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Great Gatsby

What is the setting of the novel (year and place).
1920s, New York City
Chapter 1 begins with a quote: “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” What does this quote mean? What conclusions/predictions can you make about the narrator from this quote?
It’s kind of saying that when you judge someone be careful because they’ve probably had it much harder than you think. I think the narrator must’ve been a very stuck up person but then went through something someone they once judged went through and woke up
What have been the results of the narrator’s habit of reserving judgement?
people talk to him n tell him things about people that others may not know…he knows things others don’t
List 5-7 important details that we learn about the narrator from this chapter.
1. he loves Gatsby. 2. family is big in this city 3. got into bond business 4. lived out of the country and then moved to West Egg
From what point of view is the story being told? In what tense?
1st person, past tense
How does Nick compare East and West Egg? What’s Nick’s neighborhood like?
He lives on West Egg, less fashionable. East Egg is fashionable n nice. Nick has the rich neighbors, his house was an eye sore,view of water
Describe Tom in 3-5 sentences.
He was super rich. Also good at football n considered powerful at New Haven. He’s ripped, straw haired man, sturdy, dominant face, dressed nicely. Gruff n husky voice
Describe Daisy in 3-5 sentences.
She had a charm about her, Sad face but lovely with bright things in it. She was an alluring person that men found hard to resist. Her voice drew people in and she had a passionate mouth with something like a very happy feel to it. She’s also a mom
What has Tom been reading? What does this books’s philosophy indicate about Tom’s views? What does this say about American society at the time?
Rise of the Coloured Empire, it says that anyone who isn’t from America would be wiped out…he’s kind of racist and America likes having only one race be rich and dominant
What do we learn about Tom from the phone call? How does Daisy deal with the interruption?
He must be cheating on Daisy with another chick in new york..according to miss Baker..Daisy flirts with Nick and compliments him..says she likes seeing him at her table n compares him to a rose
What does Daisy mean when she says “And I hope she’ll be a fool–that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool”?
To be ignorant of the things going around u..in case they do turn out to be bad and for the worst to hurt her
What rumor had Daisy heard bout Nick?
he was engaged to a girl out west
Describe Tom and Daisy’s relationship.
Daisy seems to be fun and likes to flirt and is rlly skeptical of tom..tom seems to have a mysterious side to him too so they seem to have a good relationship but they know that they both have secrets somewhere
What strange sight does Nick see at the end of the Chapter 1? What is the green light do you think?
he sees Gatsby…I think it could’ve been a light or camera or something..dock light
What are the advantages/disadvantages of having Nick narrate the story of The Great Gatsby, rather than having Gatsby tell the story himself?
It gives too much detail about how nick is doing and what he’s doing…if it were gatsby we could get straight to the point and know how gatsby feels about stuff
Describe the valley of ashes. What might the ashes symbolize?
its where are and its kind of filthy and smokey..it’s probably the part of town where all the air pollution settles, everything rich n good eventually comes to an end and dies
Describe the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg. What might they represent or symbolize?
blue and gigantic..kind of like a symbol of an ocean but then go to the heart of things and you find a sad little area/person stuck in a sad rut
Describe Tom’s “girl” in three to four sentences. Is their affair a secret?
Thickish, middle thirties, stout, not very pretty…it’s no secret but it tis to the husband..he just hasn’t figured it out yet
What business transaction is going on between Tom and Mr. Wilson? Do you think they really have a business deal? Why or why not?
Toms is suppose to be giving him his car..I doubt they really do becasuse his wife is so mean to him and Tom was jst wanting him to be happy to see him since he’s having an affair with his wife..plus he snapped at him about the car taking forever to fix
What happens in the scene between Myrtle and her husband. How does she treat him?
She snaps at him to get a chair, she treats him badly…bosses him around
Compare/contrast the personalities and physical characteristics of Myrtle and Daisy.
Daisy is fun and bouncy and slim and pretty and charming and alluring. Myrtle is mean, thick, older, snappy, to the point.
Why do you think Tom is attracted to Myrtle?
Probably cuz she’s much more mature than Daisy.
