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Health 101 Exam #1 chapters 1-3

The current life expectancy at birth in the US is
78.7 years
The four keys to good health include all of the following except
practicing relaxation techniques
Which of the following statements best defines the term disease as we understand it today?
It is an alteration in body structure or biochemistry that causes the body’s regulatory mechanisms to fail.
Intellectual health is characterized by
an openness to new ideas and skills and a capacity to think critically
Psychological health is a broad category that encompasses all of the following except
being physically fit
Recall Corey’s student story in the chapter. Cory is the student who has a large scar from surgery to correct a skeletal condition. Based on his story, he is
at the high end of the wellness continuum
All of the following have contributed to improvements in health and an increase in life expectancy in the US except
an increase in vigorous leisure-time exercise among the the US population
The leading cause of death in 15-24 year olds in the US is
accidents/unintentional injuries
One of the two primary initiatives of Healthy People 2020 is to explore
strategies to achieve a long, healthy life expectancy for everyone
The highest rates of hypertension are found in this ethnic population
african americans
Which of the following statements is true regarding college student’s health behaviors.
Unhealthy eating habits and physical inactivity are common for college students
The healthy campus initiative is
an initiative to address health concerns for college students
Which of the following statements best reflects the relationship between college achievement and student health?
Negative health behaviors and illness can decrease academic performance
The most common health problem reported by students in a recent nationwide study was
According to a recent nationwide study on student health, most students describe their health as
very good or excellent
All of the following are true regarding college students and chronic illness risks except
over 50 % of college students meet the American Heart Association’s recommendations for physical activity
Infectious diseases, such as malaria and cholera are a common problem in
Africa and Asia
Infectious disease is a global health concern because
some infections have become resistant to treatment
Globesity refers to
increased global rates in obesity
Global health concerns include all of the following except
upper respiratory infections
Which of the following is true with respect to differences in health outcomes between men and women?
Women tend to live about 4 years longer than men
Which of the following terms describes health disparities between the rich and the poor?
status syndrome
Health literacy includes he ability to
read, understand, evaluate, and follow medical instructions
Life expectancy in the US is highest for
Asian Americans
The highest incidence for cancer of any type is most common among
caucasian females
The following are all examples of enabling factors that influence health behaviors except
history of cancer in your family
Rewarding yourself for successfully quitting smoking would be an example of a(n)
reinforcing factor in behavior change
The theory that a person progresses through six stages of change before achieving sustained behavior change is known as the
transtheoretical model
Kara wants to start jogging for exercise, has just bought a pair of shoes and work-out clothes, and has signed up to join a jogging group. Based of this info, what stage in the stages of change models Kara in?
Which of the following is true regarding the Maintenance stage of the Stages of Change Model?
it can last months or even years
Which of the following is not a factor in the Health Belief Model of behavior change?
positive reinforcement
Recall Jasmin’s Student Story in the chapter. Jasmine is the night owl who is a college freshmen. Based on her story in your text, what does Jasmine need to work on changing?
sleep habits
Recall Jasmine’s SS in the chapter. What benefit might she perceive a motivator to changing her current behavior?
getting higher grades in school
Self efficacy, as it relates to behavior change, is all of the following except
the view that you avoid thinking about a difficult situation
Strategies for successful behavior change include all of the following except
implementing punishment if change is not sustained
Janet eats a large doughnut every morning with her coffee. Since she wants to decrease her intake of foods high in sugared fat, she plans to start substituting a whole-wheat bagel for the doughnut. She is practicing this strategy.
counter conditioning
When looking for health info online, you should
seek out sites with reputable professional accreditations
An article about results of the latest study on the health effects of vitamin b12 is more credible if it is
supported by other researchers who have replicated the same results
Psychological health encompasses which of the following dimensions of health?
