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General overview of the company public image

The company view about itself is that it is the best institution in Al Khobar in Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. This perception is not shared by the general public and the need to understand the demographics in the market and the confidence of the clientele and the work force at Saad Specialist hospital is an important hall mark in its corporate governance and marketing strategy issue. This is based on strategic planning policies that aim at improving the efficiency and competency of service provision.

A survey to assess and find the gap between the actual quality of service determined by the customers and what the employees think of the level of service quality has been conducted by interviewing 80 clients using questionnaires with a privacy policy and identity protection policy. The findings of this survey are indicative of the confidence of the general public on the hospital services and outlook. However a certain percentage is discontented with the latter as shown in the data analysis below. 1-Survey on public perceptions on care given to patients 43.

75% disapprove the quality of this service. There is need to revamp and significantly create rapid radical and sustainable provisions. In comparison with the staff

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response, there is a marginal gap between the staff perception about the credibility of this service. 30% of the hospital staffs are not confident at the services and care they proffer to the clients. This proves that this service is way off to quality standards. 2-Response on accommodation and good services 68 Respondents are content with this service. However a tiny percentage is not contented with this provision.

So a little make up should be put so as to create the best of this service. This concurs with the 0 employees respondents. About 99% of the staff is very comfortable with this provision. There is a tiny margin gap in this provision 3-Corporate atmosphere compatibility Majority agree contentedly that the environment provides the feeling of conducive and welcoming nature of this establishment. However a marginal percentage deems this way off. This draws out a gap between the hospital staff perception. About 95% of the hospital staff respondents have confidence. 4- Accommodation services

These are excellent and the negative response is negligible. The staff has confidence in this provision and seem to fully be happy with it. 5-Entity facade Over 94% of respondents express confidence in the hygiene and facade of the hospital. The qualitative analysis defines the company as very impressive. The hospital shares the same sentiments. There is nothing to add up here apart from the commonplace improvement stratagem. 6- Furniture and decoration About 0. 75 of the respondent’s air discontent but the overall response is indicative of the magnificence of the furniture and decoration of the institution.

This means there is no need to have inputs directed here but to slightly uplift the facade. About 35% of the staff is completely dissatisfied with this feature, this is a confusing aspect in context since the customers show confidence but the staffs draw out vast disagreement and reservations. 7- Hygiene/ equipments and appointments follow up The perception by the customers depicts a blarney portfolio on these. A 95% clean bill is proffered. There is need to improve a bit since only 20% of the hospital disagree to quality of this provision. 8-Appointments 22.

25% is disappointed with the accuracy and efficiency of the appointments. There is urgent need to restructure the department that is responsible so as to make the service have a better appeal. 5% of the hospital staff respondents decry the service and fault it. The need to uplift the stardads is nascent. 9- Building, equipments and materials, parking, the heart surgery department 23. 75% totally despise and are discontented by the service, 15% is unsure about and 61. 25% is happy with the outlook. 10% of the staff shares the same sentiments with the discontented lot.

Hence there is a fault. There should be radical restructuring efforts implemented to improve on this area. 10- Maintenance and the Cleanliness of the entire institution 15% express disappointment and 61. 25% express satisfaction. This signifies there is professional relationship in management of the institutions face. 11- Cleanliness of the hospital The respondents view on the staff hygiene and the institutional hygiene is convectional. 60% clarify they are ok with the cleanliness’ level in the latter but 30% disagree and are supported by 25% of the hospital staff.

Hygiene should be promoted and encouraged immensely and should be made compulsory. 12-Neatness and honesty 70% of the clientele accepts that neatness and honest and cleanliness is adhered to but 16. 25% is not at all happy with the level of this. This calls for checking and improvement of these doctrines. Only 5% of the staffs feel not happy about it. This is a negligible percentage. 13- Maternity department 70% is happy with the maternity services here. A 16. 25% disagrees and faults the service strongly. This is given a clean bill of health by the hospital. They are sure they do offer a good service on that reference.

14- Service outlook The general preference about the services rendered in the hospital is that they are very good with 82% of interviews saying yes to this and 7. 5% disagreeing. The hospital staff respondents have a great confidence and none has reservations at all. 15-Hygeine and response to clients Only 6. 25% significantly disagree with the quality of this service. 81% is very happy with the service. There is need to realign and improve on the loops. The hospital perceives this is at an excellent level and the entire notion is that they are al sure about it. 16-Cleanliness Up to 23.

75% refute cleanliness. This means there is need to work on improving. 70% agrees that the hospital is clean. So there is marginal inferences that also call for minimal changes on the improvement of this. The hospital staffs 15% also refute cleanliness. This shows that there is something that requires to be worked on that angle. 17-General outlook against other hospitals 18. 75% flatly refute that it is the best hospital in the East of Saudi Arabia. 56. 25% Support the assertion that it is the best. This means the hospital should work on improving its image through better service provision.

18-Overall good 10% Count this as not true. 77. 5% agree to the sentiment. This is a flat foot case and there should be advancement policies to improve the record. 19- Room services 87. 5% of the respondents say this is very good. A mere 3. 25% cry foul. The complain level is negligible. 20 organized system 13. 75 denounce this and defer it as poor. 51. 25% of the respondents are content with the system. There is need to greatly improve on the appointments and general system that serves the clientele interest like enquiries and appointments. 21- Competency of the staff 11.

25% is not very strongly against the proposition that the competence is good though they refute, however 43. 75% is sure that the staff and the doctors show high level competence. This leaves a total of 45% that is not sure about this scenario. This calls for urgent dynamism in showing skill and competence. 22- Cleanliness of the place 23. 75% say they are not happy with this. This corresponds with earlier finding. 23- Luxurious service 88. 75 have confidence in the service and prove it’s very good. Only 2. 25% is not happy with this. The staffs feel the same way with a resounding 99%

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