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Growth of an organization

“The importance of transformation of business organizations into learning organizations in order to effectively address the challenges posed due to globalization”. Learning has become an important characteristic of an organization in order to compete in the global business. Learning is a volatile and dynamic concept through which the process of updating in an organization takes place. With the growing size of the corporations and continuous innovations in the field of technology the individual learning has transformed to the notion of the organizational learning.

The notion of learning plays an important part in the progress of an individual just like that the learning on the organizational level plays an important part in the growth of an organization. The organizational group of people can define the organizational learning as the sum of the learning activities of the individual, which takes the shape of combined effort. The essay will comprise of following scheme: 1. Introduction 2. Importance of Learning organizations.

Characteristics of learning organizations 4. Learning Process 5. Effects of cultural diversity on learning 6. Tools and Techniques 7. Skills and Motivation 8. Levels of Learning 9. Importance of e-Learning 10. Case study of a Learning organization 11. Conclusion Under the heading the background of the notion of learning organization will be presented. In the light of the related research and literature review the importance of learning organizations will be discussed.

The sources will include “Understanding Organizations as Learning Systems” written by Edwin, Anthony & Janet (2004) available on line. Characteristics will be described in the light of in-depth review of the paper by Kelly. Joyes (2008) in his article Key Principles for Quality Web-Based Resource Development for Global Contexts defines some principles for the design of e-learning resources. The article will serve as an important source for the essay. The essay will also explore a case study exemplar of the application of these principles at Motorola.

Conclusion will summarize all the key points described in the essay and explicit remarks in the light of the literature and previous research papers consulted.


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