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HBCL Exam 2

_____ is an operating system developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991 when he was a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland.
With Windows File Explorer, click a drive or _____ icon in the left pane to display its contents in the right pane.
_____ is the operating system designed for Apple mobile phones and mobile devices.
_____ are utility programs that search for documents and other files on a user’s hard drives.
Search tools
During the boot process, the essential portion, or core, of the operating system (called the _____) is loaded into memory.
One memory management technique frequently used by operating systems is _____, which uses a portion of the computer’s hard drive as additional RAM.
virtual memory
In Windows, certain system configuration information is stored in the _____ files.
A(n) _____ is a type of software program that performs a specific task, usually related to managing or maintaining the computer system
utility program
In the past few years, _____ has grown from an open source operating system used primarily by computer techies who disliked Microsoft to a widely accepted operating system with strong support from mainstream companies
One of the principal roles of every _____ is to translate user instructions into a form the computer can understand.
operating system
_____ was the first company to market an operating system that used a graphical user interface (GUI).
The Windows 8 Start screen uses _____ instead of the traditional Windows Start menu.
Printers and other peripheral devices are typically slower than the computer’s main memory. Therefore the operating system often uses a buffer for Input & Output transactions in a process called _____.
As shown in the figure to the left, Windows users can still issue _____ commands via the Command Prompt.
DOS (or command line)
Explain multitasking with reference to an operating system.
Multitasking refers to the ability of an operating system to have more than one program (also called a task) open at one time. Without the ability to multitask, an operating system would require the user to close one program before openinganotherprogram.Virtuallyalloftoday’soperatingsystemssupportmultitasking.Although multitasking enables a user to work with multiple programs at one time, a single CPU core cannot execute more than one task at one time (unless Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology or another technology that allows a single core to function as two cores is used). Consequently, the CPU rotates between processing tasks, but it works so quickly that to the user it appears as though all programs are executing at the same time.
Explain multithreading
A thread is a sequence of instructions within a program that is independent of other threads. Examples might include spell checking, printing, and opening documents in a word processing program. Operating systems that support multithreadinghavetheabilitytorotatebetweenmultiplethreads(similartothewaymultitaskingcan rotate between multiple programs) so that processing is completed faster and more efficiently, even though only one thread is executed by a single core at one time. Most current operating systems support multithreading.
What is the purpose of uninstall utilities?
As programs are used, temporary data is often created. When programs are uninstalled (removed from the hard drive), this data and other remnants of that program can be left behind on the hard drive or in system files unless an uninstall utility is used. If a user removes programs by deleting the program’s folder (which is not the recommended method for removing programs), the extraneous data is left behind, using up valuable disk space and, sometimes, slowing down the computer. Uninstall utilities remove the programs along with related extraneous data, such as references to those programs in your system files.
Compare graphical user interfaces (GUIs) with command line interfaces.
Most PC operating systems today use a graphical user interface (GUI). The older DOS operating system and some versions of the UNIX and Linux operating systems use a command line interface, although graphical versions of UNIX and Linux are available. With a command line interface, commands to the computer are typed using the keyboard; graphical user interfaces allow the user to issue commands by selecting icons, buttons,menu items, and other graphical objects with a mouse or other pointing device.
Describe the functionality of an operating system.
A computer’s operating system is a collection of programs that manage and coordinate the activities taking place within the computer and it is the most critical piece of software installed on the computer. The operating system boots the computer, launches application software, and ensures that all actions requested by a user are valid and processed in an orderly fashion. For example, when you issue the command for your computer to store a document on your hard drive, the operating system must perform the following steps: 1) make sure that the specified hard drive exists, 2)verify that there is adequate space on the hard drive to store the document and then store the document in that location, and 3) update the hard drive’s directory with the filename and disk location for that file so that the document can be retrieved again when needed. In addition to managing all of the resources associated with your local computer, the operating system also facilitates connections to the Internet and other networks.
