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Green economy

The green economy is on the rise. Many start-up firms have built their businesses around the green economy. Furthermore, various kinds of jobs have opened up. Firms are beginning to see the viability of a business involved with the green economy. Much like the internet firms of the past, green businesses have taken advantage of the apparent gain in interest in renewable energy. This has led to the creation of green jobs. Consequently, schools have launched various programs to help their students enter into the emerging green economy. However, many remain doubtful about the viability of the green economy.

This is because there have been numerous attempts in the past to jumpstart it and yet these have all seemingly failed. For this reason, people remain skeptical about entering green jobs out of fear that the green economy will take a tumble again. However, with today’s ever rising fuel prices, everyone is beginning to see the importance of alternative energy sources. People are beginning to realize that resources are becoming scarce. With the growing demand for energy and the dwindling supply of it, everyone is beginning to gain interest in the green economy.

As such, more and more start-up firms are attempting to tap into and take advantage of the growing interest in the green market. The question that many upcoming workers are debating on is whether it is a good move to prepare for a job in the green economy. Basically, they want to know whether it is worth it to take up programs that will lead them towards green jobs. In my opinion, I would suggest that one should take up a program that caters to green jobs. It will increase their marketability and allow them to get ahead of everyone else.

Furthermore, taking up such program will give them a definitive advantage over others. Workers now should consider supplementing their traditional knowledge with skills or knowledge geared towards the green economy. For instance, it was mentioned in the article that a new M. B. A program is being offered by the Duquesne University in Pittsburgh entitled, Sustainable Enterprise M. B. A Program. When students take up these courses, it does not necessarily mean that they can only work in the green economy. These courses allow students to gain additional knowledge that they can apply in green jobs.

At the same time, these courses open up more opportunities for students. Such knowledge can be used in both the green economy and the traditional economy. For instance, students can help traditional firms adopt strategies that are more earth-friendly. They can assist in the firm’s transition to processes that are geared towards sustainable development. In other words, although such programs will prepare workers to enter the green economy, they do not confine workers to green jobs alone. The knowledge that they gain from such programs can be utilized in jobs outside of the green economy.

They supplement traditional knowledge thereby opening more doors for potential workers. It will be best for new workers to prepare for the potential boom in green jobs. However, at the same time, they must not confine themselves to the green economy. The way to do it is to find programs that will allow them to learn about the green economy without sacrificing knowledge that caters to other employment. In this way, they are more prepared for various employment opportunities that may come their way either in the green economy or in others.