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Functions of management

The primary function of this report is to highlight the important factors contemporary mangers must consider when estimating the production. For many years there has been confusion on what factors should consider when estimating production. Wrong factors which are taken into considerations has created a negative image to the companies leading to huge losses due to loss of customers and market share going down (Keck and Scutchfield, 2003).

The facts on this report have been collected from various sources such as journals, magazines, interviewing employees and research carried on various departments which are responsible with decision making in an organizations. This report emphasizes the possible effects on basing on wrong factors while making decision in the company, and the consequences of using wrong factors. The major results of these are that the company will either loose both the customers and employees to their competitors which will drive them away from business.

Besides, this report shows how managers need to plan their business and the major steps to be taken and how to organize the employees effectively within the company. It also shows how planning and organizing can improve the image of the company, how to used it as a tool of

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creating and retaining loyal customers. The benefit of training employees and organizing them when there are performing their duties in the company. Furthermore, it shows how managers can use training as a motivating factor to its employees in the place of work and lastly, a conclusion which clearly highlight the best means ways of resolving the problem.

This report has emphasized of factors to be considered when estimating the production which might include the size of the demand in the market, availability of the resources and the nature of the market. This report has highlighted various recommendations concerning these factors which must be considered in order to make the right decision. First, the company should develop a strategic plan which will facilitate the achievement of the main goal of the Company. Second, the implementation of operational plan to ensure that the right amount of productions is achieved.

Thirdly is the importance of training employees in the company so as provide quality products to the customers. Fourth, the means of ensuring the correct factors to be considered when estimating production are put into consideration. Introduction Aim The main objective of this report is to highlight important factors contemporary mangers must consider when estimating the production in order to achieve organizational goals. Managers should know that company’s resources are very scares. Moreover, the managers should now acknowledge the fact that employees are the key determinant to the success of the company.

Motivated employees are effective and more resourceful. Henri Fayol, a scientist stated that estimation of production capacity will improve the performance of the company. Scope Most company is ready to implement the recommendation made for them to maintain their position as a market leader in the market and avoid losses which might occurred due to over production and underproduction. This will also create customer loyalty since there will no time whereby the customer will visit the company and miss what he is looking for. Methodology

This report has been prepared so that it can be used to deal with the problems of overproduction or underproductions in the company and the degree of selecting the right factors to be put into considerations. The major factors to be considered have been included in this report. It has also reflected the short and long term goals and objective which the company should adopt. The important sources of information were obtained through interviewing employees, encouraging customers to give their suggestions and academics journals.

These means were also utilized by getting the possible solution the problems which were facing the company. Assumptions The sources of information of this research paper has been assumed to be true and the company will implement them so that they can solve the issue that has almost caused various business to loose customers and more worse to be close down because of poor planning. Limitations This report concentrates only in important factors contemporary mangers must consider when estimating the production. It has being limited to these factors which might affect the organization such as quality of the products produce in the.

It does not mean that the other factors affecting productions are not important but the report concentrates on major factors so that they can come up with effective solutions for the problem. Besides, planning is the major function of management which determines the amount of production in the company and it is the basis of everything. Plan This will deal with the problem of either overproduction or underproduction in the company, the possible effects incase the company fails to produce enough stock as it id required.

In addition, the report will define the two functions of management which are always considered before the production process begins. Finally, recommendations on how the company will stabilize its production capacity in the company to avoid shortages. (Busch, 2008). Planning Planning refers to the continuing process of designing the mission of a business and developing a vision statement which will assist the company to attain its objectives. Besides, planning is the key pillar of success in any organization.

It is also the major fundamental function of management which determines the mount of production in the company. It is advisable to apply strategic planning concerning the amount of production which is required in future, the business needs to have a plan for the organization to run smoothly. This will be useful because it will define the reason why the company is in business, their main goals and how they will meet these goals. In addition, strategic planning will establish the root causes of poor quality of the products in the company.

Managers will ensure that quality and high standards of customers services are maintained in an organization if they adopt strategic plans which will answer various questions such as where are we now? , where do we want to be? , and how do we get there? (Pearce, 2009). These questions will be answered effectively by carrying out a SWOT analysis which will explain in details the Strengths, Threats, Opportunities and Weaknesses of the company. The managers need not only to be discipline but also honest so that they come up with appropriate results on the position of the company in the market (DuBrin, 2009).

