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Global E Business

Global E Business

Question # 1

            There was a need for the company to update its IT infrastructure because there was a lot of competition in the market and there was a need for Merrill Lynch to keeps its competitive edge over the other competitors. IT had always been a strategic asset for the company and there was no chance that the company would lose out on an opportunity.

Question # 2

            The technology has a strong relationship with the processing of the company because there are a number of functions that it is able to perform with ease. The first of this is that the company is able to provide its customers with a constant online access to portfolios for view. The company’ staff is also able to use the system for recording daily transactions and making stock trades which is an integral part of Merrill Lynch’s business strategy.

Question # 3

            The approach that was used by Merrill Lynch was advantageous for that moment in time because there was an urgent need of updating the technology. However, the company should have taken up new technology and transferred the data that would allow more edge over other competitors because technology can become obsolete in very little time.

Question # 4

            If the chief of technology believed that there was no problem in selling the technology to a software vendor, then there was no objection. However, it would have been advantageous if the company had kept the software a special ingredient in the profits that it would generate eventually.