During the 1980s and early 1990s, _____ was the dominant operating system for microcomputers. a. Mac OS b. DOS (Disk Operating System)
c. Linux d. desktop operating system
b DOS (Disk Operating System)
_____ refers to the ability of an operating system to work with more than one program at one time. a. Multidimensional b. Multiprogramming
c. Polyprogramming d. Multitasking
d Multitasking
The most recent version of Windows is Windows _____. a. Leopard b. 7
c. 8 d. Vista
c 8
The process or rearranging the data on the hard drive so all files are stored in contiguous locations. a. disk defragmentation b. file compression
c. disk cleanup d. backup
a disk defragmentation
_____ is the most widely used mobile operating system worldwide. a. Mac OS b. Palm OS
c. Windows Mobile d. Android
d Android
One of the most obvious initial changes in Windows Vista is the _____ interface. a. Leopard b. Android
c. Aero d. Symbian
c Aero
The ______ utility is used to remove unnecessary programs from your computer. a. delete b. uninstall
c. remove d. cleanup
b uninstall
Filenames typically include a ______ at the end of the filename. a. file extension b. file subscript
c. file subname d. file attachment
a file extension
In addition to personal operating systems and server operating systems, there are also mobile operating systems and ______.
a. embedded operating systems b. high-performance operating systems c. virtual operating systems d. storage operating systems
a embedded operating systems
In DOS, the command ______ displays the files and folders in the current location. a. CD b. FORMAT
c. DIR d. COPY
______ is the current version of Windows Phone.
a. Windows Phone Dragon b. Windows Phone 5
c. Windows Phone 8 d. Windows Server 2014
c Windows Phone 8
A ______ is an area in RAM or on the hard drive designated to hold input and output on their way in or out of the system.
a. segment b. buffer c. page d. sector
b buffer
The means by which an operating system or any other program interacts with the user is called the _____ . a. user login b. programming interface
c. program front-end d. user interface
d user interface
The _____ boots the computer, launches application software programs, and ensures that all actions requested by a user are valid and processed in an orderly fashion.
a. startup b. operating system c. driver d. registry
b operating system
____ are utility programs that search for documents and other files on a user’s hard drives. a. Search tools b. Tool boxes
c. Search engines d. Tool programs
a Search tools
To restore a file or folder deleted from your computer’s hard drive, open your computer’s _____ and restore the file to its original location.
a. Recycle Bin b. Windows Explorer c. System Restore program d. Recycle Menu
a Recycle Bin
The figure to the left shows a ______ which uses icons, buttons, menus, and other objects are selected with the mouse to issue commands to the PC a. graphical user interface b. command line interface
c. desktop d. command-driven interface
a graphical user interface
A computer’s _____ is a collection of programs that manage and coordinate the activities taking place within a computer system.
a. database system b. storage system c. application system d. operating system
d operating system
______ memory allows you to use more memory than is physically available on your computer. a. Shared b. Virtual
c. Multithreading d. Buffer
b Virtual
______ is a Linux-based operating system developed by the Open Handset Alliance. a. Android b. UNIX
c. Mac OS X d. Vista
a Android
Rearranging the data on the hard drive so all files are stored in contiguous locations is called _____ . a. disk defragmentation b. file compression
c. disk backup d. disk cleanup
a disk defragmentation
_____ can protect against someone accessing your PC via the Internet. a. Mirrors b. Antispam software
c. Firewalls d. Modems
c Firewalls
_____ software consists of the operating system and utility programs that control a computer system and allow you to use your computer.
a. Background b. Front-end
c. Application d. System
d System
The operating system for an Apple computer is _____ . a. Windows Vista b. Solaris
c. Windows Embedded d. Mac OS
d Mac OS
_____is one of the most widely-used versions of Linux. a. Ubuntu b. Chrome
c. Cisco d. Uhuru
a Ubuntu
_____ was originally developed in the late 1960s at AT&T Bell Laboratories as an operating system for midrange servers.
a. Linux b. UNIX
c. Solaris d. Mac OS X
_____ includes all the programs that allow a user to perform specific tasks on a computer, such as writing a letter. a. System software b. Utility programs
c. Application software d. Background programs
c Application software
Most operating systems have security features available, such as an integrated _____ to protect against unauthorized access via the Internet.
a. router b. firewall c. hub d. modem
b firewall
_____ is the proprietary operating system for computers made by Apple Corporation. a. Linux b. Solaris
c. Mac OS d. Unix
c Mac OS
Most operating systems have security features available, such as an option to automatically download and install _____ from the operating system’s manufacturer on a regular basis.
