the sequence of topics.
D. All of the above.
When creating an audience evaluation form, develop the document like you are creating a(n)____.
A. experiment
B. survey
C. interview
D. contest
What is the first step in the listening process?
A. receive
B. decode
C. evaluate
D. respond
Passive listeners are more interested in ____ and less interested in ____.
A. hearing; listening
B. hearing; mediating
C. interacting; listening
D. listening; hearing
reflective listening
What type of listening occurs when the listener demonstrates an understanding of the message by restating what was said?
A. critical listening
B. empathetic listening
C. reflective listening
D. deliberative listening
When ____, your first decision is whether you can or should do what is being asked.
A. participating in discussions
B. talking with customers
C. giving a presentation
D. receiving a request
You should provide feedback by ____.
A. asking questions and giving comments
B. nodding your head and smiling
C. raising your hand and taking notes
D. appearing confident and prepared
improved understanding
There are three general benefits for evaluating messages based on prior knowledge. Which of the following is not one of them?
A. improved accuracy
B. improved focus
C. improved memory
D. improved understanding
In face-to-face communication, body language is an important way to show the speaker you are listening actively. Which of the following will show a speaker that you are paying attention?
A. Respond appropriately by smiling or frowning.
B. Raising your hand.
C. Letting your eyes scan the room.
D. Sit or stand with a relaxed posture.
In addition to hearing what is said, the listener must also comprehend, evaluate, and ____ the information.
A. debate
B. discuss
C. summarize
D. relate
To ensure friendly feedback, which of the following guidelines should be avoided?
A. Limit the length of your question.
B. Be sure the question is relevant.
C. Ask personal questions.
D. Ask questions at the appropriate time.
Which of the following is not a way to fight listening barriers?
A. Be attentive.
B. Be flexible.
C. Be biased.
D. Be empathetic.

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