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Gov. Ch. 14&15

A large, complex administrative structure that handles the everyday business of an organization
A person who works for a bureaucracy
The collective name given to the many administrators and agencies within the government
Executive office of the president
A complex organization of several separate agencies staffed by some 900 of the presidents closet advisors and assistants
Federal budget
A very detailed estimate of receipts and expenditures during the next fiscal year
Fiscal year
The 12-month period used by government and business for record-keeping, budgeting, and other financial management purposes
Domestic affairs
All matters of a nation that are not connected to the area of foreign affairs
Executive department
One of 15 major departments in the executive branch, each of which specializes in a specific area of public policy; together they make up the Cabinet
Attorney general
The title of the head of the department of justice
Independent agency
A federal agency that operates independently of the 15 executive departments
Independent executive agency
The largest category of independent federal agencies which include most of the non-cabinet agencies
Civil service
The collective name given to the majority of civilians who work directly for the federal government
The practice of handling out jobs, contracts, and other government favors to political supporters of friends
Spoils system
Another name for the patronage system, dating back to the administrative of Andrew Jackson
Compulsory, or required, military service; also called conscription
Independent regulatory commission
One of the 11 agencies that monitor and police key aspects of the national economy, with little direction from the president
Government corporation
A government agency set up by congress to carry out specific business activities
Article 2 section 1
Sets up the office of the president
The executive power has grown because
The federal government’s role has expanded to include such things as health, education, and welfare
Need to act quick during war
Led to a growth in presidential power
Carries out, interpret
The president ______ _____ many laws and may need to _____ the details of a law
Authorities of the constitution or acts of congress
The president can give an executive order based on the
Power to appoint
President has the ________ ambassadors and top-ranking officers of the government
The president can still remove anyone whom he or she has _____
Executive privilege, private
The president uses _____ _____to keep important information _____
Chief diplomat, treaties
The president is the country’s _____ who helps to prepare ______ or formal agreements with other countries
Senate, two thirds
The ____ must approve a treaty by a _____ majority
An executive agreement does not require the approval of _____
Power of recognition
When the president wishes to show that the U.S. accepts a country as a nation in the world community
First step of war
The withdrawal of an American ambassador from a country
Commander in chief
The president can send military forces anywhere in the world when acting as
Must be signed or vetoed by president
State of the Union address
Prescient recommends legislation to congress
Pocket veto
President does not sign or veto a bill before congress adjourns
President can grant this ( legal forgiveness of a crime
Powers to grant pardons and reprieves
A blanket pardon offered to a group of law violators

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