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Govt 2306 Chapter 1,2, & 3

A belief that government is designed to promote the public good describes ______ political culture.
Traditionalistic political cultures, according to Daniel Elazar, are typically found in the
the broadly shared values and beliefs about government
Political culture is a term used to describe
Texas has multiple political cultures within its borders
Which of the following is the best description of Texas political culture?
The strong role of labor unions
Which of the following does not reflect one of the historic characteristics that make up Texas political culture?
By ____, all major statewide elected offices in Texas were controlled by Republicans
labor unions
Which of the following political groups have traditionally had the least influence on Texas politics?
a narrow view of the world
Provincialism is best defined as
Business interests
Which of the following has traditionally dominated the political culture of Texas?
Gulf coastal Plains
Houston is found in the Texas
Which city is located in the Great Plains region of Texas?
Basin and Range Province
Big Bend is found in what region of Texas?
the capitalist system undergoes periodic waves of transformation cause by new technologies
The term creative destruction refers to the process by which
_____ is the system, common in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, by which farmers would be lent land and equipment in exchange for part of the profits.
tenant farmers
Who led the Grange and Populist movements of the late nineteenth century?
After the civil war
When in Texas history did cattle become big business?
Oil was discovered
Which event occurred at Spindletop, Texas?
the Texas Railroad Commission
The regulation of oil and energy in Texas is performed by
____was the chief economic product of Texas during the early twentieth century
Dallas and Austin
Which two Texas metropolitan areas are national centers for the high-tech industry?
development of a high-tech industry after a slump in oil prices
Technological change in Texas is best evidenced by the
What year was the NAFTA agreement signed?
free trade between Mexico, the United States, and Canada
NAFTA established
a natural increase of births, in proportion to deaths
Which of the following contributed most to the increase in the population of Texas?
35 percent
Approximately what percentage of the current population of Texas is Hispanic?
White primaries
In 1944, the Supreme Court case Smith v. Allwright ended
African Americans
Which racial or ethnic group in Texas is concentrated in East Texas?
He worked with the Spanish government to bring American settlers into Texas.
What was Stephen F. Austin’s role in the development of Texas?
Which city in Texas currently has the largest populations?
the intersection of two railroad lines
Dallas developed in the late nineteenth century as a result of
Historically, the economy of Fort Worth has been associated ith what industry?
the high-tech industry
The economy of San Antonio rests on the all of the following except
the sixteenth Amendment
Congress gained the power to tax income through
the Seventeenth Amendment
State legislatures lost the power to appoint their U.S. senators under
federal intervention into state responsibilities
The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the legal basis for
national legislation passed by Congress
During the Nullification Crisis of 1833, South Carolina tried to assert the right to veto (or nullify)
Unfunded mandates are imposed upon state governments
Among the advantages that are frequently associated with a federal form of government, which of the following is not normally listed as an advantage?
layer-cake federalism
Dual federalism is also known as
the great depression began
The relationship between the states and the federal government changed dramatically soon after
cooperative federalism
Under the New Deal, federalism is frequently described as
universal health care for all Americans
For eligible participants, the Social Security Act of 1935 instituted all of the following EXCEPT
Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society
Medicaid, a national program providing health care for the poor, was added to the existing Social Security program under
The use of block grants, allowing states considerable leeway in how federal money is spent, was championed by President _____ under the name New Federalism
As federal regulations became more intrusive, forcing states to change their policies in order to meet national goals, some people began calling our system ____ federalism.
an unfunded mandate
When the federal government requires a state to meet federal guidelines without offering financial support to pay for these programs, it is known as
the seniority system rewarded members who spent many terms in office
During the Wilson administration, Texans held key leadership positions in Congress and had great political influence because
By 1912, Texas’s population represented about ____ percent of the population of the entire United States
the democratic Party
After the Civil War and Reconstruction had ended, politics in Texas were dominated for several decades by
alcohol harmed individuals and families
Progressives favored the prohibition of alcohol, because they believed that
John Nance Garner
Though it was controversial at the time, President Wilson was able to pass legislation creating he Federal Reserve System with the help of an influential representative from Texas named
support for “Don’ ask, don’t tell”
With the weakening public support for the New Deal, the Reagan era reoriented Texans’ support for all of the following except
John Nance Garner
Which prominent Texan served as FDR’s vice president until 1940?
Lyndon Johnson
Which future president from Texas supported Roosevelt’s court-packing scheme when he ran for office in the U.S. Congress?
construction of the Panama Canal
A key component of FDR’s New Deal was greater emphasis upon public works projects, which included all of the following EXCEPT
the interstate commerce clause
In the Supreme Court case against Ollie McClung, the federal government claimed authority to end state-sanctioned segregation under which part of the U.S. Constitution?
