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Financial company Essay

During the whole length of my internship with one of the best known and most awarded financial company all over the world, Merrill Lynch, I felt like that I am one of the regular employees since the staff and the boss treated me well and make me feel that I belong to their same circle. Working with them is not the same as that of the other one because there are things that are normally not done by an intern which, in a way was entrusted to me by my boss. Given that my boss has a very big trust and confidence to me, there are certain things that I have to do even though I am just undergoing the company’s training program.

There are important details and information that he let me handle and know, because he believes that I can do something worthwhile about it and that I will be able to produce a quality, if not best, outcome from it. A case in point of which, are the many (although there are only three of them) projects which I have to do are very easy and does not need to be dependent on the other and given that

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fact, it can be in 1, 2 or even 3 days working/internship days. Another instance is when I am assigned to create of portfolios for each existing and active client that task is considered to be a project; one portfolio per client.

For my working days, I was able to make 15 portfolios during the first day of my internship and another 10 the following day. However, the other intern, who only report to work on Monday and Tuesday, can finish 30 more portfolios during his 2-day internship, meaning to say that the project is not dependent with one another as we can do it separately and does not need to wait for other information coming from the other intern’s output since it will be irrelevant to the other client’s portfolio. It will only need other input if the client’s portfolio I am currently handling needs some more documents and it is with the other intern.

Another thing is that I have to do an extensive yet not stressful research about the financial market in general and the many interesting segments or sections that my manager would like to put his excess money in to. And because I am working in the field of finance and since market situation change everyday the research should and has to be done continuously and religiously and that task, modesty aside, is very easy for me to accomplish. I can research in the morning and in the afternoon I can already do some other works that needs to be done within the day.

That would result that I am being very efficient and productive as an intern. Researching about the current situation of the market is just easy especially if I was able to have access to the internet all the time and when the system does not get very slow. I think, the things that I should do is dependent on what he (my boss) asks for the day when I have to report to the office for my internship or on what my colleague (the intern who is working with me Monday and Tuesday) was not able finish, but generally the whole thing is very independent from each other.

Another example, it can be the classification of clients’ files, for the intern during Monday and Tuesday he is just going to sort the surname of the clients that starts with letter A until H only whereas, I will have to continue with the remaining letters. The project always has a maximum time frame of 4 working days for both of us to complete. Each project was described to us by our boss that made our job even less stressful and demanding.

The following are: 1) Research about the market (deflation/inflation, the current economic situation, China, Asia, Government institutions in Asia) and the areas that interest us the most, to be exact those that deal with gold, metal, water, and agriculture; 2) Research about strategies of investment: See how analysts’ talk about some commodities and how you have to invest this month whether if it is during the bull or bear market season; and lastly 3) Updates of clients’ files: How they lost or win in which sector they invested (oil, foreign exchange, real estate, telecommunications, etc.

) and alongside of it, keep an updated file for all of this information in one separate piece of paper or to the computer that is accessed by our boss. Because of the time that I have spent with the company, it is hard for me to think about leaving the company, I have been used of going and reporting to my boss for the last weeks, however, my internship should have an end and maybe another reason for it is because I have already acquainted myself to the work and people whom I’ve worked with.

But still I am not feeling bad at all since there will be a replacement as there is another intern that will do the job I will not be able to finish and he also happens to be in the same program as I am (International Business and Trade) but he did not travel and apparently he is working for the same boss so he could continue working for the same projects. He always gives me an update of the entire thing that he does even before I came back just so I would be aware of all he had to do and how he did things when I was in China.

Furthermore, he is only reporting to work during Monday and Tuesday so I am always completing his job when he was not able to finish it or he is completing my projects when I can not do them during to my 2 intern days and so we must give an update to each other all the time before my internship days start anew. My return from China was very smooth; I was not able to encounter any problem since I was aware of what the other intern does and so I feel that I was very efficient for the company. And that I know the things I should do the moment I came back from China.

To wrap things up, everything I think I have to do a self-evaluation. Whether how much I have learned or how much I have gained through working with Merrill Lynch. I will have to politely inform my boss that it is going to be my last day of being an intern and assure them that I learned something from their company. I would also send them (the supervisor and boss) ‘Thank you’ cards or notes to show them how happy I am to be able to serve their company and undergo their training program. And that I am grateful that they have treated like one of the regular employees.

Another thing is that, I will have to summarize my entire project and present an effective output that I was able to make during the entire internship days that I have to report for work and do things a normal employee should be doing. I am not regretting that I applied as their intern, I learned a lot from them especially with how the financial market really works and how things in the real world looks like. The things that I learned from school are very different from what I was able to learn while I am doing my internship.

But the things I learned from school can not be disregarded since I was able to apply them to some of the work that I have to do. And that, I think, I did not gave my boss a hard time to train me or to orient me on how to do things and matters that I should know about the company since I have a very good background from school. One more thing I can do to wrap up everything is to send them tokens for giving me the opportunity to work with them and the chance of being employed by a multi national like them since they have a very good reputation all over the world.

Giving them gifts to show my enjoyment working with them will surely warm their hearts since, according to them, no one have ever sent them tokens or thank you notes to show how grateful their past interns were. Additionally, I can also bring them food and drinks on the last day of my internship day. My last day with them will be like a von voyage party that I will have to host. I could bring to them pasta, pastries, cakes or whatever and we will eat together during lunch time or whenever time they want.

It would be more fun if we will eat outside the office to have some sort of ‘breather’ or another kind of atmosphere so as to relax and have some leisure time to talk about things and personal life (if they want to). And of course, I would also want to hear some constructive criticisms from my immediate supervisor; on how well was I as an intern in their company, how well was I able to deliver, and some other things. I want to ask whether I was able to reach or surpass their expectations from (if there is any) and if I can make it big in the real world.

My boss’ assessment would be a very big morale booster from since I know that he is speaking as a boss and not as a friend. Given the fact that he is working with a known company such as Merrill Lynch, he should know whether my attitude towards work and to my co-workers will take to higher position. I will ask my boss about the things or areas that I have to improve on and the things that I should do in order for me to attain and reach my goal of being big in the finance field. I can also ask him to assess me with regards to my work attitude, efficiency and how I relate with my co-workers.

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