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conflict perspective
Theoretical perspective that focuses on those forces in society that promote competition and change
emily durkheim
conducted a study in 1987, which examined suicide rates in several european countries
political science
the examination of the organization and operating of governments
an attitude of cultural relativism
the belief that cultures should be judged by their own standards rather than by standards of other society
cultural universals
traits that are part of every known culture
linguist Benjamnin Whorf extended the linguistic relatively hypothesis which consisted of which basic principles
language, shapes, and way people think
tools and skills people use to manipulate their enviroment
reasons why people resist cultural change
ethnocentrism, cultural lag and vested intrest
a state of balance between cooperation and conflict
example of preindustrial societies
hunting and gathering, patoral, horticulture and agriculture
subsistance strategy
a way society uses technology to provide for the needs of its members
personality traits
(they change) the sum total of behavior attitudes and belief values that are characteristics of an individual
personality and social behaviors can be determined by
the passing of traits from parents to offspring
certain characteristics that are present at birth are
body build, hair color, eye color, skin pigment
role taking was developed by
george herbert mead
in the US, the primary agents of socialization include
family, peers, school, mass media
the period b/t normal onset of puberty and the begininning of adulthood is called
what distinguishes young people as a separate group
their ages, likes and dislikes
phase 2 of the female development encompasses
entering the adult world… marriage?
factors that affect adjustments to retirement are
income, social networks, identity, age and health
define stigma
a mark of social disgrace that sets the deviant apart from the rest of society
the concepts of culturally approved goals and the legitimate means of achieving these goals were devised by
Robert K. Merton
conflict theorist believe…
the educational system limits people to gain power and social rewards
who suggested that conformity is the result of self control
richard quinney and edwin lemert
which theory explains deviance as a learned behavior
cultural transmission
labeling theory
the theory that focuses on how individuals come to be labeled as deviant
process of labeling and individual as deviant
degradation ceremony
what is a characteristic of stratification
race, ancestory, physical appearance
the unequal sharing of scarce resources and social rewards were called
social inequality
what is a social factor the combines the socioeconomic status(SES) rating
race and ethnicity
techniques used to rank individuals according to social class
subjective method
downward mobility is characterized by…
the changes in economy
those who hold jobs that require manual labor are in the
blue collar working class
individuals who are primarily high income business people and professionals are…
white collar or upper middle class
from gallup poll results, what are the concerns about the US health care system
cost, quality, access, and alternative treatments
what are some factors that have contributed to the rapid rise of health care cost
hospital care, prescription drugs, and advances in technology
example of ageism
TV shows that portray elderly as cranky
example of gender inequality in politics
no women presidents, majority is male
how do children learn gender role behaviors
those with the highest risk with becoming infected with HIV are…
gay/lesbian, druggies, and afican americans/ black people
factors that contributed to heterogamy include
higher college enrollments, more geographical mobility
when was the widespread nature of family violence confirmed in a nationwide study
the most comman martial system in the majority of preindustrial societies around the world is…
in preindustrial times, families had to provide for their own needs by..
growing own food, hunting
all societies enforce some type of incest taboo, which…
forbids sexual intercourse b/t close relatives
sociologist use the term marriage to refer to
set of norms that specify the ways in which family structure should be organized, characterized between marriage partners
in a purely capitalist system, the economy is regulated by self interest and…
market competition
who poses a threat to american democracy
voter apathy

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