a. security walls b. device patches c. security patches d. device drivers
c security patches
A _____ is a software program that is designed to cause damage to the computer system or perform some other malicious act.
a. firewall b. utility program c. spyware d. computer virus
d computer virus
The file management program incorporated into Windows 8 is _____. a. StuffIt b. WinZip
c. File Explorer d. Disk Cleanup
c File Explorer
All programs and data located in RAM are divided into fixed-length _____ or variable-length segments, depending on the operating system being used.
a. pies b. sectors c. pages d. cylinders
c pages
The newest version of Windows currently available is _____. a. Windows Vista b. Windows Solaris
c. Windows XP d. Windows 8
d Windows 8
An important task that the operating system performs is _____, which keeps track of the files stored on a computer so that they can be retrieved when needed.
a. disk management b. file management c. file listing d. file recovery
b file management
Small programs called _____ are used to communicate with peripheral devices, such as monitors, printers, and scanners.
a. interfaces b. utilities
c. drivers d. managers
c drivers
_____ is a family of operating systems based on Windows that is designed primarily for consumer and industrial devices that are not personal computers.
a. Windows Vista b. Windows Embedded c. Windows Server 2003 d. Windows Mobile
b Windows Embedded
Creating a(n) _____ means making a duplicate copy of important files so that when a problem occurs, you can restore those files using the backup copy.
a. mirror b. backup
c. index d. hidden file
b backup
System software is usually divided into two categories: operating system software and _____ programs. a. planning system b. utility
c. FAT system d. background
b utility
A ______ utility allows a user to _____ all of his important data on a regular basis to protect against data loss in the case of a problem with the computer.
a. cleanup b. defragment c. compress d. backup
d backup
The main output of the preliminary investigation is the _____ report, which includes the systems analyst’s findings on the status of the existing system.
An expert system uses a _____ which is a database that contains facts provided by a human expert and rules that the expert system should use to make decisions based on those facts.
knowledge base
In 1997 IBM’s chess playing program _____ defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov.
Deep Blue
Neural networks are often used in _____ identification systems, such as in the fingerprint reader shown in the accompanying figure.
Once a system has been designed and the required types of software and hardware have been specified, the _____ must decide where to obtain the necessary components.
systems analyst
Much of outsourcing today is _____; that is, outsourced to another country.
The _____ approach to system development allows the system to be developed incrementally, with a series of development steps being repeated until the system is finalized.
_____ diagrams and data flow diagrams (DFDs) are used to model the entities (something, such as a person, object, or event, for which data is collected) in a system.
When the data in a decision table is expressed in a tree format, it is called a(n) _____
decision tree
_____ is the process of designing and implementing a new or modified system.
System development
A(n) _____ system performs actions that are characteristic of human intelligence.
AI (artificial intelligence)
Systems that are used by an entire enterprise are referred to as _____ systems.
_____ —the use of intelligent software to find subtle patterns that may not be evident otherwise—is often used with data warehouses and data marts to identify patterns and relationships between data.
Data mining
What do payroll systems do?
Payroll systems compute employee taxes, deductions, and pay, and then use this information to issue paychecks. These systems also typically prepare payroll reports for management and for tax purposes for federal, state, and local governments.
Define and discuss neural networks. Be sure to cite several examples of their use.
Artificial intelligence systems that attempt to imitate the way a human brain works are called neural networks. Neural networks (also called neural nets) are networks of processors that are connected together in a manner similar to the way the neurons in a human brain are connected. They are designed to emulate the brain’s pattern-recognition process in order to recognize patterns in data and make more progressive leaps in associations and predictions than conventional computer systems. Neural networks are used in areas such as handwriting, speech, and image recognition; medical imaging; crime analysis; biometric identification; and vision systems that use cameras to inspect objects and make determinations—for example, the systems that check products for defects at manufacturing plants or that recognize stamps during postal processing.
Explain the feasibility report. Be sure to mention what it contains and at what stage of system development it is generated.
The main output of the preliminary investigation is the feasibility report, which includes the systems analyst’s findings on the status of the existing system, as well as the benefits and feasibility of changing to a new system. Feasibility is commonly measured using a few different perspectives, such as whether the organization has (or can acquire) the hardware, software, and personnel needed to implement the new system; whether the new system would fit well with the other systems in the organization; and whether the estimated benefits of the new system outweigh the estimated costs. The feasibility report also contains the systems analyst’s recommendations about whether or not the project should move on to the next stage in the SDLC.
