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Geology 100: Rivers

Stream discharge is a function of which two variables?
Velocity and cross-sectional area
How does urbanization (paving, etc.) affect runoff and infiltration in a small, previously forested, drainage basin?
infiltration decreases; runoff increases
Where is erosion concentrated along a meandering stream?
on the outer parts of the meander loops or bends
Question 4
Which of the following is the correct definition of stream gradient?
the change in elevation of a stream divided by the distance the water travels
________ is an abandoned, cutoff, meander loop.
An oxbow
If a stream channel is of constant width and depth, how must increased discharge be accommodated?
increased velocity
What type of river channel is characterized by multiple channels and gravel bars?
How do point bars and cut banks differ from one another in a stream system?
Cut banks are sites of erosion, while point bars are sites of deposition.
The degree of urbanization consists of
percentage of impervious cover and the percentage of area served by storm sewers
How might attempts by humans to engineer structures to control floods actually increase flood damage?
by encouraging development on the floodplain
The floodplain is usually considered as a distinct system with respect to the river system.
Why is flood hazard mapping considered an important step in floodplain management?
Flood hazard mapping guides appropriate development in the floodplain.

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