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Gov. 2306 Chapter 10 & 11

The largest single employer in Texas is
The state of Texas
The State Bar of Texas performs at the following functions, except
Rate and publish the qualifications of lawyers
One of the most contentious issues facing the State Board of Edu in recent years has been
Review of textbooks
The government of Texas community colleges is performed mainly by
Local board of trustees
The short term method for relieving overcrowded court dockets in Texas is to
Bring in a temporary judge or use an ADR
Fragmentation of Texas executive branch into independent agencies was done by various legislatures to
Avoid the issue of power becoming too centralized
The Texas Constitution and state law grant the government the authority to take a person’s life, property, and liberty.
Under appropriate circumstances
The function of small claims court in Texas is mainly performed by
Justices of the peace
Assume that you are a newly divorced, 27-year-old mother of two non disabled children; your former husband has run off and cannot be located to make child support payments; you never graduate from high school; and you own no property. You are definitely ineligible for
A court that hears and decides cases tried for the first time has
Original jursdiction
The Texas Commissioner of Edu get into office as a result of an appointment by the
Texas governor with confirmation by the Texas Senate
Which one of the following courts is not mentioned in the Texas Constitution
Municipal courts
The Texas Supreme Court would not hear an appeal if the
Case involved a school bond election
The term court of record means that the
Transcript of court proceedings it made by a stenographer
State agencies within Texas were created by the
In the case of University of California v. Bakke (1978) , the U.S Supreme Court ruled that _____ could be considered as one factor along with other criteria to achieve diversity in higher education
The typer of case appealed directly to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is that of a
Capital felony conviction with imposed death sentence
On the State Board of Education, conservation members tend to be
Anglo Republicans
Law made by legislative bodies is called
Statutory law
A citizen who believes an attorney has behaved unethically while representing him or her should file a complaint with the
State Bar
The duty of a coroner’s office in Texas is to
determine the cause of death in certain circumstances
Disputes concerning business contracts, divorce, family matters and personal injury involve
Civil law
Indictments are prepared in grand jury proceedings if at least ____ members decide that there is enough evidence to warrant a trial
Decisions by local board and superintendents are primarily shaped by
State rules
A collection of laws relating to the same subject and presented in organized manner is called a
Colleges and universities in Texas are regulated by the
Higher Education Coordinating Board
State district courts have civil jurisdiction in all the following instances, except
Municipal ordinaces
A system that hires employees based on their expertise and competency is called a
merit system
The Health and Human Services Commission in Texas administers all the following except
Social Security benefits
The Lone Star Card is used by a recipient of public assistance
to obtain food items in a grocery store
Elimination of government restriction and allowing free market forces to prevail is called
When a case can be heard by only one court, that court is said to have
exclusive jurisdiction
The Supreme Court ruling in the case of Hopwood v Texas
Prohibited the use of race in determining admission to a public university or college
Justices of the peace in Texas have jurisdiction over all the following, except
Which of the following is true regarding the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
It approves all new degree programs in state colleges and universities
A Lawyer’s compensation based on a percentage of a winning lawsuit is known as a
Contingency fee
Which scientific development has shown that some persons sentenced to death actually did not commit the crime
DNA testing
A case involving a business contact falls under which branch of law
Grand Juries in Texas are composed of ____ members
Acquiring a government job based on political loyalty, without regard to ability, is called
Politcal patronage
Petit or trail juries in Texas are composed of ___ members
either 6 or twelve
The two “flagship” universities in Texas are
The University of Texas A&M University
Which of the following provides a list of approved textbooks for public schools
Texas Education Agency
The Texas Education Agency is headed by the
Commissoner of Education
A party to a civil case who was dissatisfied with the outcome in the trial court could next proceed to a court with
Appellate jurisdiction
The mission of the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission is to
Recommended the merging, abolition or continuation state agencies
The instrument that formally accuses a person of having committed a high felony and orders that person to trail is an
As a 19-year old mother of one child a recipient of public assistance, and a resident of Dallas County, which of the following most threatens you?
The cap on consecutive and lifetime receipt of cash public assistance benefits
The court that requires no qualifications to be a judge is a
Justice of the peace
The validity of a contested will is decided by a
Probate court
A cluster court is a
Country-level court, which tries cases relating to child welfare and which serves several adjacent countries
A Country court law is most likely to be created by legislature
In an urban country where the constitutional country judge cannot handle all of the business coming before his or her court
An operator of an automobile repair shop cannot collect a bill of 4426.42 from a customers
A Taylor country justices of the peace court under its small claims jurisdiction
An unintended injury is an
Tort case
A party to a civil case who was dissatisfied with the outcome in the trial court could next proceed to a court
Appellate Jurisdiction
A violation of the Arlington municipal fire code would be tried in
The Arlington municipal court
How many people sit on juries in Texas
Grand juries, 12 district court juries, 12 local court juries, 6
In order for a person convicted of a first-degree felony murder charge and sentenced
30; two-thirds; entire board of pardons and paroles
Of the judges of local court which must be an attorney licensed to practice law
Country court at law judge

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