What are intelligent agents?
Intelligent agents (also called smart assistants) are programs that perform specific tasks to help make a user’s work environment more efficient or entertaining. Typically, the agent program runs in the background until it is time for the agent to perform a task, and it usually modifies its behavior based on the user’s actions or instructions. Intelligent agents are found on Web sites, as well as incorporated into software programs.
What are some reasons that system development may be required?
System development may be required for many reasons. For instance, new laws may call for the collection of data that was not collected in the past. A government may require additional reports regarding financial data, internal controls, or procedures, like those required in the United States by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. A government may also require new security or privacy procedures to be used with collected data (such as the procedures regulated in the U.S. by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule), or it may change the legal requirements for retaining business data (such as the recent update in the U.S. to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure). In addition, the introduction of new technology may prompt the revision of a system. For instance, it is common today for a business to provide customers and suppliers with access to some information systems via the Internet, and the growing use of RFID, NFC, and other technologies may require changes to some systems to accommodate that technology. An organization may also make a change to its information systems to gain a competitive edge.
Managers are usually classified into three categories: executive, _____, and operational. a. development b. strategic
c. middle d. decision
c middle
Each step of the _____ produces some type of documentation to pass on to the next step. a. system analysis b. system development life cycle
c. system implementation d. system acquisition
b system development life
____ managers include supervisors, office managers, foremen, and other managers who supervise nonmanagement workers.
a. Operational b. Executive
c. Middle d. External
a Operational
The objective of _____ is to gather useful data about the system under study. a. data design b. data processing
c. data collection d. data analysis
c data collection
A _____ is responsible for maintaining a large, multiuser system.
a. software engineer b. system administrator c. vice president of information systems d. programmer/analyst
b system administrator
When a proposal for a new system or system modification is submitted, one of the first steps is to conduct a _____.
a. preliminary design b. preliminary investigation c. preliminary implementation d. preliminary acquisition
b preliminary investigation
_____ refers to the use of computers to help manage manufacturing operations and control machinery used in those processes.
a. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) b. Computer-aided design (CAD)
c. Enterprise architecture d. Product lifecycle management (PLM)
a Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
Some benefits can be computed relatively easily by calculating the amount of labor the new system will save, the reduction in paperwork it will allow, and so on. These gains are called _____ because they represent quantifiable dollar amounts.
a. automatic gains b. first-level gains
c. transparent benefits d. tangible benefits
d tangible benefits
A(n)is a collection of elements (people, hardware, software, and data) and procedures that interact to generate information needed by the users in an organization.
a. operating system b. information system
c. device d. utility program
b information system
_____ carry on text-based “conversations” with people in a natural language. a. Expert systems b. Intelligent agents
c. Chatterbots d. Neural networks
c Chatterbots
Mary is entering her sophomore year of college. She is interested in a major that involves identifying the business needs of a system and ensuring the systems meet those needs. Her advisor will probably tell her to look into becoming a _____.
a. database analyst b. business analyst
c. communications analyst d. computer operator
b business analyst
A company is planning to replace an old system by an ewone all at once.This is called a_____conversion. a. phased b. direct
c. parallel d. pilot
b direct
In an expert system, the _____ is a software program that applies the rules to the data stored in the knowledge base in order to reach decisions.
a. rules processor b. inference engine
c. data authority d. knowledge bus
b inference engine
An inventory management system that goes beyond just inventory to act as a complete distribution system is referred to as a _____ management system (WMS).
a. warranted b. warehouse
c. wireless d. world
b warehouse
____ is a special type of large, integrated system that ties together all types of a company’s activities, such as planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing, distribution, customer service, and finance.
a. ERP b. EDI
c. GIS d. DSS
_____ is the phase of system development in which the problem area is studied in depth and the needs of system users are assessed.
a. Preliminary investigation b. System design
c. System analysis d. System acquisition
c System analysis
A(n) _____ is responsible for setting up and managing large databases within an organization. a. database administrator b. application programmer
c. database analyst d. data processing director
a database administrator
_____ refer to the variety of systems in place to record the details of financial transactions, such as payments and purchases.
