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Government 21 Multiple Choice

this exists when a few firms dominate a particular industry
this is a court order that prevents an action from taking place
meat inspection act
this law was passed in response to publication to Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle
collective bargoning
the process of negotiating labor contracts is called
this is a hands-off approach to the economy
minimum wage laws
in West Coast Hotel vs. Parrish, the supreme court declared __________ constituitional
agriculture marketing service
this agency performs the market research for farmers
unemployment insurance
this program helps people who are temporarily out of work
this is a health insurance program for low-income families
public education
historically, the constitution reserved for the states the right to control this area
interlocking directuretes
when the same directors serve on the board of two or more competing companies, these companies have
department of commerce
this department promotes business interests
this eliminates competition among business
price support
when congress establishes a cost for crops, it is called a(n)
the 1973-1974 energy crisis made U.S. citizens more aware of
social insurance
these programs help those who are elderly, ill, or unemployed
urban renewal
this type of program helps rebuild cities
national road
this was the federal government’s first entry into the field of transportation
mass transit system
subways, commuter railroads, and bus lines are part of the
federal subsidities
if Don’s business is serving as a traveling salesperson, the government allows him to deduct his mileage expenses. what government policy allows him to do so
collective bargoning
the practice of negotiating labor contracts is known as
forrest service
which of following agricultural in the federal government promotes conservation
farmers home administration
which of the following agricultural agencies in the federal government provides loans for farmers to buy land, livestock, seeds, equipment, and fertilizer
taft-hartley act
what federal policy addressed employer concerns with closed, open, and union shops
clean air amendment
of the environmental policies enacted in the twentieth century, which led to decrease of sulfur dioxide concentration
aid to public schools
the smith-hughes act of 1917 falls under which of the four categories of public education programs
federal road aid act
what federal policy set in motion a pattern for developing the federal highway programs
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