What does Catherine tell Nick about Gatsby?
he gets his money from his cousin Kaiser Wilhelm
What is the lie Tom told Catherine? Why do you think he tells it?
that catherine is catholic n myrtle is maried to wilson whos a gas pump thinger..probably to get all suspicion removed from him n no rumors start
Describe Mr. and Mrs. Wilson’s relationship. How did Myrtle know she made a “mistake” when she married Wilson? What might Myrtle’s description tell you about her character?
she thought he was a gentleman..wilson borrowed a suit to get married to myrtle in..n didn’t tell her about it. It tells us that she likes the rich boys who are willing to waste money
Explain how Tom and Myrtle met.
they met in a train station and she couldnt keep her eyes off of him n then they ended up getting in the same taxi
What does Tom do to Myrtle when she repeats Daisy’s name? What do you think of Tom’s reaction? Was it appropriate? What does it tell you about Tom and Daisy? What hints from the first chapter indicated Tom was capable of this behavior?
he breaks her nose..it was kind of surprising cuz i thought tom liked her..he kept spoiling her and everything..he gets kind of upset when daisy takes away nick to talk to him n he sounded kind of jealous actually
Why is the ending of Chapter 2 so disjointed? What had Nick been doing all evening that might have caused this strange narrative?
it’s really random..he’d been drinking
Make a comparison of the homes of Nick, Gatsby, Tom and Daisy Buchanan, and George and Myrtle Wilson. How does each home reflect the personality of their owners. nick –
kind of nice but a little bit of an eye sore..nicks a nice guy that jst caught up with the drama n he seems to b pretty mellow about everything
gatsby – super nice house…he’s rich but secretive n ppl apparently love him
tom n daisy – extremely nice house..but both are a little off as well..
wilsons..ramshackle garage..husband treated like dirt while wife indulges in all nice things
n 3-4 sentences, describe the scene at Gatsby’s house on the weekends.
Its a party house its big.
What arrives at Gatsby’s house every Friday? What leaves on Monday? What does this tell you about how long Gatsby’s Parties last?
Oranges and lemons / weekend party /
How does Nick receive his invitation to Gatsby’s party? Why was this invitation unusual?
Chaffer and just show up
What is Nick’s immediate impression of the party guests? Young
Young and classy its a big party with an enttire orchretrsa.The drive way full of cars. There are hundreds of people.Overally dressed
What happened to the girl who tore her dress the last time she was at Gatsby’s?
She got a new one $266
What rumors have been circulating about Gatsby?
He murdered someone and a spy
What illegal activity takes place at Gatsby’s? Why is it illegal?
Its the party its during prohibition and during the consituion acholo is illegal
What discovery has the Owl-Eyed man made in Gatsby’s library? What does his discovery say about this sector of American society in the 1920s?
The books suprised it real and not a fake its on looks and not apperance it is. He was really drunk and they question wealth.
Nick finally meets Gatsby. Describe their conversation.
Weird and it was basically he wants him to bring daisy.
What’s he like?
He is young and amazing is pretty cute he not scary he is aawosome.They talk about the past war.
What’s ironic about Jordan’s statement comparing large and small parties?
Small party’s everyone does the same thing larger parties shows that she is in tuned.You get lost in the crowd.
On what does Owl-Eyes blame the accident after Gatsby’s party? What is ironic about his own claim?
He was driving a car -drunk driving -he wasn’t trying to drive.He has been drunk for a week hoping that
What “haunting” feeling does Nick have sometimes? What does his description of his feelings and the indication that others feel this way say about American society or life in the city at the time?
Alone / Lives right next to Gatsby and lives in the most popular part of the city.
How does Nick feel about Jordan? What does he finally conclude about her? What does he finally conclude about himself?
Jordan is dishonest and when she moves the ball in the sand she lyed about that.She lies because it gives her power. She is also a bad driver.
Explain how the descriptions of the parties/gatherings contributes to the creation of the characters who attend them.
They were big and they have anybody comes over and they do what ever they want. They have a large orchrestra.
What do the girls at the party think Gatsby did to get rich?
killed a man, and cheats people out of their money “bootlegger”
Why do you think Fitzgerald gives a long list of those guests who attended Gatsby’s parties that summer?
o show just how many people actually attend and of what class each one is from.
What “subtle tribute” did these people give Gatsby?
They each give Gatsby some kind of recognition..like each person that was listed is known for something
Who is the “boarder”? How did he get the name?
Klipspringer, he was there so often and so long
Describe Gatsby’s car in 3-4 sentences.
