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Help Desk Support Multiple Choice

A software company that discovers a bug in an infrequently used feature of a software package is likely to fix the problem by issuing a(n) ____.
Which of these tasks does not normally occur during the first step in the incident management process.
Verify that the caller is authorized to call
Which of these is not normally part of an explanation to a user?
Description of the various alternatives the support agent considered to find a solution.
An internal user is one who is a ____.
worker in the same organization that provides support services
Incomplete coverage of a topic violates which of these four writing criteria?
The usual sequence of incident escalation during help desk incident management is ____.
from incident screener to product specialist
A procedure or feature than accomplishes the same result as another feature that does not work correctly due to a software bug is called a ____.
The incident management step in which a user’s problem is satisfactorily dealt with is called incident ____.
Which of these software packages includes features to present graphical information?
Desktop publishing program, Word processing program, Spreadsheet program
When a troubleshooter must select from among several diagnostic tests to gather information about a problem, the selection is based on ____ skills.
decision making
A telephone system that can answer calls, greet callers, provide menus, and route calls is a(n) ____.
automated call distributor
One measure of whether a support agent understands a problem is that they can express the user’s problem in ____.
the support agent’s own words
Viewing a system as a group of subsystems begins the search for a problem at ____.
the beginning of a sequence of subsystems, the end of a sequence of subsystems, the middle of a sequence of subsystems
Classifying end users as internal versus external is a classification by ____.
An automated service that consolidates and distributes information from newsgroups, blogs, forums and news websites is called ____.
Performance problems in a PC are usually due to ___ problems.
Hardware and Software
A hardware device that was a first step toward decentralized computing was the ____.
“Technical writing should be concise and it should be informative.” is an example of a ____.
Compound Sentence
A cross-reference or link to where a reader can find additional information about a topic is called a(n) ____.
The concept that similar items should be handled consistently throughout a document is called ____.
Parallel Structure
A document that is organized as a step-by-step introduction to the features of a software application is called a ____ manual.
Which of these is generally considered security threats?
Virus, Spam email, Keystroke logger
Which of these is not a recommended incident management strategy for support agents?
Don’t admit that you’re wrong or don’t know
A situation where two software packages use resources in incompatible ways is called a(n) ____.
A writer who performs each procedure or technical step in a document and tests each step with the hardware and software is doing a(n) ____ check.
Technical Accuracy
Which type of nonverbal behavior is the least effective posture for support agents?
Fold arms
Effective communication skills are important primarily to support agents who communicate ____.
via telephone, face-to-face, via email
A help desk software package that includes asset management can help a support staff control ____.
an organization’s equipment inventory
Most hardware devices that malfunction today are ____.
The ability to step back from a troubleshooting situation and analyze one’s own thinking process is called ____.
A PC that operates, but does not work as efficiently as it should, has a ____.
Performance problem
A user who presses the wrong sequence of keys in a software program is a victim of ____.
user mistake
A user who expects a software product to be able to perform a task for which it was not intended is a victim of a ____.
user misunderstanding
A user’s first impression of a support agent comes from the ____.
incident greeting
Which of these devices is not a peripheral?
Internal Memory
The first PCs were used in businesses and homes in the ____.
One way to organize user support services that provides a single point of contact for an organization’s workers or customers uses a(n) ____.
help desk
Which of these is not a service you would expect of a help desk or hotline?
Operate a local network
Which of these is an advantage to outsourcing as a way to provide user support?
Outsourcing takes advantage of expertise a company does not have.
Experienced technology users who need information on advanced topics are likely to need a ____.
Reference manual
When one hardware device conflicts with another device’s use of system resources, the problem can often be diagnosed effectively by ____.
examining the configuration
During the development of a first draft, a technical writer is probably least concerned with ____.
correct spelling
Which of these was not a primary characteristic of computer use in the 1950s and 1960s?
Served as an Internet host computer
Hardware or software products that have been announced by vendors, but do not actually exist, are ____.
Software with harmful or malicious intent to disrupt the business operation of a PC or network or to steal information or money is called ____.
The ____ position is unlikely to exist in a help desk that is organized in a multi-level support model.
