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HB chapter 10 part 2

heritage tourism
Historic places, sites, and museums
National Register of Historic Places
the United States’ official list of districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects worthy of preservation with more than 85,000 listings
general, art, science and technology, natural history, history, and military are types of what?
smithsonian museum
in Washington, D.C. holds almost 140 million artifacts, works of art, and specimens
field museum
located in chicago and founded in 1893 as a place to house biological and anthropological collections for a world exposition
before people had access to modern inventions like radio or television, books and ______ were the only entertainment available
private clubs
places where members gather for social, recreational, professional, and fraternal reasons
golf course
where are many business deals negotiated?
The main difference between club management and hotel management is that with clubs the guests feel as if they are the ______ and are referred to as members
another difference between hotels and club is that clubs do not offer _______ arrangements
initial fee and annual dues
club members pay what?
Club Managers Association of America
this organizations goal is to advance the profession of club management by fulfilling the educational and related needs of the club managers
elect the officers and directors of the club
the lead member or official in policymaking
executive committee
responsible for activities, grounds, and funding
Gives advice on financial matters
general manager
day-to-day operation, asset management, preserving and fostering the club culture
records minutes of meetings, takes care of correspondence
country clubs
clubs that have 2 or more types of membership
______ membership enables members to use all the facilities all the time
________ membership only allows members to use the social facilities
city club
type of club that is predominantly business oriented
professional club
type of club that is for people in the same profession
social club
type of club that allow members to enjoy one another’s company; members represent many different professions, yet they have similar socioeconomic backgrounds
athletic club
type of club that gives city workers and residents an opportunity to work out, swim, play squash and/or racquetball, tennis, and other activities
dining club
type of club that is generally located in large city office buildings
university club
type of club that is a private clubs for alumni or alumnae
employee recreation
promotes employee efficiency through recreational activities
recreation for special populations
involves professionals and organizations who serve groups such as those with mental illness, mental retardation, or physical challenges
there is a direct relationship between recreation and what
government-sponsored recreation
recreation paid for by government taxes
noncommercial recreation
not for profit recreation
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