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GIGANTICA Corporation

I just received my Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management from UNLV and I am applying for a promotion’s job with your company. Before discussing my future business plans with your company I want to explain my educational background. I graduated from Reno High School in Reno Nevada before moving to Las Vegas to go to college. During my freshman year at UNLV my major was undeclared because I didn’t think I could make such a lifelong decision at such a young age. During that summer I did a little bit of growing up and decided to major in business but I was still unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. After careful consideration I decided to listen to my friends and family about the job opportunities a business major can give a person. I met quite a few freshman from living in the dorms my first year and it seemed like everybody that was unsure about their future either majored in hotel management or some form of business. I was nineteen at the time and still hesitant about my future so I just followed the crowd and declared my major as business.

The only thing I was

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sure of was I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working in a hotel or casino. During my junior year of college I ended up changing my major to international business because I decided to go to Turin, Italy with the UNLV student travel program. While I was there I took all my foreign language requirements and two classes toward my business major. Apart from the school aspect of the semester I was able to learn a lot about life. Being in a different country opened my mind up to a world perspective of job opportunities rather than just focusing my energy on the United States. I came back to Las Vegas to finish up my business degree and now I am looking for my first position in the business world. My plan for the next few years is to start small in the GIGANTICA Corporation with a small promotion’s job and eventually open up nightclubs in other countries such as Mexico and Italy with the GIGANTICA name.

The first club will be at Cancun, Mexico and if it becomes a success I will expand the business to places like Italy and Germany. In the next few years I want to learn and work in the marketing and promotions aspect of running the GIGANTICA nightclub as well as learning about the financial aspect of owning and maintaining a night club in one of the most competitive nightlife cities in the world. In the next ten to fifteen years I want to be very familiar with the nightclub business. I want to know people to become partners with and have a business plan to build my first nightclub in Cancun Mexico. If the first nightclub makes money I will hire people to open up other clubs around the world. I am a huge asset to this company because I have high standards and high goals and my drive in the competitive business world will make this company a huge amount of money. You should hire me because I have excellent communication skills and I am very good in dealing with people. I will make this company an international success making it the most talked about new club in the world.

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