a. Accounting systems b. Payroll systems
c. Order entry systems d. Transaction processing systems
a Accounting systems
A(n) _____ is an information system used by middle and executive managers. These systems are typically interactive and provide information on demand whenever a decision needs to be made. a. transaction processing system
b. office system
c. general ledger system
d. decision support system (DSS)
d decision support system (DSS)
A company’s _____ oversees transaction processing and information systems activities, as well as other computer-related areas.
a. chief executive officer (CEO) b. chief security officer (CSO)
c. chief information officer (CIO) d. chief data officer (CDO)
c chief information officer (CIO)
Artificial intelligence systems that attempt to imitate the way a human brain works are called _____. a. neural networks b. expert systems
c. robots d. biometric systems
a neural networks
_____ is the process of gathering, storing, accessing, and analyzing data about a company in order to make better business decisions.
a. Business intelligence b. System architecture
c. Business flowchart d. Enterprise architecture
a Business intelligence
When computer systems perform in ways that would be considered intelligent if observed in humans, it is commonly referred to as _____.
a. artificial intelligence (AI) b. computer-aided design (CAD)
c. computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) d. neural networks
a artificial intelligence (Al)
During the system design phase, a list of technical specifications for equipment, software, and services are determined. Then vendors are contacted as part of a ______ whereby vendors propose products that meet those specifications.
a. benchmark test b. request for proposal (RFP)
c. knowledge base d. data dictionary
b request for proposal (RFP)
A company is planning to implement the new system module by module. This is called a _____ conversion. a. phased b. direct
c. parallel d. pilot
a phased
A company is planning to implement the new system first in their New York location. If it works properly, they will extend it to their Boston and Chicago locations. This is called a _____ conversion.
a. phased b. direct
c. parallel d. pilot
d pilot
With a _____, both systems are operated in tandem until it is determined that the new system is working correctly, and then the old system is deactivated.
a. phased conversion c. parallel conversion
b. direct conversion d. pilot conversion
c parallel conversion
_____ consists of programs designed to perform specific tasks or applications.
Application software
In a typical word processing program, a(n) _____ is text entered by the user that appears at the bottom of each page.
_____ software provides users with a convenient means of creating documents containing complex mathematical calculations that automatically recalculate when data in the document changes.
_____, sometimes called productivity software suites, are used by most businesses and many individuals to produce written documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other common professional documents.
Office suites
____ is software that is developed and sold for a profit.
Commercial software
_____ programs are software programs that are given away by the author for others to use free of charge.
Businesses that need to install software on multiple computers or need to have the software available to multiple users over a network can usually obtain a site license or _____ for the specified number of users.
network license
Changing the content of a document is called editing, and changing the appearance of a document is called _____.
When using a spreadsheet, a(n) _____ performs mathematical operations using the content of other cells (such as adding or multiplying the values in the specified cells) and displays the result in the target cell.
formula or function
The most widely used office software suite is _____.
Microsoft Office
Instead of being available in an installed format, some software is run directly from the Internet as _____ software.
Cloud-based or Web-based
Common database objects include tables, forms, queries, and _____.
Presentation graphics often take the form of electronic slides containing images, text, video, and more that are displayed one after the other in a(n) _____.
slide show presentation
To open the Web page associated with a hyperlink included in a document (assuming you have an active Internet connection), hold down the _____ key and then click the hyperlink.
Control (Ctrl)
Because spreadsheet programs automatically recalculate all formulas on a worksheet every time a cell on the worksheet is edited, they are particularly useful for _____ analysis (also called sensitivity analysis).
Video _____ software often includes DVD authoring capabilities as well.
What does editing a document refer to? Describe some common methods for editing documents.
Editing a document refers to changing the content of the document, such as adding or deleting text. Most application softwareprogramsthatallowtexteditinghaveaninsertionpointdisplayedonthescreenthatlooks like a blinking vertical line. An insertion point indicates the current location in the document; that is, where the nextchangewillbe madetothatdocument.Toinserttext,juststarttypingandthetextwillappearatthe insertion point location. To delete text, press the Delete key to delete one character to the right of the insertion point or press the Backspace key to delete one character to the left of the insertion point. If the insertion point is not in the proper location for the edit, it must be moved to the appropriate location in the document by using the arrow keys on the keyboard or by pointing and clicking with the mouse. To select an object or block of text, click the object or drag the mouse over the text. Usually, once an object or some text is selected, it can be manipulated, such as to be moved, deleted, copied, or formatted.
