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Focus HighTech.Com General Strategy

The important consistent trend about commercial consultancy is that it is a fiercely competitive and highly volatile computer industry, to which the fortunes change continuously. As the driving forces towards a free, converging and universal market continue to gather momentum, the prevailing competition within the computer industry is expected to intensify. Increasingly open skies on technological yields are likely to effect on yields and hence, the extraordinary profits rising will be an exception.

Given this potentially turbulent environment, the key to survival in the industry lies in whether computer services clearly anticipate the patterns of change coming, the underlying forces driving these changes, and above all the ability to align its strategies to respond to a changing business and dynamic technological environment. Keeping this in mind, Focus HighTech.

Com is committed to invest in the development of world-class Information technology gathering capacity, analysis and interpretation so as to facilitate faster and correct business decision-making. Having this in operation, Focus HighTech. Com hopes to enhance ability for rapid response to opportunities, threats and challenges in the market place. Focus HighTech. Com intends to forge strong partnerships and be a respected member of the global computer consultancy community. Our Organization Focus HighTech.

Com structure comprises of five departments each headed by a director reporting to the Managing Director. The departments are: Finance Information Systems Commercial Technical Human Resources and Administration Future Outlook Focus HighTech. Com continue to focus on profitable expansion of our network through a combination of direct access and alliances with other Consultants. Sustainable improvement in yield will be pursued through a combination of a new revenue management system and better discipline.

Management will also place emphasis on greater productivity, costs restraints and reduction in wastage. Focus HighTech. Com staff are their greatest asset and focus on their development and the way they are both managed and organized out to ensure they keep attracting and retaining the best and that they are equipped to serve their customers in line with them being a world class standard Computer consultants