The next step after carrying out SWOT analysis and developing strategic plans is the implementation. Managers should translate these strategic plans into more detailed policies so that all the levels in the company will get to know what is expected of them. Moreover, managers should identify the required resources which will facilitates these implementations of the set plans and ensure that they work as a team irregardless of the position or department. The implementation process needs to be monitored to ensure that the objectives of these plans are met.

Another way of ensuring the effectiveness of strategic plans is to measure the results and compare with the planned results. In case the plans fail to meet the planned expectations, then the managers should be quick enough to drop those plans and retain only the effective ones. Finally, the managers can find out the effectiveness of the implemented plans by interviewing employees or the customers so that they can obtain their views on the issue. This is very important because it will determine both the image and the future of the company (Kapoor, Robert, & Pride, 2009). Importance of estimating the production

Organizing is a very important function of managers because they use this basis for dividing work into units and departments. This will help the managers to forecast the amount of productions which is required in all the departments within the company. They use specialization strategies when deciding the right amount of production to be carried out. This will help in ensuring safety in a place of work because the employees work for the job he or she is best talented. Moreover, managers are in a position of selecting the best employees basing on the organizational structures.

This necessitates the employees to know the job description before they start working on it and thus various problems such as health problems are eliminated (Kurtz and Boone, 2008). The human resources managers select the employees who deserve to be promoted or trained so that they can be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. Effective employees are those who are well educated and trained because they are in a position to handle the delegated work. The management of various companies needs to maintain the required capacity of stock in the company. Organizational designs

Mechanistic organizations are those organizations with one central point of management. They can be complicated because there are no delegations of duties. Such kinds of organizations are characterized by the bureaucratic nature of an organization. On the hand, organic organizational designs are those organizations which are very flexible and can be changed to suit the needs. In addition, there is a lot of delegation in this kind of structure because it is not being run in the central point. Managers believe that the employees are capable of handle issues without being controlled.

From these two kinds of structures, mechanistic structures are very appropriate in applying these two functions of management. This is because the managers implement the planned programs concerning the estimation of productions. There is no debate between the employees and the management because of the nature of the structure. This is very important as compared to the organic structure whereby the employees are given time to review the proposed decision and being encouraged to give their view on the same. Furthermore, all employees do not have leadership qualities and giving them time to review is just a waste of time.

Educational background is also another issue which the managers need to consider. Constraints There might be some problems in analyzing the company because additional costs will be required especially if external specialist is employed. Employees who work for this company will also require training so that they can be competitive in handling the customers. Nevertheless, the managers of various companies should strategize so that they can overcome this constrains and implement a recommendation for public interest. Conclusion

Companies should carry out marketing research so that they can estimate the right amount of the production to be carried in the organization. Furthermore, the management of the company should try to find out the size will serve the company for the whole trading period or according the nature of the responded positively to the public demand for health issues to be improved in the company. The company has designed for the company an effective strategy which will be used by managers to ensure healthy and /or safe work practices occur in their organization.

They have set aside some funds which will be used to train employees and some of the front line managers in the company. This is the major goal of the company which has been heavily debated in the current strategic plans of the company. Furthermore, the company has hired some people who will carry out research on the organizational performance and the perception of people towards the company. Recommendations There are various recommendations which the company should consider when planning on the size of production to be made in the company.

The company should set a strategic plan which covers the main goal of the company of ensuring production to be enough i. e. not excess nor less. In addition, the company should implement an operational plan which will maintain the require level of stock in the company. This will be effectively achieved by training employees so that they could acquire the necessary skills of carrying out work in the company. The issue of maintaining health standards will be achieved and maintained within the company if the management and employees corporate.

The company should develop a mechanistic structure which will emphasize safe working practices are maintained in the company. Furthermore, the company needs to create a mechanism whereby healthy and /or safe work practices can be reviewed and if possible incorporate the findings of the research team in the company. References Allan, C, Bamber, G. J & Timo, N 2006, “Fast-food work: are McJobs satisfying? “, Employee Relations, vol. 28, no. 5, pp. 402 – 420, Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Busch, P. (2008). Tacit Knowledge in Organizational Learning. Idea Group Inc (IGI).

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