Discuss the page formatting and document formatting options that most word processing programs offer.
Most word processing programs have a variety of page formatting options, such as changing the margins, the paper size being used, and whether you want the page to use the traditional portrait orientation (8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall on standard paper) or the wider landscape orientation (11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall on standard paper). In recent versions of Word, most page formatting options are found on the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon. You can also use the Insert tab on the Ribbon to add page numbers at the top or bottom of the page, or to specify a header or footer. A header is specified text or images that print automatically at the top of every page; a footer prints at the bottom of every page. Many of these options can be applied to an individual page as page formatting or to the entire document (called document formatting). Other types of document formatting include generating footnotes and end notes, a table of contents, or an index, as well as applying a background or theme to the entire document.
What is the difference between a spreadsheet and spreadsheet software?
A spreadsheet is a group of values and other data organized into rows and columns, similar to the ruled paper worksheets traditionally used by bookkeepers and accountants. Spreadsheet software is the type of application software used to create computerized spreadsheets, which typically contain a great deal of numbers and mathematical calculations.
What is a database? Define the terms field, record, and table as they relate to a database.
A database is a collection of related data that is stored on a computer and organized in a manner that enables information to be retrieved as needed. A field (today more commonly called a column) is a single type of data, such as a person’s last name or a person’s telephone number, to be stored in a database. A record (today more commonly called a row) is a collection of related fields—for example, the ID number, name, address, and major of a student. A table is a collection of related rows (such as all student address data, all student grade data, or all student schedule data).
What programs are typically contained in office suites?
Typically, office suites contain the following programs; many also contain additional productivity tools—such as a calendar, messaging program, or collaboration tools.
–Word processing software—allows users to easily create and edit complex text-based documents that can also include images and other content.
–Spreadsheet software—provides users with a convenient means of creating documents containing complex mathematical calculations.
–Database software—allows users to store and organize vast amounts of data and retrieve specific information when needed.
–Presentation graphics software—allows users to create visual presentations to convey information more easily to others.
In addition to their full versions, some commercial software is available as a _____ or trial version. a. sample b. friendly version
c. complimentary version d. demo
d demo
Slides in a presentation can be advanced by clicking the mouse or _____. a. pressing the B key b. pressing the esc key
c. pressing the backspace key d. pressing the spacebar
d pressing the spacebar
Mary enjoys taking digital photos and would like software that would allow her to perform tasks such as correct brightness or contrast, eliminate red eye, crop, resize, etc. In order to have this functionality on her computer,she needs a photo _____ program.
a. dramatization b. embedding c. formatting d. editing
d editing
Popular drawing programs include _____ and CorelDRAW. a. Harvard Graphics b. Adobe Illustrator
c. Corel Paint Shop Pro d. IBM Storyboard
b Adobe illustrator
In a worksheet, the intersection of a row and a column is called a _____. a. pointer b. table
c. footer d. cell
d cell
____ are programs designed to play audio and video files. a. Media players b. Media boxes
c. iPods d. Real players
a Media players
Businesses and many individuals often use office suites, sometimes called _____, to produce various types of documents.
a. integral suites b. productivity software suites c. mid-range suites d. corporate suites
b productivity software suites
____ refers to organizing the content to be transferred to DVD, such as importing video clips, creating the desired menu structure, and so forth.
a. DVD authoring b. Video editing
c. Video ripping d. DVD ripping
a DVD authoring
When typing text in a word processing program, you should only press _____ after a short line (like a title), at the end of a paragraph, and to leave a blank line between paragraphs.
a. Enter b. Backspace
c. Insert d. Esc
a Enter
A _____ is a group of values and other data organized into rows and columns, similar to the ruled paper worksheets traditionally used by bookkeepers and accountants.
a. document b. cell
c. spreadsheet d. block
c spreadsheet
Mary needs word processing software for her classes, but she has to budget her resources carefully this semester. She might consider using _____, which is freely available to all users for no cost.
