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Five principles for pursuing a successful career

Five principles for pursuing a successful career over the next 20 years Success may be defined a hundred and one ways. It depends upon a person’s personal commitment and outlook in life. When related to career, though, success may be defined in terms of monetary compensation, status in the organization, degree of influence or the value that one adds to the organization as a whole. There are some who accepts the mere entry to a big organization or a multinational company as already a career success when he grew from one that is smaller and not so known in the area.

There are some that sees career success in terms of the benefits that he gets from the company that he has joined. There are others who would see career success in terms of his close relations with his immediate superiors resulting to a feeling of being important to the organization. There are still others who would view career success in terms of the advice that management or his superiors would seek from him when they make their important decisions.

Many, however, would view career success as one that would bring them up the ladder of management where power to decide resides.

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A good organization is one that can present a clear picture of career development for its employees. Before this could be done, the organization should have all the foundations laid down. These foundations comprise the organization structure, policies, rules and regulations, job profiles, performance evaluation programs, training programs and other modes of intervention.

Without these in place, no organization can present a good career developmental plan to its employee. Growth in any organization is a two-way initiative from management and the employee. One without the other would fail. It is very important, therefore, that management sees its side of the coin if it intends to give its employees the opportunity for career growth. The benefit for management if it commits to employee development is that employees are motivated to work more than what is expected of them.

On the employee’s side, if he sees that there is a career path that he could work on and success is not an intangible thing that he should look from thin air, then he would definitely put all his mind, heart and energy into achieving more than what is expected of him in the job. This would only happen, if and only if, all things are laid on the table, simple, clear, and transparent. Daring to be different is the trend everywhere – career, government administration, environmental protection, care for the less privileged in life, care for the rest of the world, sensitivity to issues affecting other people and so forth and so on.

It is a far cry from the traditional concept of “when you are in Rome, be a Roman. ” Now, more and more people come to understand the very essence of being a human being – that each of us is unique and each of us has our own unique potentials, capabilities, competencies, skills, understanding levels, all rolled into one unique individual being. This latter realization has always been there all through the years since the creation of the first man and woman; but we refuse to listen and we refuse to acknowledge this basic fact because we wanted to conform.

Hence, with our idea of being a conformist, following the norms, and avoiding what is beyond normal, we lose that uniqueness. At work, it is observed, that during the recruitment process, applicants are full of enthusiasm and energy to join the organization. They exhibit so much potential, so much promising innovative ways, and so much creativity which are gradually lost after several months and years of employment. It is not only motivation for work that fades out. It is more on the ability of a person to adapt to his environment and become like the rest of group.

It is the ability to belong and become just like the others in a group that unknowingly kills uniqueness in the organization. Daring to be different should be posed as a challenge to employees of an organization especially to the new hires. These principles should help a new hire as he sees his new world for the first time. 1) To understand the tradition means to belong 2) To belong you have to be different 3) To be different you have to commit 4) To commit you need the discipline 5) To discipline yourself commit to our Vision

To understand the tradition means to belong. This first principle explains the importance of knowing the organization, learning by heart the policies, the rules, the procedures and processes, and understanding the organization’s Vision and Mission statement. Knowing where the people of the organization stand and how things have been done through the years would help the new employee understand why and how decisions are made. Easily, the new employee would know how to relate to this people, where to stand, what to say, what not to say, what to do and what not to do.

This is belongingness and it is very important that one who joins any organization should feel he belongs to that organization. To belong you have to be different. This second principle outlines the idea that when one is hired to the organization, he is hired for who he is, for what he has, and for what he can contribute to the organization and adds value to it. Thus, it is important that the employee understands that in joining the organization, all his potentials, all his capabilities, all his competencies, all his knowledge, and all his skills are needed and should be used in the performance of his work.

It is important to let the new hire know that the organization expects him to excel in what he is best. To be different you have to commit. This third principle tells the new hire that the organization acknowledges all his uniqueness and that the organization trusts him to deliver what is expected of him. But this should not be the end. The utilization of his potentials is only the beginning. He has to continue learning as life is a world of learning and so is work. Unless he is dynamic and responsive to change, he would not grow with the organization.

It is clear to the new hire that the organization he has joined sees its growth in the years to come. Thus, he too must grow with it. He cannot stop learning. He has to learn new tricks, new skills, and he has to equip himself. This is giving out more than what is expected of him. This is his commitment to continue to be different and unique in order to belong. To commit you need discipline. This fourth principle outlines what it takes to work for the organization and continuously learn at the same time.

It would take a lot of self-discipline to do this. It would require one to do his work armed with the good work values of honesty, integrity, perseverance, and sincerity. The employee sees his service for the organization as a training ground for his own self-actualization. He dares himself to excel as a person. He delays gratification because in the end he would know that whatever happens to him in the process of his career life, he has learned a lot of things, and he has become a new person.

To discipline yourself commit to our Vision. This fifth principle brings the employee to the fold of the organization by ensuring that whatever he does would be for the greater good of the people in the organization and not just for himself. This would set limitations to what one can do without compromising one’s creativity and being. These five principles would serve to develop the employee’s whole being, developing all his unique potentials, making him a better person for the good of the organization.

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