It’s cream colored, bright with nickel, swollen here and there, long, lots of windshields that sparkled in the sun
What new information does Gatsby give Nick about himself?
son of some wealthy people in the middle west, all passed away, brought up in america, educated at Oxford..which was family tradition
What is Nick’s reaction to Gatsby’s story? What makes Nick suspect that Gatsby is lying about his past?
He’s skeptical and thinks he’s lying, he choked down or hurried the phrase “educated at oxford”
What two things does Gatsby always carry? What do you think of him carrying these things with him at all times? Why do you think he does this?
a piece of metal attached to a ribbon from montenegro, a pic of 12 men in blazers loafing..a souvenir of oxford days
How does Gatsby get out of a speeding ticket?
shows him a christmas card from the commissioner
Describe Mr. Wolfsheim. What kind of man is he? Why do you think he is associated with Gatsby?
small-flat nosed man, Jew, large head, tiny eyes..I think they have money deals going on..he was talking about a money deal when Nick walked up to them..he’s kind of violent and to the point too…observer, gambler. fixed world series in 1919
What did Tom give Daisy the day before their wedding? What happened that evening? Why did Daisy have a breakdown?
a string of pears that cost $350,000, she got drunk n kept sayin she changed her mind about marrying Tom..she got a letter from someone
What happened with Tom in Ventura? Who was he with? What is notable about this incident?
He ran into a wagon on the road, a chambermaid from the Hotel…its notable because it says he was a lier and cheater even before they were fully married..on their honey moon
Why is it not a coincidence that Gatsby lives where he does, at West Egg?
He use to be the officer that had a relationship with Daisy.. he bought it so he’d be jst across the bay from Daisy
What did Gatsby want Jordan to ask Nick? What does Gatsby want Daisy to see?
He wants Nick to invite Daisy over sometimes and then let Gatsby come over to..wants her to see his house
Explain your interpretation of the quote, “There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.” In terms of the novel, who are the ones being pursued, the ones doing the pursuing, the ones who are busy, and the ones who are tired? Justify your choices.
There are certain kinds of people in this world and each one has a key part…some work hard, some cheat and need to get caught and others are tired while working for this..
Pursued: Daisy..Gatsby wants her and it seems like everyone else wants her based on her attractiveness and charms.
Pursuing: Gatsby, always trying to keep everyone happy and keep his popularity up also, he wants Daisy
Busy: Nick is always busy, he’s dragged from place to place and everyone always has something to tell him/show him
Explain what Gatsby does to prepare for his meeting with Daisy. Why do you think he does this?
Cuts Nick’s grass, puts in flowers at nicks house, white suit with gold tie, got lemon cakes,
What happens to the clock on the mantle? Why do you think this awkward moment symbolizes?
His head was leaning against it and it fell but he caught it I think it symbolizes that he was very shocked/scared to see her again
How long has it been since Daisy and Gatsby have seen each other?
5 years next november
How does Gatsby behave upon seeing Daisy again? What is your impression of his behavior? Why is this ironic considering the time of the novel?
he is in shock, he left the room, came but all wet, I was kind of surprised, i thought he would be excited
How does Gatsby’s meeting with Daisy go?
First it was awkward, but then nick went back in Daisy was crying and Gatsby had changed
What inconsistency does Nick catch about where Gatsby’s money comes from? From where does Gatsby tell Nick he got his money? He
He thinks he inherited it. Gatsby says he lost it in the panic of the war, he said he got it from working in the drug and then the oil business, but he is not in it anymore.
Why does Gatsby show Daisy all his shirts? Is Daisy truly crying because she’s “never seen such beautiful shirts before”? Or is she crying about something else? What could that be? Explain her reaction.
To show her his style, not really she is crying because she is by him again she just started to cry over beautiful shirts
To what is the author referring in the statement: “Possibly it had occurred to him that the colossal significance of that light had now vanished forever . . . His count of enchanted objects had diminished by one”? What does the green light symbolize? Explain its significance to the novel.
The light is gone because his future of seeing her is now here. The future of being with her. The significance is showing he loved Daisy and wants to be with her.