Needs Assessment Analyst
When a sequence of facts or steps is described, technical writers try to avoid which of these?
Narrative Passage
Application software that is intended for use in a specialized business environment is called ____.
industry-specific applications
The cognitive skills a troubleshooter uses to understand and explain an event or a situation are called ____.
Critical thinking
An incident management step, in which an incident is transferred to a support staff member who has greater experience or resources to handle difficult questions, is incident ____.
Which of these help desk positions is often staffed by an employee with programming or product development experience?
Technical Support
Put the numbered versions of a software package in sequence from the most significant change to the least significant.
1 – build#, 2 – release#, 3 – version#, 4 – update #
3 – 2 – 4 – 1
Support websites that use Web 2.0 technologies differ from earlier support websites primarily in ____.
an emphasis on collaboration and communication among users
An organization that provides a wide range of support services to users is called a(n) ____.
user support center
____ is not a category of management issues covered by the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).
personnel management
Tools a troubleshooter uses to get a description of a technology problem, learn a user’s perspectives on the problem, and explain the solution to the user are called ____.
communication skills
____ is not a common source of job stress among user support workers.
inadequate training, abusive users, inadequate resources
Which of these sources of hardware problems is not one of the primary categories that account for most hardware support problems?
Component design problems
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) measures ____.
personality and work style preferences
Troubleshooting technology problems can best be described as a(n) ____.
iterative, repetitious procedure
Analysis and evaluation of a user’s message is likely to occur during which type of listening?
Peripheral devices are part of a computer system’s ____.
A feature of a website where discussions are posted by members of a user community is called a ____.
user forum
Another name for needs analysis is ____.
needs assessment
The ____ help desk position is normally staffed by an entry-level employee.
incident screener
KSA stands for ____.
knowledge, skills, and abilities
A troubleshooting activity where there is a current state of events X, a future desired state of events Y, and the troubleshooter’s objective is to move from X to Y is called ____.
problem solving
A document with misspelled words violates which of these four general writing criteria?
Dissatisfied clients are more likely than satisfied clients to ____.
contact the help desk repeatedly for assistance
Which category of help desk incident is: “My PC runs slowly when I access the Internet with a modem in the evenings”?
a problem
When a support agent does not know the answer to a question, a good incident management strategy is to tell the user ____.
you will research the question and get back to the user
Fine lines that extend from the top and bottom of a font’s letters are called ____.
Root cause analysis is an iterative process that asks a series of ____ questions.
Which of these is not a primary strategy for a support organization that aims for customer service excellence?
Meet all of a client’s demands.
A support agent who feels that a user needs substantial assistance with the organization of files on their PC should ____.
point the user to useful information about file organization
In a telephone communication, which of the following is the least likely telephone activity a support agents needs to develop?
a way to hang up on abusive users
What is the sequence of these steps in the technical writing process?
A) proofread the document
B) generate a list of ideas
C) arrange for an outside reviewer
D) write a first draft
B, D, C, A
Software that is developed collaboratively by a loose-knit team of programmers who agree to distribute the source code without cost is called ____.
open source
The goal of the multi-level support model is to handle most support incidents at ____.
the lowest support level
A substantially rewritten software package that contains major new features is called a(n) ____.
new release
Which of these is not one of the four goals of incident management?
Complete the incident in the least amount of time possible
Which of these words is least descriptive of the information on a webpage?
Computer technology generally doubles in capacity every two ____.
Hardware components that cannot operate together in the same PC are called ____.
A reading level that is appropriate for most technical documentation is ____.
10th grade
Which of these technology trends may permit a support agent to answer questions about multiple operating systems from a single PC?
Which of these forms of documentation often contains hyperlinks to related topics?
online help
Complete information on a particular end-user topic is usually organized together, in one document, organized in a(n) ____.
reference format
A website that contains large numbers of misspelled words and grammatical errors fails which of these general criteria ____.
Which of these sequences is the order of the steps below in the iterative problem-solving process?
a) formulate and test hypothesis
b) collect information
c) analyze results
d) consider alternative explanations
b, d, a, c
Which of these types of documents is often used to describe the steps to install a software package?
user guide or manual
Application software used to prepare printed materials that include graphic images, such as newsletters, flyers, brochures, and posters, is called ____.
desktop publishing
“I can give you a workaround for this problem, then later we can diagnose the cause of the problem so you don’t encounter it again.” is an example of ____.
