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Healthcare Management SU Chapters 1, 2, 3

The main difference between direct care and non direct care setting is:
Provision of care
Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to change by what percent between 2008 and 2018?
Plus 16 percent
External domains of healthcare management include all of the following except
Patient Satisfaction
Internal domains of healthcare management include all of the following except:
This function requires the manager to set a direction and determine what needs to be accomplished
This function refers to the overall design of the specific division for which the manager is responsible
This function referes to acquiring and retaining human resources
This function refers to monitoring staff activities and performance
The focus in this function is on initiating action in the organization through effective leadership
This competency involves the ability to critically analyze and solve complex problems
This competency reflects expertise of ability to perform a specific work task
This competency enables a manager to communicate with and work well with other individuals
Larger organizations are more likely to have all of the following except
Informal chain of command
Talent Management refers to which of the following
ALL OF THE ABOVE (Recruitment, Retention and Training)
Studier views the organization as needing to be results oriented, with which of the following pillars of excellence?
ALL OF THE ABOVE (People, service and finance)
Griffith says “championship processes” need performance measures in each of the following except
Dashboards are:
A way to measure organizational performance
Succession Planning is
Planning to replace managers who retire or move up
Healthcare policy is
Every healthcare managers job
Self management means
Team management means
All of the above
Organization management means
All of the above
Which of the following competencies is more leadership oriented that management oriented?
Determining strategies for the future
Which of the following is not a contemporary leadership model?
Great Man
Which leadership domain would the competencies honesty and integrity be placed?
Self Development and Self Understanding
Which is a new trend for healthcare governance
Evaluations used to identify issues and correct
Which is a guideline for healthcare leaders when being responsible to their employees as per the ACHE Code of Ethics
Ensure a safe work enviornment
Which statement is true about Followership?
An effective leader must be able to inspire and get commitment from all people or
It should be recognized as a necessary component for an effective leader
Which statement is NOT true about the “Great Man” theory?
Behavior is an important component in determining what make a good leader
Which theory places its attention on the leaders style and the work situation but also recognize the importance of setting goals for employees?
Path-Goal Theory of Leadership
Find a leadership theory that correctly matches the stated leadership focus
Leader- Member Exchange Theory of leadership: Interactions between leader and subordinate
Which one of the EI (Emotional Intelligence) dimensions has the definition of “Social awareness skill, putting yourself in anthers shoes”?
Which model of leadership supports the concept known as “tough empathy”?
Inspirational Leadership
From the Leadership styles for Healthcare personnel, which one focus on personal development and recommended for the top personnel?
Coaching style
Choose an inappropriate key leadership protocols
Which is a barrier of key healthcare leadership?
New Technology
Which is a challenge of key healthcare leadership?
What is (are) the focus area(s) for healthcare leadership ethics?
A and B (Bioethics and Managerial ethics)
Find an incorrect statement about leadership in today’s healthcare industry
Many clinicians have the management training which would help them in their new roles
Which is a leader development rather than a leadership development
The leader in collaboration with the superior
The healthcare leader who is concerned about the future, as well as today’s business must
Continuously reassess how he/she fits in the organization
Which is an incorrect statement about the future of the healthcare field?
The recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care for America Act will provide full health care reform
Extrinsic rewards come from within the individual employee
Healthcare managers have power over employees and can force them to acti in certain ways
Everyone is motivated
Satisfaction progression refers to the interplay up and down Maslow’s continuum of needs
Herzberg’s theory of hygienes and motivators is not easily understood by managers
Avoidance learning is often referred to as positive reinforcement
Reinforcement theory is an appropriate way of characterizing how employees behave in organizations
Theory X, Theory Y, and Theory Z are all forms of motivation theories developed from a management perspective
Theory Y is derived from Japanese approaches to management
Intrinsic rewards are tangible
Intrinsic rewards are what motivate people
All employees are motivated by money
Motivation is not manipulation
People are born to motivate
Disengaged healthcare workers have an impact of an organizations bottom line
The future US workhorse will mirror the population and become younger, as well as more tonically and racially diverse
Understanding what motivates employees in different generations is becoming increasingly important for healthcare managers
Engaged employees are not as loyal beaches they are more interested in the best best opportunity
Motivation in the workplace is a new concept that needs more research in order to consider important
By 2020 a shortage of healthcare workers such as physicals, nurses, and public health professionals is expected
Maslow’s needs-based theory of motivation includes the following types of needs
Self Actualization needs focus on
Higher level needs
Alderfer’s motivation theory is based on which of the following needs
All of the Above (growth, existence and relatedness
The Acquired Needs Theory was developed by
None of the Above ( Herzerg, Taylor and Vroom)
Acquired needs resulting form life experiences focus on
Extrinsic theories of motivation include
None of the Above
Scientific Management involves which of the following
determining the most efficient way to per form a job
Which of the following are considered to be types of extrinsic rewards
A and B above ( Money and Benefits)
Which of the following is considered to be a good motivational strategy?
Tailor rewards
managers interested in revitalizing employees focus on getting them to
All of the above ( get rest and relaxation, maintain fitness and eat right)
Engaged health care workers demonstrate the following characteristics
All of the Above ( focus on patient care, are productive, model behavior for others)
Between 2008-2018 total employment is expected to increase
10.1 %
What percent of all new jobs between 2008-2018 are projected to be in professional and service providing occupations?
This generation values education, training and growth opportunities, flexibility and is considered risk averse
Generation X
This generation is respectful of authority, values duty, sacrifice, and accountability and recognition of hard work and a strong work ethics
This generation values individuality, teamwork, and work-life balance
Baby Boomers
This generation is image conscious, team- oriented, values instant gratification and is achievement oriented

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