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HB 100 – Chapters 1-8

What is the Key to being successful in the hospitality industry?
being a service-oriented person
Ethics is (are)?
a set of moral principles and values used to answer questions about right and wrong
Inseparability refers to:
the fact that production and consumption occur simultaneously
Empowerment is:
A feeling in which employees feel responsible for their jobs and have stake in the organizations success
All of the following are part of Disneys “Five steps of leadership” except:
Hold managers accountable for member feedback
Guest loyalty is:
Keeping guests happy and returning often
Intangible means:
Cannot be perceived by the senses
The symbol of welcome, friendship and hospitality is a(n):
Internal customers are
The employees
The purpose of a self-assessment is to:
Measure strengths and weaknesses
The concept of protecting the natural resources of the planet
Guest calls for reservations and a guest welcome are both examples of what?
Moments of truth
If room revenue is $75,884 and the total number of rooms sold is 662 then average daily rate is:
The main advantage of using an electric door locking system?
Record of who enters the room and when
Example of hotel level service classification include:
full service, mid-scale, limited service
Which of the following departments is the largest in a hotel in terms of people?
Property management systems are designed to assist front office employee in performing functions related to what tasks?
Reservation, rooms and guest account management
An environment that can deliver a complete booking system tied to the hotels inventory in real time via the Web is called a(n)?
Application service provider
Hotels and motels that are part of ______ share centralized reservation system and a common image, logo or advertising slogan
referral association
The area of a hotel most often described as the nerve center or hub of a hotel is the:
Front office
In order to determine if a hotel development project wold likely succeed, we would perform a(n)
Feasibility study
Corporations that operate a hotel without capital outlay in exchange for a percentage of gross sales are known as:
Management companies
The executive committee of a hotel is:
Made up of key associated who head major departments
Marriott builds a hotel for $34 million and sells it to a banking firm for $52 million. Marriott charges the banking firm of gross revenues to operate the hotel. This business transaction is known as
Management contract
The front office, housekeeping, security and communications all fall under what department
rooms division
The person at a desk in the lobby of a hotel who assists guests with restaurant reservations, directions, tickets to shows and other advice is the:
The purpose of revenue management is to:
increase profitability
A demand-forecasting technique used to maximize room revenue is known as:
revenue management
In this type of “ownership” investors do not pay corporate income tax, however they distribute the majority of net income to shareholders, and are publicly traded.
Real-estate investments trusts
Guest folios are typically managed by:
hotel property management system
The individual responsible for the task of balancing the guests accounts receivables is the
night auditor
Hotels may be classified by:
Location, price and service
As the hotel industry matures, corporations are either acquiring or merging with each other. This is:
In franchising the franchisee is granted rights to:
use trademarks, operating procedures, and other business procedures
The ultimate responsibility
The general manager
The hotel california has 642 rooms and 413 are occupied. the occupancy percentage is:
The hotel california has 642 rooms and the room revenue is $84,593. the REV PAR is:
The dollar differential between the cost and sales price of a menu item is called:
contribution margin
Introduced by Escoffier, this kitchen system organize work stations more effectively:
Hotel restaurants present a challenge for Food and beverage directors because:
guests’ needs are unpredictable
the capture rate is defined as the:
number of guests staying at the hotel who dine in the hotel’s restaurant.
The cost of depleted inventory for a cocktail is $0.74 and the selling price is $3.75. what is the pour cost percentage:
The document prepared for the catering department to follow that contains all of the critical information about the event is:
catering event order
the hotel requires the number of guests attending a catering function at least seven days in advance. this number is called the:
Some hotels have a policy of preparing ___ more meals than the number attending a function in order to accommodate additional people.
Labor cost benchmarks are measured by:
responsibilities of the chief steward include which of the following?
maintaining strict inventory control for glassware, china and cutlery
an acceptable profit margin for food in a hotel is___ percent
experienced room service managers know one the most important challenges to room service is:
forecasting demand
Cabernet Sauvignon and pinot noir are types of ____ wine
Poultry, fish, egg entrees are best served with _______ wine.
