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General Manager

Upon reading the Excerpts from Employee and Manager Interviews,” I observed that, the main problem in your Hotel is “How to manage a Hotel service and managing the staff? Since your hotel received a negatives feedback from the costumer, meaning there is a need to improve your hotel services especially to maintain the cleanliness in different areas in the hotel. The first thing the you should do as a hotel manager is to look for the problem or study what are the needs to improve your hotel and what are the common problem being raised by the costumer, after identifying the problem conduct meeting with your staff and discuss it.

And the complaint from the costumer is one of your hints on how to improve your hotel management. How to get information from the costumer? Before the costumers leave the hotel they are required or ask personal interview to give some comments and suggestions, which could help you in improving the hotel management. The reasons why these problems exist because of lack in planning on what to do and what are the things need to prepare. While reading the excerpt I found out that each staff has a problem in their respective area/assignment and needed to improve or things to be avoided.

Hotel management is a kind of business not only focuses in earning money but also concern on the costumers need. II. Propose Solution(s) The possible solution in solving the hotel management, I would herby recommend that: 1. The Housekeeping staff those are responsible of maintaining the cleanliness the entire hotel, since they are few they have what we called difficulties in cleaning the rooms assignment especially when the new management came in and he replaced the bath rubs and the housekeeping get some trouble about it.

The costumer is looking for convenient place to live in, they merely attract and more interested staying in your hotel if you have good facilities and good equipments. There’s a need to the hotel undergo renovation process, beautiful and presentable place is more highly appreciated. 2. Housekeeping manager, the most appropriate solutions for this problem is to look for housekeeping staff that well enough in terms of communication or good in speaking and thinking skills.

Housekeeping manager is responsible for monitoring the work and needs of housekeeping staff. After you change the equipments maintain the cleanliness. Check them regularly 3. Restaurant staff those are responsible on taking care of the food department, solution find more trained chef cook that has deeper experience in cooking procedures. Most often the costumer would really appreciate the food services if it is well prepared and taste is really good. Costumer is more particular on the creative taste and the cleanliness of the food.

Conduct survey from your value costumer. 4. Restaurant manager, aside from being talented in cooking you must also consider good in preparing a food that is cheaper but it taste good that everybody loves it. Think a kind of foods that really gets the costumer wants and needs. Conduct survey to your value costumers. When setting up a restaurant, there are many issues to be dealt with in addition to the menu and customer service. The kitchen must be designed and equipped so that preparing and cooking the food is done efficiently and safely.

This resource examines buying and installing of foodservice equipment, designing kitchens for safety and efficiency and being environmentally friendly. Restaurant managers plan and direct the activities of places that serve food and beverages. 5. General Manager prepares a daily plan. Give time to each department to supervise their assignments. As a general manager you have the power to reassign them to the position that fits them. General Manager should plan about how to make the place more convenient and a safe place to live in.

Its more effective if you have to undergo renovation process and enhance the hotel facilities and the staff, departments and good attitudes towards the costumer. Be open-minded person at all times, accept heartily answering questions, comments and suggestions for the benefits of everybody.


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