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Health management

Health is an important aspect in a person’s life where as his/her well being is affected by his/her health. There are of course advantages of seeing the health of someone every once in a while. People must always take into consideration the things that might happen to him/her whenever his/her health fails. One example is in a work place. If people working on a certain establishment are sick, then maybe they may not be so efficient for the work assigned to them by the administration or even by the company itself, and the tendency is that they may be a problem for the company instead of contributing to the progress of it.

One book entitled “Industrial Safety and Health Management” written by Ray Asfahl that tackles about how to make work in the industry safer for the employers and its workers. It discussed of certain ways to improve the machines if not the workers. Many categories were also given for the inspections mentioned in the book. Maybe the goal of the book is to enlighten the heads and administrative to avoid many injuries since most of the companies now include the use of machines in order to work.

Being an industrialized nation or country, it is really expected to have a lot of machines working instead of the hand made products, and by this situation, it is also the workers’ risk to engage in such works that would harm their lives ort body parts. The book might not have focused on the other ways of avoiding accidents on not so rich companies or corporation, those that could not avail the program of the said inspections.

It might have specified some of the tips needed for working. Another is that it did not however mention some possible results of the implementation of it. It is better if it was tried to some companies before publishing it in the book.

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