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Health Psychology

Which one of these individual difference in personality is NOT stable over time
self diagnosing aches and pains when working on a boring job
Medical students disease is
Believing that one might have the symptoms of each disease that one studies
In his 1958 study Janis found that patients who had ______ levels of fear before an operation coped most effectively with post-opperative stress
Which of the following predicts whether an individual will see health care
symptoms pertaining to face and eyes
pain producing symptoms
A lay referral network is
an informal group of family and friends who offer advice about symptoms and treatments and have no real connection to the medical community
Who uses health services the most
the very young and the very old
Which is a possible explanation for why women use health care more often then men
women become pregnant and have babies and these account for significant medical use differences
Who is least likely to delay medical treatment
someone who has regular contact with a physician
Which situational setting contributes the most to one’s capacity to be attentive to symptoms and interpretations of illnes
a boring business meeting
The symptoms and treatments of an illness belong to which part of an illness schema
Which of the following best describes the time period of person exeriences between deciding to seek a treatment for a particular symptom and actually doing so
behavioral delay
When you are sick you get to take time off work which is a
secondary gain
A DRG is a patient classification system that
determines the length of treatment for a particular disorder
Individuals who experss distress and conflict through bodily symptoms are classed
The health belief model mantains that whether a person seeks treatment for a symptom can be predicted by
the extent to which the person perceives a threat to his or her health
the degree to which she or he believes that a particular health measure will be effective in reducing that threat
People who expect to have certain symptoms amplify them and people who do not expect the symptoms tend to ignore them TF
Secondary gains refer to the psoitive feelings health personnel receive when their patients follow the medical treatment plan TF
as a trained health psychologist it is easier for you than for physicians to determine which patients are the worriers and malinger TF
most physicians themselves turn to the internet for the most up to date information on illnesses, treatments, and the processing of insurance claims TF
the use of completmentary and alternative medicine (CAM) has declines consistently since its intial popularity in the 1960s TF
the worried well tend to use health services more because of their commitment to selfcare TF
People have concepts of health and illness called illness schemas that influence how they react to symptoms TF
an example of chronic illness is herpes TF
women use health services more because seeking treatment for illness disrupts their lives less and costs them less TF
people under stress are more likely to
have a snowball effect of poor health behaviors, such as failing to eat breakfast, sleep well or exercise adequately
negative affectivity refers to
a psychological state that is marked by a pervasive negative mood, anxiety, depression, and hostility
why do people with more optimistic personalities deal with stressful events better than those with pessimistic personalitites
optimistis tend to use their resources more effectively
which of the following is not true of problem focused coping
it involves working through the emotions associated with a stressor
Pennebaker and Beall discovered that students who wrote about traumatic life experiences were
more upset immediately after they wrote their essays but were less likely to visit the student health center during the following six months
which of the following is true about the relationship between social support and stress
having a confidant such as a spouse or partner is probably the most effective social support
social support has been defined as
feeling of being loved and valued
physical assistance in the form of food or money
info and suggestions for dealing with the stressful situation
which of the following is not one of the phases of stress management programs listed in your text
participants learn to measure their levels of physiological arousal in both stressful and non stressful situations
relaxation training is
learning to reduce physical arousal
combination of muscle relaxation, meditation, yoga and similar technique
Time management strategies can help individuals to reduce stress by teaching them how to
set goals, establish priorities, and stick to a plan
Which is not a main tast that constitutes successful coping
to not tolerate negative events in daily life
if an individual is facing an uncomfortable medical test and a friend who went through the same thing could provide knowledge about the exact procedures or about how long the discomfort will last, what kind of social support is that person recieving
informational support
which hormone is released when warm social contact occurs between people
psychological control is very closely related to
self efficacy
which personality trait best describes negative affectivity
coping is defined as the process of trying to manage demands that are perceived as taxing or as exceed ones resources. TF
Avoidant coping style has no real benefit in the short term TF
emotional approach coping is helpful in reducing psychological stress associated with chronic pain TF
pregnancy and childbirth are best experienced by you and your significant other without the interference of family and friends TF
coping skills are though to be effective when physiological and psychological distress is reduced TF
ego strength is a personality characteristic that is correlated with self esteem and health benefits TF
cheerful people die somewhat sooner than people who are not cheerful TF
the approach coping style is always more effective than avoidant coping style in managing stress TF
the stress management program combat stress now CSn makes use of the three phases of monitoring stress: skill acquisition and practice TF
having an extensive social network of family and friends may be the most effective social support for mend TF
events such as noise crowding and a bad relationship are best described as
person environment fit is determined by a persons
perceived resources being adequate to meet a difficult situation
the fight or flight response
involves the sympathetic nervous and endocrine system response to perceived danger
the three phases of general adaptation syndrome are
alar resistance and ehaustion
GAS has been criticized because
it does not pay attention to psychological factors and appraisal of events
all of the following statements are true about tend and befriend except
it takes the place of fight or flight in females
Primary appraisal processes are
based on the premise that psychological appraisal determines the meaning of a stressful event
which of the following is not true about the sympathetic adrenomedullary system
it is responsible for the secretion of coritosteroids
holmes and rahe developed the social readjustment rating scale to measure
stressful life events
people undergoing chronic life stress show _______ in response to an acute stress in the lab
natural killer cell activityrole conflict occurs when
a role conflict occurs when
a person receives conflicting info about work tasks or standards from different individuals
which fo the following is not true of PTSD
men are more likely than women to experience PTSD
children who live and attend school in noisy area
are more likely to give up on difficult tasks
the degree of change that occurs in an individuals autonomic, neuroendocrine of or immune response as a result of stress is called
a state In which a physiological system body fluctuates to meet demands from stress is call
Ambiguous events are less stressful than clear cut negative events TF
college students may have too many tasks right before finals and their immune system may be compromised resulting in the likelihood of becoming ill TF
anticipation of a stress event is often as stressful as the actual outcome TF
SLE scales take into account individual differences in the way events are experienced TF
heightened sympathetic reactivity to repeated moderate stressors and exaggerated cortisol response can relate to later chronic health disorders TF
the perception of work overload shows a weaker relationship to physical health complaints and psychological distress compared to the actual work overload TF
at the same time that primary appraisals of stressful circumstances are occurring secondary appraisals are initiated TF
The acute stress paradigm has proven valuable for understanding the ffects of stress on disease TF
the fight or flight response can be harmful because stress disrupts emotional and physiological functioning TF
the adverse aftereffects of stress such as decreases in performance and attention span often diminish soon after the stressful event itself is no longer present TF

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