Still wines are those with
no carbination
method champenoise refers to
a second fermentation in the bottle, resulting in a unique sparkling quality
Examples of fortified wines are:
port, sherry, and madeira
Aromatized wines are fortified wines that are flavored with:
herbs, flowers, bark, and roots
Beer is abrewed and fermented beverage made from ___ and flavored with ____
malted barley and starclay cereals; hops
The most important ingredient in beer is:
spirits differ from wine and beer in that they are:
fermented and then distilled
Proof is equal to:
twice the percentage of alcohol by volume
bourbon whisky is made from:
corn mixed with rye
coffee first came from:
ehtiopia and mocha
Legislation that governs the sale of aloholic beverages is known as
dram shop legislation
By providing training on the responsible service of alcoholic beverages to servers and bartenders, a business owner can:
potentially lower liability insurance rates
The word “restaurant” is a french word meaning
____ simplified french cooking and reduced the number of sauces to five “mother sauces”
auguste escoffier
novelle cuisine translate into what?
lighter cuisine
____ are operations owned by one or more owners who are usually involved with the day to day operations of the business
independent restuarants
Franchises are most often affiliated with
noise level, sounds, decorations, table settings, and other subconscious cues that a customer receives when entering a restaurant collectively make up the
A(n) ____ menu repeats itself after a period of time
the _____ must harmonize with the theme of the restaurant
The target market and concept, to a large extent, will determine the
menu prices
fusion restaurants are
a blend of two or more cuisines
quick service restaurants have increased in popularity because of their
location strategies
chinese, spanish, thai, indian, and mediterranean are all examples of _____ restaurants
theme restaurants are particularly appealing because they
offer a total experience and a social meeting place
There are ___ accounting periods in a typical restaurant
a cover is equivalent to
a guest
curbside appeal includes:
the appearance of the property from the parking lot to the restrooms
if total sales are $2550.00 and 110 guests were served, the average guest check would be:
forecasting sales has two components
guest counts or covers, and average check amount
describing, recommending, showing, and offering a variety of food and beverage choices to a guest is known as:
suggestive selling
american service refers to
less formal, yet professionally served
the “back of the house” is if not run by an executive chef is usually run by the”
kitchen manager
financial management reporting need to be
flexible for interpretation
organization and performance on the cooking line as well as good and results depend on:
the person responsible for ordering should never be the:
same person as that who does the recieving
prime cost for a restaurant that does not serve alcoholic beverages is:
combination of food and labor costs
the beacon drive inn had food sales of $45,000 an opening inventory of $8,000, purchases of $13,000, and an ending inventory of $9,000. what was the food percentage?
if beverage sales are $25,600 and beverage costs are $7,500 and purchases are $8,500, the beverage cost percent is:
compared to commercial operations, managed services have the advantage of:
being able to predict the number of meals and portion sizes
inflight foodservice management operators:
plan menus, develop product specifications, and arrange purchasing contracts
examples of the types of service a company like sodexo might provide include
housekeeping, groundskeeping, foodservice, plant operations and management as well as facilities management
which of the following is a major challenge in elementary school foodservice?
balancing salability with good nutrition
businesses use managed food services for many reasons, one of which is that:
better quality and financial arrangements
in terms of managed services, feeding military personnel includes
feeding troops, officers in clubs, dining halls, and military hospitals
schools that participate in national school lunch program are able to take advantage of
federal funding in the amount of $2.72 per meal per student
some of the driving forces and trends with college campus foodservice are:
branded concepts, privatization, campus cards and computer use
colleges are more diverse in their foodservice operations because
there are many places and occasions for food service so students are not bored with the same food
budgeting is easier with on-campus college foodservice because:
students are prepaid for their meals and their number are easier to forecast
in an effort to increase cash sales and to manage profitability, managers of health care operation have become more resourceful by:
developing concepts like medical malls with retail shops, bakeries, catering and restaurants

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