All of the above are correct
The capacity to make informed, uncorked decisions is called
A sense of positive regard for oneself, resulting in elevated levels of self-respect, called
self acceptance
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid includes all of the following except
need for entertainment
Juanita is trying to improve her self-esteem. All of the following suggestions will help her except
relying on others to take care of her responsibilities
The psychological tendency to have a positive interpretation of life’s events is called
Which of the following techniques can help increase emotional intelligence
all of the answers are correct
The most common feeling reported by college students is
being overwhelmed by all they had to do
Having an optimistic outlook has been associated with all of the following except
a higher likelihood of developing diabetes
People meditate for which of the following reasons
all the answers are correct
The practice of helping and giving to others out of genuine concern for their well-being is called
Which of the following is/are common side effects of antidepressants?
all of the answers are correct
Which of the following is the most effective way to deal with feelings of anger
express feelings of anger in away that releases emotions without damaging relationships
Mental disorders can be caused by
all of the above are correct
Major depressive disorder is diagnosed when a person experiences
five or more depressive symptoms for at least two weeks straight
Which of the following increases a persons risk for depression
all of the answers are correct
Which of the following statements is true regarding mental disorders and minorities?
The challenges many minorities face increase their likelihood of developing depression
Which factor has the most measurable effect on the rate of mental illness
living in poverty
Which of the following is true of men and depression
Men are more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with depression than women
Which of the following is not true of antidepressants?
They work by normalizing the levels of neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine, or dopamine
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder can cause which of the following
all of the answers are correct
Sudden feelings of terror that strike without warning are characteristic of
a panic attack
All of the following statements regarding generalized anxiety disorder are true except
it affects twice as many men than women
Which of the following are signs of social anxiety disorder?
all of the above are correct
A person with obsessive-compulsive disorder concerned about germs may
all of the answers are correct
After witnessing a fatal automobile accident, Marisela developed this disorder that causes her to feel depressed and emotionally numb. She has reoccurring nightmares about the accident. Her symptoms are characteristic of
post traumatic stress disorder
To treat her fear of heights, Michael underwent systematic desensitization. Which of the following was/were likely components of his treatment?
all the answers are correct
All of the following are symptoms of schizophrenia except
the ability to distinguish what is real from what is imaginary
People who commit self injury do so for all of the following reasons except
to kill themselves
Recall the SS about Kristina. After K’s friend committed suicide, what became more important in her life
developing closer relationships with her friends and family
The highest suicide rates are in this ethnic group
native american and caucasians
Self care includes all of the following except
drinking alcohol to help deal with stress
Which of the following mental health professionals has the authority to prescribe medications?
A mental health professional with a doctoral degree but not a medical degree describes which of the following
Cognitive therapy focuses on changing
unconscious sources for a person’s behavior
Justin is seeking the help of a therapist. Which of the following factors should be discuss before his first session
All of the answers are correct
Behavioral therapy includes all of the following techniques except
negative reinforcement
Although Jenna has a 3.8 GPA, she doesn’t believe she is a good student. What type of cognitive distortion is this?
disqualifying the positive
An emerging field of psychology that focuses on increasing psychological strengths and improving happiness rather than on psychological problems is
positive psychology
In psychodynamic therapy the therapist and patient explore
unresolved issues buried in the unconscious
When her bf is slighted over n event that occurred at work, Megan feels that she is at fault for his negative feelings. This is an example of
Sue failed the first test in her statistics class. She is now convinced that she is a total failure and will never graduate college. This type of destructive thought is called
John gets up every ten minutes to make sure he turned off the oven. This is an example of
obsessive compulsive disorder
Justine who has ______ disorder, has periods of depression followed by periods of mania.
A phobia of heights is classified as a _______ phobia
natural environment
Which of the following statements best reflects the degree to which stress impacts college students?
It’s the most commonly reported obstacle to academic achievement
Which of the following is a likely source of eustress?
starting a new job
The difference between eustress and distress is that
distress is caused by negative stressors and eustress is caused by positive stressors
The fight-or-flight mechanism causes all of the following except
the speeding up of digestion
The initial release of stress hormones triggered by a stressor occurs in the ______ stage of the GAS
Which stage of the GAS is characterized by the body’s attempt to restore homeostasis?