West Coast Hotel Company v. Parrish
The Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of minimum wage laws in
Conservative Democrats who supported Republican Dwight Eisenhower
Who were the “Shivercrats”
national defense
Since obtaining statehood, the one area in which Texans have most consistently supported the federal government is in matters of
Ronald Reagan
As Texans became disillusioned in the years following the New Deal, increasingly they began to support economic deregulation, tax cuts, and a strong national defense. Which presidential candidate made these goals part of his national platform?
an increasing ideological division between Republicans and Democrats
When Phil Gramm, a lifelong Democrat, switched to the Republican Party and easily won reelection, it signaled
not only could Congress regulate interstate commerce, it could regulate anything that affected prices and market condtions
In Wickard v. Filburn, the Supreme Court decided that
South Dakota v. Dole
Congress’s authority to withhold highway funding from states that failed to raise the legal drinking age was upheld under
Printz v. United States
Until a national database was created, background checks under the Brady Act were suspended following the Supreme Court’s ruling in
strong support for Obamacare
According to the text, the Tea party era is marked by all of the follwing EXCEPT
politics in Texas is becoming more polarized
As a result of the Tea Party movement
A Tea Party political action committee, Club for Growth Action, targeted Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurt in his 2012 race in the Republican primary with a $1 million television ad campaign in which he was labeled a ____, the new derogatory label for a candidate in Texas.
marble-cake federalism
Today, our federal system is best described as
obtaining water supplies for urban areas
One significant problem facing Texas in the future involves
be registered to vote in state and national elections
One proposal to address illegal immigration in Texas is a guest-worker program in which temporary immigrant workers would be permitted to work in Texas provided that they do all of the following except
The system of distributing powers between states and central government is called
laws passed by the national government are supreme over all state laws
The supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution states that
State constitutions are subordinate to the U.S. Constitution
What is the most important difference between the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions?
A system of government in which states maintain their sovereignty
Which of the following is the best definition of a confederation?
It established a bicameral legislature
Which of the following was not important part of the 1827 Constitution of Coahuila y Tejas, established when Texas was part of Mexico?
Spain; Napoleonic Wars
The Mexican War of Independence against ___ grew out of the ____
Since independence from Mexico, Texas has had a bicameral legislature
Which of the following statements best describes the structure of the Texas legislature?
slave-owing southern states
The majority of delegates to the Convention of 1836 that drafted the constitution for a newly independent Republic of Texas were from
1836; 1845
Texas became an independent republic in ____ and became part of the United States in ______
That Texas would be a proslavery state
The main problem that stalled the admission of Texas into the United States was
Texas could maintain its own army and navy for twenty-five years
Which of the following was not part of the annexation agreement between Texas and the United States?
lawyers and slaveholders
The Texas Constitutional Convention of 1861 was dominated by
Texas had to return to the federal government parts of Oklahoma seized by Texas Confederate soldiers
Which of the following statements about the Texas Constitutional Convention of 1865 is not true?
those Republicans after the Civil War who controlled Reconstruction policy in the former Confederate states
Who were the Radical Republicans?
by members of the Texas Republican Party
The Texas Constitution of 1869 was created
Davis was a Republican who used the centralized powers of the governorship to maintain control over his regime
Which of the following statements best describes the post-Civil War governorship of E. J. Davis?
in an armed standoff in the capital between the Republican governor and the Democratic legislature in 1872
The domination of Texas politics by Republicans after the Civil War ended
They were an agricultural group who wanted a government that would improve the plight of farmers
Who made up the Grange, and what effect did they have on the writing of the Texas Constitution?
In what year was Texas’s current constitution ratified?
the necessity of strong limitations on the authority of state officals
Which principle of government is the key to understanding the drafting of the Texas Constitution of 1876?
giving independence to the judiciary by making all judges appointed, instead of elected
Which of the following was not a goal for those writing the Texas Constitution?
a long, complex, and detailed document
The Texas Constitution is
The Texas Constitution grants to Texans rights that are not found in the U.S. Constitution
What is the major difference between the bill of rights in the Texas constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights?
the right to employment
Which of the following is not found in the Texas bill of rights?
separation of powers
The separation of government into three branches-legislative, executive, and judicial- is called
In Texas, the executive department is made up of several elected offices, instead of just one
Which of the following describes a significant difference between the structure of the Texas executive department and the structure of the U.S. executive branch?
The House of Representatives has the power to impeach, while the senate has the power to try and convict
Under the Texas Constitution, who has the power of impeachment?
two-thirds vote in both houses of the state legislature and a majority vote from the voters of Texas
The Texas Constitution requires which of the following for amendment?
The constitution was too restrictive and cumbersome for contemporary government
What was the main criticism of the current Texas Constitution behind the Ratliff-Junell proposal for a new constitution?
The judiciary should be appointed by the governor, with confirmation by the Senate
Which of the following was not part of the Ratliff-Junell proposal for Texas constitutional change?
Negative advertising in the media has had the effect of alienating possible voters
Which of the following is not a reason for the low level voter turnout for constitutional amendments?

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