Who is Klipspringer and what does Gatsby have him do? Why?
play the piano
What could the weather in this chapter symbolize? How does the weather change? What could that change symbolize? It
It was rainy then nice and then rainy again, she wont go home or something bad is going to happen
Gatsby finally winning Daisy is as much a triumph as it is a tragedy. What, now, does he have to look forward to? Write down at least one quotes from the chapter that illustrate this statement.
Spending time with her his future
Who is James Gatz?
Jay Gatsby
Why did he change his name? How old was he at the time?
He went on a yacht with a rich man and changed his name. He changed it at seventeen
How was Dan Cody involved in shaping Gatsby into the man he is now?
He inspired gatsby to be rich and not to drink
Why did Gatsby not get the money that Cody left for him?
Cody’s mistress prevented him from getting it
For what reason do you think F. Scott Fitzgerald interrupted Gatsby’s story for the visit from the horseback raiders? Why doesn’t Gatsby understand that he isn’t really welcome?
To mention Tom in the story, he keeps talking and doesn’t know that tom knows Daisy has been over there.
Why does Tom attend Gatsby’s party? What is ironic about this?
To see what Gatsby was about and to go with Daisy, he is at a party on west egg
How does Tom’s presence affect the atmosphere of the party?
The mood at the party is tense because he is there.
What does Gatsby want Daisy to do? What is Nick’s response? Do you agree or disagree with his statement: “You can’t repeat the past”?
Tell Tom she never loved him, he says dont ask to much of her because you cant repeat the past, i do not agree because their past could become his future
How do the flashbacks to Gatsby’s young life contribute to the development of his present character?
He wants to recover something, he has been confused and disordered since then
Why did Gatsby fire all his servants?
He needed people who wouldn’t gossip since Daisy comes over in the afternoons.
What does Daisy do while Tom is out getting drinks? What does she tell Jordan to do? Why do you think she does this?
She kisses Gastby on the mouth. She tells Jordan to do the same to Nick. Probably to make it look natural, like kissing people on the mouth is what you’re suppose to do all the time.
What kind of relationship does Daisy have with her daughter? Why is Gatsby surprised the child’s “existence”?
She likes to use her daughter to show off..showing off how cute she is and then putting her away again as Tom comes back. She does love her daughter though. I don’t think Gatsby realized that Daisy had children with Tom.
What does Gatsby say that Daisy’s voice is “full of”? Why?
money, there was a certain charm that rose and fell..the jingle of it, high in a white palace the king’s daughter , the golden girl
Tom, Jordan, and Nick stop for gas at Wilson’s station. What car are they driving? What is happening in the Wilson marriage? How is Wilson?
Gatsby’s car, Wilson’s sick as dirt, they wanna move west..Wilson finally caught on that something was going on with Myrtle and Tom
Why does Wilson suddenly need money from Tom? What does Myrtle think she sees from her window?
She thinks she see’s Tom’s wife..but she’s really seeing Jordan..she’s extremely jealous, Wilson needed money so that they could move west
How does the weather contribute to the mood of this chapter?
What could the weather symbolize?It’s super hot and sweaty and just like the mood..everyone’s getting near their breaking point. Especially Tom. It might symbolize how someone’s going to blow up and yell and accuse any second now so that all the secrets come out
Describe what happens in the suite at the Plaza Hotel?
They have an argument over what to do and everything is really tense..finally the secrets come out and Tom yells at Gatsby for trying to get to Daisy…accuses them of sleeping together
What does Daisy tell Gatsby that catches him off guard? What was he expecting to hear?
Daisy said she loved Tom and Gatsby too..at the same time..he wanted to hear that she never loved Tom at all
What does Daisy learn about Gatsby and his business? How does Daisy react?
He sold alcohol over the counter at his “drug stores” and he was in the betting and gambling business as well. Daisy is terrified and doesn’t want anything to do with it..lost all courage of leaving Tom or anything
As they are leaving the hotel, what milestone does Nick remember that he had forgotten in all the excitement? What is the significance of this?
It’s his 30th birthday..he starts to think that now he’ll for sure be alone forever and it’s the beginning of a new decade of thinning hair, briefcases, gettin old
What happens on the drive home? Who does Tom believe killed Myrtle? What really happened?
Myrtle gets hit by a car, dies..Wilson’s in a panic, Gatsby, Daisy hit her on the way home
What does Nick see through the window as he leaves?
Daisy and Tom having an intent yet unhappy conversation
Who is “watching” over the incidents in the valley of ashes? Of whom is this symbolic?
