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Government Chapter 14&15 Review

Congress has delegated a great deal of authority to the President because
Congress has time to provide only general outlines for public policy
In times of national emergency,
the powers of the presidency are strengthened
Accusations that the nation has an imperial presidency have been made because some Presidents
have taken strong action without consulting Congress
As American society has become more complex, the American people have
looked to the Federal Government and to the President for leadership.
The ____ gives the President the power to appoint ambossadors.
The ____ must confirm most of the President’s appointments.
A presidential directive, called a(n) ____, has the force of law.
Executive order
The President must take the ____ on the day he takes office.
Oath of office
The ___ has ruled that the President’s ____ may be limited.
Supreme Court, Removal Power
The rule of senatorial courtesy means that
before appointing an official who will serve in a State, the President must gain the approval of his or her party’s senators from that state.
Of the federal civilian employees, the President appoints
only a handful
A(n) ____ negotiated by the President must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Senate.
The ____ placed strict limits on the President’s powers as commander in chief.
War Powers Resolution
A(n) ____ does not require Senate approval.
Executive Agreement
The President’s power to give or withhold diplomatic ____ of a new government is a powerful weapon.
A foreign diplomat posted in the U.S. who is recalled by the President is called a(n) ____
Persona Non Grata
The most extreme action a President can take against a country in the area of diplomacy is to
withdraw recognition of the legal existence of the country
As commander in chief, the President may
call up and command the State militias, use the United States army to control domestic uprisings, and commit American troops abroad for up to 60 days without the consent of Congress.
The purpose of the War Powers Resolution of 1973 was to
limit the President’s power to make war
A reduction in the severity of a sentence or a fine imposed by a court
a general pardon
legal forgiveness of a crime
the power to cancel specific dollar amounts in spending bills
line-item veto
a postponement of the execution of a sentence imposed by a court
Which of the following is an example of the President’s ability to check the power of Congress?
The President does NOT have the power to
Make someone accept a pardon
The term department is reserved for government agencies that
have Cabinet rank
An example of a staff agency is the
White House Office
An example of a line agency is the
Environmental Protection Agency
A governmental organization given the title of corporation or authority is usually an agency that
conducts business-like acivities
The powerful White House Office is headed by the
Chief of staff
The National Security Council is a(n)
staff agency
Which office serves as the “nerve center” of the executive branch
White House Office
The Office of Management and Budget performs all of the following tasks EXCEPT
helps President prepare executive orders
The ____ can reject or approve the President’s appointment of a Cabinet member
Which of the following statements about the Cabinet is FALSE?
The Constitution provides a brief outline of the Cabinet’s purpose.
The first executive departments were created by
The two main jobs of the heads of executive departments are to serve as
advisor the the President and overseer of the department
Which of the following best describes the relationship between Presidents and their Cabinets throughout American history?
Some Presidents have relied heavily on the advice of their Cabinets while other Presidents have tended to ignore their advice.
The newest Cabinet department is the
Department of Homeland Security
The SEC exhibits its ___ powers when it decides disputes.
The 10 ____ operate largely outside presidential control.
Independent regulatory commissions
The Civil Rights Commission and the Peace Corps are both ___.
Independent executive agencies
The power to establish rules and regulations makes some independent agencies _____.
Many claim the advantage of ____ is their flexibility, or freedom from the controls of regular departmental organization.
Government corporations
The United States Postal Service is an example of a(n)
government corporation
The independent agencies were created by
From the 1820s to the 1880s, the ___ was the standard way of choosing federal employees.
Spoils System
The Merit Systems Protection Board is ____, consisting of members of both parties.
The ____ is the group of public employees who perform the administrative work of the government.
Civil Service
____ is the practice of giving government jobs to the President’s friends and political supporters.
Persons who pass civil service exams are placed on a ____ kept by the Office of Personnel Management.

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