Jason has been overwhelmed this semester. He has fallen behind in all his classes and, after two weeks of cramming and getting little sleep, he has developed tension headaches. In addition, he has trouble eating. what stage of the GAS is Jason experiencing?
Which of the following is an example of the indirect relationship between stress and CVD?
Increased likelihood of obesity due to overeating
Chronic stress syndrom is the result of
maintaining fight or flight for an extended time
Which of the following is not a behavioral warning sign of stress overload
having an asthma attack
Emotional issues associated with stress overload include
mood swings
Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the interaction of psychological processes with
the nervous system, hormones, and the immune system
The effects of stress on body weight include all the following except
decreased weight caused by diarrhea
The body’s inability to maintain homeostasis results in
decreased allostatic load
An example of a major life event stressor is
getting a divorce
All of the following are good strategies of coping with financial stress except
using a credit card to pay your tuition
Financial stress can be lessened by examining your lifestyle and distinguishing luxuries from necessities. All of the following are luxuries that can increase budget expenses except
money for rent
Common causes of stress include all of the following except
supportive social issues
Stress caused by procrastination is an example of
an internal stressor
All the following personality traits are linked to an improved ability to adapt to stress except
You can try to reduce and better manage the stressors in your life by
all answers are correct
Healthy strategies for managing your stress include all of the following except
getting 5 hours of sleep per night
An example of effective time management is
setting a timeline for completing an end of the semester project
Exercise helps with the stress response by
allowing the fight or flight response to do what it is supposed to do
To eat well when stressed is important to
keep healthy snacks with you to eat when your on the go
Strategies for developing support when under stress include all of the following except
occasionally use recreational drugs and alcohol with friends to alleviate stress
All of the following can reduce the stress of test taking except
talking to students right before the test
Looking back over your test when finished can improve your test-taking by allowing you to
all of the answers are correct
Jason suffers from test anxiety. When feeling anxious during a test, what should he do?
Remind himself that some anxiety is normal
An example of a good test-taking skill is
getting enough sleep
When taking a test, you should answer
the easy questions first
To motivate yourself to exercise to relieve stress, you should consider
enrolling in an exercise class
Which of the following exercises best improves relaxation by focusing on breathing?
To gain the most information about about tests and how to succeed in a course, look at
both syllabus and the website of the course
All of the following are proper deep breathing techniques except
making sure shoulders rise and fall with each breath
All of the following are relaxation techniques that loosen tight muscles except
Listening to music to relive stress is the most effective if it is
a soft volume
All of the following are effective ways to change your perceptions of stressors except
be more critical of yourself
All of the following are traits of a type A personality except
free spirited
Deep breathing exercises will result in
lower stress levels
Which of the following statements is true regarding gender and stress?
More men than women report they’re doing a good job managing stress
Listening attentively to calming music has been found to
decrease blood pressure
The relaxation technique targeted at releasing physical tension is
progressive muscle relaxation
The Transition Year Campaign is designed to help
first year college students
Which of the following would be the most helpful in keeping everyday stressors from becoming overwhelming?
Accepting that you can’t control certain things in your life
Which of the following is a example of being proactive?
studying before a test
All of the following are effective strategies for managing debt except
open several credit cards to spread debt balance
Finding humor in a situation can reduce stress by helping you
put your stressors and their relative importance into perspective
The first step in a stress management plan is to
make a list of stressors
Which of the following would be the least effective strategy to manage stress?
take a natural anti-depressant
PTSD stands for post traumatic
stress disorder
Long-term, life-changing stressors are called _____ stressors
Researchers theorize that _______ allows the body to complete the fight or flight response by actually doing what it has been prepared to do.
physical activity
Worry is an _____ stressor
Being in a traffic jam is an example of a
daily hassle

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