Dr. TJ Eckleburg…God
As Gatsby and Nick arrive at the Buchanan’s house early in the chapter, the scene is nearly identical to a much earlier scene in the novel. Daisy and Jordan are sitting on the couch in their white dresses and Tom is on the hall telephone talking with “his girl.” What does the repetition of this scene suggest?

t’s kind of saying..things are the same but yet they aren’t..they chose to stay oblivious to what’s happened

Gatsby Dies
Myrtle Dies
George Wilson Dies
Daisy admits she loved both Tom and Gatsby
Gatsby goes crazy, Tom confronts him

Why does Nick suggest that Gatsby go away even though he knows that it was Daisy who killed Myrtle?
Nick knows they’ll trace Gatsbys car
Why does Gatsby refuse? What is he holding on to? What do you think of his behavior?
He wouldn’t leave Daisy, he still hopes that Daisy will leave Tom, he’s obsessed
How did Daisy and Gatsby meet? How did Gatsby deceive Daisy from the beginning?
He went to her house with other officers from camp Taylor, then alone, he made her believe that he could support her and that he had a alot of family and money..same social life like her. He didn’t tho, he had no family, governments disposal
How did Daisy go on living her life while Gatsby fought in the war? What did Daisy do while Gatsby was at Oxford?
She was desperate to see him and she missed him terrible..she eventually went back to having many dates a day with half a dozen men, then got married to Tom
Where did Gatsby go with the last of his army pay? Why?
ouisville, to revisit the places he spent time with Daisy at
Why does Nick insist that Gatsby is “worth the whole damn bunch put together”? What does he mean by this? Why is he still glad he said it?
Gatsby is a nice guy, he was worth alll the trouble that Nick went through with everyone, he was glad he said it because it was the only compliment he ever gave him..disapproved of Gatsby
What does Wilson firmly believe happened to Myrtle?
hat the car and the man in it killed her on purpose without even trying to stop
What clue(s) lead him to believe this? What does Wilson imagine about the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg?
No slowing down, That they’re God and they see and know all
Define the word “holocaust.” What does Nick mean when he says, “the holocaust was complete”?
destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, no more killing will happen since gatsby is dead and wilson killed himself
What do you think is Fitzgerald’s purpose in relating the story of Gatsby’s return to Louisville while Daisy and Tom are still on their wedding trip?
to show that daisy moved on or at least tried too while Gatsby never stopped living in the past n still wanted Daisy
Why is Nick in charge of arranging Gatsby’s funeral? Why is this surprising?
no one else cared enough about Gatsby…it’s surprising bcuz nick hated gatbsy n gatsby had so many ppl talking to him n attending his parties n etc
How does Henry Gatz hear about the funeral?
it was in the chicago newspaper
Why does Klipspringer call Gatsby’s house?
to see if somebody would send him his tennis shoes that he left there
Why does Mr. Gatz show Nick Gatsby’s schedule from his youth? What does this show you about the kind of person Gatsby was meant to be? Why do you think this was an important/unimportant part of the novel?
to show nick that gatsby had a very organized life and he was meant to be someone very big…intelligent at a young age..a person to change the world and bring a new era about him
Why do you think Fitzgerald included that the owl-eyed man came to Gatsby’s funeral? Why do you think the owl-eyed man might have come?
to show that he kind of looked up to gastby..in awe of his wealth
What happens to Nick and Jordan’s relationship?
it broke apart, jordan was already engaged to another man..
What had Tom told George about the car the afternoon of the shooting? Why did Tom feel justified?
that gatsby was driving..sends him after gatsby..he said that gatsby did it..still thinks Gatsby killed Myrtle, even tho Daisy did it all along..doesn’t rlly know Daisy did it
Do you agree with Nick’s statement “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy–they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made”? Justify your response.
yes…gatsby dies bcuz he opened his mouth n tried to split daisy n tom jst to end up getting shot..daisy is bucz she loved money n popularity n didn’t tell gatsby straight up that she was married n stil messed around..Tom and Daisy ran off right away after everything happened..Tom and Myrtle..Myrtle was a toy to Tom and ended up dying from it,
In his final comment, Nick says: “Gatsby believed in the green light, orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter–tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther . . . And one fine morning–So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”?
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