a. Microsoft Office b. OpenOffice
c. SmartSuite.org d. WordPerfect Office
b OpenOffice
Bryan is told by the supervisor that to create a database, he first needs to create the database _____ itself, and then he can create the necessary database objects. a. table b. field
c. record d. file
d file
_____ is freeware software.
a. Norton AntiVirus (antivirus program) b. Image Shrinker (image optimizer) c. Chrome (Web browser) d. Adobe Illustrator (photo editing)
c Chrome (Web browser)
The most common type of database used on PCs today is a(n) _____. a. relational database b. two-way database
c. one-dimensional database d. concurrent database
a relational database
In a company database, each employee’s information (such as name, address, and date hired) forms a separate _____.
a. field b. record c. table d. file
b record
A _____ is used to request or retrieve specific information from a database. a. report b. query
c. form d. cell
b query
_____ refers to using a PC to combine and manipulate text and images to create attractive documents that look as if they were created by a professional printer.
a. Computer-aided design (CAD) b. Desktop publishing
c. Project management software d. Personal productivity
b Desktop publishing
Most _____ programs are available to try free of charge, but typically a small fee is required to use the program regularly.
a. shareware b. commercial c. freeware d. public domain
a shareware
The _____ is a new feature in versions of Microsoft Office, starting with Office 2007; it consists of tabs, which contain groups of related commands for the program being used.
a. shortcut menu b. menu bar
c. Ribbon d. Wizard
c Ribbon
Word processing programs use a feature called _____, which means the insertion point automatically moves to the beginning of the next line when the end of the screen line is reached.
a. word wrap b. character wrap
c. letter wrap d. character overflow
a word wrap
____ programs are software programs that are distributed on the honor system. a. Commercial b. Freeware
c. Shareware d. Public domain
c Shareware
Although labels and constant values will be copied exactly to the new location, the way formulas and functions behave when they are copied depends on whether they use relative cell referencing or _____.
a. total cell referencing b. integral cell referencing
c. absolute cell referencing d. full cell referencing
c absolute cell referencing
The figure to the left represents the toolbar command button for the _____ command. a. New document b. Open
c. Save d. Undo
d Undo
____ is a shareware program.
a. Microsoft Office (office suite) b. Internet Explorer (Web browser) c. Pine (e-mail program) d. WinZip (file compression program)
d WinZip (file compression program)
When selecting font size in a document, _____ points equals one-inch-tall text. a. 36 b. 48
c. 60 d. 72
d 72
in Excel, a _____ is a named, preprogrammed formula, such as to compute the Sum or Average of a group of cells, or to calculate a mortgage payment amount.
a. chart b. label
c. cell d. function
d function
A _____ is an image designed to enhance a presentation (such as an electronic slide show or a printed report) visually, typically to convey information more easily to people.
a. projector b. presentation graphic
c. Trojan horse d. phish
b presentation graphic
Related software programs are sometimes sold bundled together as a _____, such as a group of graphics programs, utility programs, or office-related software.
a. software suite b. software thread
c. software bank d. software base
a software suite
____ is used to plan, schedule, track, and analyze the tasks involved in a project, such as the construction of a building or the schedule for preparing a large advertising campaign for a client.
a. Computer-aided design (CAD) b. Desktop publishing
c. Project management software d. Personal productivity
c Project management software
Companies that deliver SaaS are sometimes referred to as _____.
a. download services b. application service providers (ASPs) c. Internet service providers (ISPs) d. running services
b application service providers (ASPs)
One of the most common painting programs is _____.
a. Macromedia’s Dreamweaver b. Adobe’s Acrobat c. Microsoft Paint d. IBM’s Storyboard
c Microsoft Paint
_____ can be used, copied, modified, and distributed to others without restrictions. a. Shareware b. Commercial software
c. Freeware d. Public domain software
d Public domain software
When a software program is purchased, the buyer is acquiring a(n) _____ that permits him or her to use the software.
a. software license b. copyright
c. ownership right d. software key
a software license
Most application programs have a built-in help feature, typically available through the _____ button. a. F8 b. F10
c. F1 d. F12
c F1
There are four basic categories of software: commercial software, shareware, freeware, and _____. a. publish software b. public domain software
c. advertising software d. licensed software
b public domain software
A single spreadsheet document (not a file) is called a _____.
a. cell b. database
c. workbook d. worksheet
d worksheet

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