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Health Chapter 1

The health determinant over which we have least control is
The seven dimensions of wellness
affect health independently of each other.
The seven dimensions of wellness include all of the following EXCEPT
emotional wellness.
Which one of the following qualities contributes most to one’s physical wellness?
being open to new ideas
Optimism, trust, and self-confidence are components of
spiritual wellness.
Adam’s parents are not overly concerned about their son’s ability to adapt to college because he has always had a good sense of humor, been curious, and demonstrated an openness to ideas. These qualities are reflective of Adam’s ______ wellness.
Occupational wellness is measured by how much ______ the job offers.
Spiritual wellness is best described as having
a strong support network of family and friends.
Protecting yourself from exposure to toxic substances in the workplace is an example of promoting ______ wellness.
If you were born in 1900, your life expectancy was approximately
32 years.
The average life span in the twentieth century
nearly tripled
Which of the following is currently America’s number-one cause of death?
All of the following are lifestyle choices EXCEPT
eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.
The process of enabling people to increase control over their health and improve their health is
interpersonal wellness.
In the past 100 years, the major causes of death have shifted from ______ to ______.
childbirth; infectious diseases
The top three causes of death among Americans age 15 to 24 are
homicide, cancer, and accidents.
By far, the leading preventable cause of death among Americans is
careless driving.
A goal of Healthy People 2020 is to
eliminate chronic illnesses.
John, an African American student, has chosen to incorporate exercise into his daily routine and reduce the amount of salt in his diet after finding out that his blood pressure is high. His decision to make these lifestyle changes is most likely based on the following health concerns for African Americans.
They have a higher incidence of tuberculosis than males in other population groups
Which of the following statements regarding the health of diverse population groups is correct?
Most American ethnic minorities have the same health risks
In the U.S., on average,
women live about 15 years longer than men.
When compared to the general U.S. population, Asian Americans have
shorter life expectancies.
Income and education are closely linked with health status. The ______ the poverty rate and the ______ the education level, the better the health.
higher; lower
People with disabilities are more likely to
die at a young age.
Homosexual teens are at greater risk for
The most important factor in determining an individual’s level of wellness is
Which of the following are factors that influence wellness?
The complete set of genetic material in an individual’s cells is referred to as his or her
The following are all environmental factors, EXCEPT
violence levels in your neighborhood.
The first step in improving wellness by lifestyle management is to
ask your family for assistance.
Part of a successful plan to change an unhealthy behavior is to
choose your most unhealthy behavior.
The behavior one identifies for change is called
enabling behavior.
Eduardo has identified gambling as a target behavior because it is interfering with his schoolwork. To help him stop this behavior, he may need to
use a self-management approach.
The least effective plan for starting to change health behavior is one that
makes slow, systematic changes in behavior.
The belief in one’s ability to be successful in the performance of a given task is termed
A target behavior can best be defined as
a lifelong habit you want to stop immediately.
When evaluating health topics on the Internet, check the
testimonials for evidence.
“Your ability to successfully take action and perform specific tasks” defines the term
Those with an internal locus of control believe that events turn out as they do based on
Donna is about 25 pounds overweight, has tried a variety of diets, and has repeatedly failed to maintain weight loss. She defends her weight with the explanation that most of her relatives are overweight, and none has ever been successful with attempts to lose weight. Donna can best be described as
a victim of genetics.
A strategy to increase your chances of success in the pursuit of a new behavior is to
find a new behavior to change if you experience a temporary failure.
The technique of visualization is one of the best ways to
expand your horizons.
The most constructive response to a temporary setback in the pursuit of a new behavior is
accepting the blame for failing if you return to your old behavior.
Barriers to behavior change
are signs of failure in the pursuit of a new behavior
The precontemplation stage is characterized by
an awareness of the problem.
Teresa would like to begin eating healthier and has created a plan of action to help reach that goal. Her study group meets at a fast food restaurant twice a week, and she has asked them to meet at the library instead. Teresa understands that to meet her goal, she needs to
create a measureable goal
The order in which a behavior change strategy is implemented is
analyze data, monitor behavior, devise a plan of action, set goals, make a contract.
During a “stages of change” behavior change program, some people may lapse. If this occurs, the best strategy for them is to
choose a different behavior for change.
Which of the following health journal information would be of little benefit in promoting personal behavior change?
identification of when and where activities occurred
Entries made into a health journal about a behavior should note all the following, EXCEPT
what the activity was.
Anne wants to lose weight and is keeping a health journal to record her progress. Which of the following questions might be appropriately asked in the course of analyzing data from her health journal?
What behavior do I want to change?
The best plan for behavior change
refuses to tolerate temporary setbacks
According to the “SMART” criteria, a behavior change such as “drink eight cups of water every day” is an example of being
Chances of success in behavior management DECREASE if
change in behavior is real and lasting.
To help ensure success with a behavior change program, you should
consider potential genetic factors
A friend who is attempting to lose weight has been repeatedly “derailed” by coworkers who bring high-calorie snacks to work. An effective strategy for her would be to
choose new target behaviors.
Rewards included in health action plans should
be provided only when you reach your overall goal.
Writing a contract for behavior change involves all of the following EXCEPT
identifying the steps used to measure progress.
A primary purpose of developing a personal contract for behavior change is to
notify others of your intent to change your behavior.

prioritize the behaviors that you are considering changing

Information from a health journal maintained after a behavior change plan is put into action can be used to
identify new behaviors to change.
Maintaining good health is
too hard for most people
With regard to one’s health, which one of the following elements is most within an individual’s control?
Which of the following is an example of taking action to modify the environment and support health behaviors?
serving nonalcoholic drinks at your parties

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