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Interdependency between various segments of the hospitality industry means that
each segment, to an extent, depends on another for business
The benefits of the hub-and-spoke system include all of the following EXCEPT:
larger-capacity planes can be used
The airline industry, like other segments of the hospitality industry, relies on ________ markets as a source of business.
New money spent by tourists and then respent by hotels and restaurants in the community for goods and services is known as
the multiplier effect
Travel agents
are a middle person acting as a travel counselor on behalf of airlines, cruise lines, and hotels
Ecotourism refers to
an emphasis on nature and native cultures
An increase in Internet booking, advancement in technology, ticketless air travel, and an expansion of the cruise industry are all examples of
current industry trends
Sustainable tourism
places a broad-based obligation on society
One yield management technique for maximizing sales income by lowering the price of seats according to expected demand is
capacity control
Cultural tourism or World Heritage sites are often designated by
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural OrganizationRecreation is defined as:
Recreation is defined as:
refreshment of strength and spirit
There is a direct relationship between recreation and:
In 1916, which of the following organizations was founded to conserve park resources and to provide for their use by the public?
National Park Service
The first metropolitan park system was established in:
Boston in 1892
The most visited U.S. National Park is:
Great Smokey Mountains
Typical theme parks are Opryland and Disneyland, areas set aside just for:
fun, rides, and recreation for families
Which parks create the atmosphere of another place and time?
Theme parks
Places where members gather for social, recreational, professional, or fraternal reasons are called:
private clubs
Which of the following is the primary difference between club management and hotel management?
Club members feel more ownership of the property than hotel guests.
The Senior Olympics would be an example of:
recreation for special populations
The “house” sets the odds on casino games to ensure a profit over a period of time. This is the:
house edge
The total amount wagered in gambling is called:
the handle
Offering free goods and services to casino patrons in return for their business is called:
Casinos track patron play (gambling) through the use of:
loyalty programs
A horse track that also has slot machines:
The fastest growing sector of casino gaming in the world is:
Stand-alone casinos are usually small and are often called:
slot parlors
The Supreme Court allowed Indian reservation gambling in 1987 with the _______ decision.
In a Las Vegas style casino resort the main difference between the blackjack tables and the poker tables is:
In poker the players bet against each other and the house keeps a portion of each pot
What are the five initial career tracks in the gaming industry?
Entertainment operations, Retail operations, Casino operations, Food & Beverage operations and Hotel operations
What is the primary outcome of the responsibilities of a convention and visitors bureau?
Generate and increase revenues of a city
A service organization within the visitor industry that offers a host of programs and services to meet clients’ needs is a:
Destination Management Company
Attendee registration, exhibit space rentals, and sponsorship are all sources of:
The combination of a meeting and an exposition is called a:
A person who contracts out services to (or work for) associations and corporations and plans meetings down to the last detail is a:
meeting planner
Individuals responsible for providing all of the services needed to run the facilities for a trade show are known as:
service contractors
A lecture and a dialogue that allow participants to share experiences in a particular field is known as a:
Large facilities where meetings and expositions are held, usually in city centers, are called:
convention centers
Before a meeting planner can start planning a meeting, a _____________ is done to determine the purpose and desired outcome of a meeting.
needs analysis
The payment exchanged for the promise(s) stated in a contract is called the:
According to the Event Solutions Black Book, what is the most popular site for holding events?
Which type of event would include annual meeting, sales meeting, workshop, training meeting, or awards ceremony?
Corporate event
Which type of event would usually be based on a theme, have a very limited budget, and provide a great return for the group having the event?
Charity or fundraising event
Opening ceremonies, halftime, and postgame shows would be part of what kind of special event?
Sporting event
Which of the following event management skills would be characterized by the process by which a meeting planner and supplier reach an agreement on the terms and conditions that will govern their relationship?
Negotiating skills
Which of the event management skills aids in completing projects on time and within budget, where parts of an event can be managed as separate components?
Project management skills
A special event consultant
should have climbed the “experience ladder”
An event such as the Olympics requires _________ to provide money or in-kind contributions and receive recognition in return.
________________ provide(s) training, certification, networking, and assistance with business plans and other consulting services for their members.
Professional associations
________________ refers to the implementation of practices and procedures that will help conserve both the natural environment and the special event space.
Sustainable event tourism

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