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GOVT-2306 Exam 2 Practice Test

One reason why Hispanics have yet to wield a significant impact on state politics is
low voter turnout.
Which of the following statements about voters is incorrect?
The younger an individual is, the more likely that individual is to vote.
General elections in Texas are held on the
Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even-numbered years.
Smith v. Allwright banned
the use of white primaries.
Which of the following is a deterrent to higher voter turnout in Texas?
Large number of elections, long length of the ballot, and lower income and education levels in Texas.
A political party’s ultimate aim is to
nominate candidates in the primary or convention and get them elected.
Throughout their campaigns, Texas Democratic candidates tend to mobilize all of the following groups except
business interests.
A type of ballot used in a general election where all of the candidates from each party are listed in parallel
columns is called
party-column ballot.
Which of the following is not a demographic variable that affects turnout at the polls?
To win a Texas primary election, a candidate must receive
50 percent plus one of the votes.
A method of selecting the nominees from a political party where party members elect the candidates who
represent them in the general election is known as
direct primary.
A closed primary allows only those individuals who _______ to participate.
are party members
What type of primary allows a voter to choose on election day which primary they will participate?
Open primary.
Turnout in American general elections is _______ in comparison to other industrialized democracies of the
significantly lower
Which of the following is not a function of political parties?
Nominate and elect their members to local public offices.
Which of the following is not a distinct characteristic of American political parties?
What is the lowest level of party organization?
_______ is the exercise of power in parties by state and local party organizations rather than by national party
Which of the following statements is not true of liberals?
They possess a more pessimistic view of human nature than conservatives.
In recent presidential elections, Texas has
consistently supported the Republican nominee.
The transition from one dominant political party in the state to another is known as
Minor political parties in the state prefer the office-block ballot because it
makes straight-ticket voting for the major parties more difficult.
The formal issue positions of a political party is a
party platform.
Which of the following is a way interest groups can be classified?
Economic, non-economic, and mixed interest.
Direct contact between an interest group representative and an officer of government is an example of
When a special interest is seeking a change in policy that affects the balance of power in the political, social, or economic system, there will be
much greater participation and conflict.
Texas does not have term limits for which office?
Governor, State House of Representative, and State senator.
The most important goal of political parties is to
gain control of government through popular elections.
Which individuals are legally disqualified from voting?
Individuals who have been legally declared mentally incompetent.
Which is not an interest group activity?
Nominating candidates for office.
As a lobbyist you would rather have the support of
the presiding officers of the legislator.
Business and agriculture interest groups are interested in all of the following except
encouraging government regulations.
Interest groups will seek to build a positive public image by which of the following means?
Hiring public relations firms, demonstrating good citizenship, and print and broadcast advertisements.
The primary goal of interest groups is to
influence all branches of government at all levels.
The white primary, which was the practice of excluding African Americans from Democratic Party primary
elections in Texas, was found unconstitutional as a result of which court case?
Smith v. Allwright
Political parties are vital to democracy in that they provide a link between
people and government.
Since political parties are pragmatic, they will not do which of the following?
Develop a campaign strategy that is narrowly focused.
All of the following are examples of local governments in Texas except
_______ are creatures of the state and have only as much power as the Texas Constitution and Texas
legislature grant them.
Counties / Special districts
/ School districts
To win the general election, a candidate must win with _______ of the votes.
a plurality
The relationship between states and local governments follows from the fact that states have a _______
system of government.
Texas cities are classified as either
general-law or home-rule
Which is not a legal voting qualification in Texas?
Being a nonresident of the state.
To become a home-rule city in Texas, a city must have a population of at least _______ residents.
Voters who wish to repel an existing ordinance can petition the council to hold a(n)
referendum election.
All of the following statements about county government are true except
Texas counties, like cities, have home-rule provisions.
An individual must be registered at least _______ days prior to the election to be eligible to vote in Texas.
A _______ is held when one of the two top contenders of a second primary did not receive a majority of the
runoff primary
Which of the following statements about a general-law city is correct?
It is an incorporated community with a population of 5,000 or less.
Which of the following is not a role of political party?
To lobby legislators on the behalf of the party’s membership.
In presidential election years, which of the following offices is not on the Texas ballot?
The Texas Governor.
All special elections in the state
are nonpartisan elections.
In Texas, the governor and the lieutenant governor are generally elected
on even-numbered non-presidential years.
In Texas, _______ are used to fill vacancies in office, to give approval to borrow money, or to ratify amendments to the Texas Constitution
special elections
A Primary election is an election in which political parties
choose their candidates for the general election.
Voter turnout in Texas is highest in which type of election?
Presidential elections.
Texas has the _______ largest Hispanic population in the U.S.
A _______ is a unit of local government that performs a single service in a limited geographic area
special district
There are _______ counties in the state of Texas
Politics at the city level often revolves around issues of
basic government services, such as police and fire protection.
The temporary campaign organization of the party includes all of the following except the _______ convention.
The most important factors that explain whether someone votes are
education and income.
A _______ is held if no candidate receives an absolute majority of the primary vote
run-off primary.
Interest groups participate in the political process by engaging in all of the following activities except
running candidates under the interest groups’ names.
Interest groups form to
influence government to adopt policies favored by the group’s membership.
In 1964, the Twenty-fourth Amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution to ban
Poll Taxes.
In Texas, a person interested in running for public office must
be a United States citizen, be at least 18 years old on the first day of the term to be filled, and have lived in the state continuously.
All of the following are examples of valence issues except
_______ support government action to regulate the economy, protect human rights and achieve equality for all.
_______ don’t support welfare, health care aid, or employment compensation.
_______ is a phenomenon that occurs when a group grows large enough to change the political balance in the electorate.
_______ issues on which the public is divided.
The _______ amendment gave all male citizens the right to vote.
Women couldn’t vote until 1920 when the _______ was ratified.
After reconstruction, Texas became a one party _______ state for 100 years.
A _______ is an election rule in which the candidate with the most votes wins regardless of whether it is a
general election
_______ is the transition from one dominant party system to another.
_______ is a person’s attachment to one political party or the other.
Partisan identification
_______ are an election which permits voters to remove an elected official before the official’s term
Recall elections
_______ are sometimes called “hidden governments.”
Special districts

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