Due to increased use of the Internet, which of these are likely to increase in the future as a percentage of the total cost of a computer system?
Information costs
The position description for the Level 1 Help Desk Agent in this chapter illustrates that ____.
network support and user support may be combined in a single position
The intended audience of a document is generally described in the ____.
A software package feature that periodically checks the vendor’s website for software updates is called ____.
automatic update
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for user support workers in the next 10 years will ____.
increase significantly
Detailed steps on how to perform a task are generally described in which part of a document?
If a PC, over a period of time, takes longer and longer to perform a task such as a File Save operation, it likely has a ____.
performance problem
The user support staff is most likely to experience conflict with the IT department over ____.
application software development
A series of letters that represent a phrase is called ____.
an acronym or initialism
A computer user who enters an incorrect formula in a spreadsheet that results in a serious error is a victim of which common problem?
User mistake
Major coding mistakes made by programmers when they write software are called ____.
The purpose of support standards is to accomplish all but which of the following?
expand supported products
Most software problems that impact end users occur ____.
during the installation and configuration of the software
The ____ technology trend may change the way users access software and data.
cloud computing
Which of these is not one of the trends that led to growth in decentralized computing during the 1980s and 1990s?
Increase in the cost of large-scale computer systems
The most effective strategy for using a script is to ____.
restate the scrip in your own words
Which of these hardware devices is more likely to fail during the operation of a PC?
CD or DVD drive
A 48- to 72-hour period during which a PC or component is operated nonstop prior to installation at a user site is ____.
a burn-in test
Posts to a user forum with commentary on a single topic, arranged in date order, are called _____.
The principle concept in the multi-level support help desk model is ____.
lower level help desk staff can refer difficult problems to higher levels
In order to make effective use of a new or upgraded technology, a user may require ____.
A company that contracts with another organization that specializes in user support is using ____.
A mental model to help a computer troubleshooter understand and explain a problem situation is based on ____.
critical thinking
Which of these forms of knowledge bases is the least interactive?
vendor manuals
Which of these categories of computer software can add thousands of dollars to the cost of a computer system?
specialized software
Remote access to a user’s PC can be implemented with a ____.
virtual private network
Effective communication skills are based primarily on a support agent’s ability to ____.
listen and read effectively, understand a user’s problem, communicate solutions to a user
Businesses and organizations first began to use data communications and network technology to connect computer systems in the ____.
Software that helps users to communicate with family, friends and business colleagues by posting personal information, status updates, and photos is called ____.
social media
LBE Helpdesk, featured in this chapter, is an example of a(n) ____.
a commercial help desk package
The development of mass-market application software and personal computer operating became available in the ____.
“Development of software is not a frequent user support function” is an example of ____.
The abbreviation CPU for central processing unit is an example of a(n) _____.
A software package used to prepare budgets, reports, forecasts, and financial statements is a ____.
spreadsheet program
Documentation that describes the steps to perform a task or a checklist of steps is ____.
procedural documentation
Network problems are often traceable to ____.
a combination of hardware, operating systems, and application software
Inexperienced support agents tend to speak ____ when they experience stress in a conversation with a user.
too fast
In critical thinking, a hypothesis is usually based on a ____.
mental model
A user who purchases an image scanner that is incompatible with the PC to which he or she wants to connect it is a victim of a ____.
wrong product purchase
Which of these version numbers is likely the most recent version of a software package?
Which of these categories of workers increased during the 1980s and contributed to growth in the number of computer users?
workers in offices who create and use information
Which type of nonverbal behavior is suggested for effective voice quality?
use inflection to add interest, speak at a normal pitch, use a warm, upbeat tone of voice
Which of these responsibilities would you least expect to find in a position description for a user support specialist?
operates a large-scale computer
Which of these is a collection of interconnected computers with large, networked storage devices that hosts cloud computing services?
storage gateway
In help desk jargon, ACD stands for ____.
automated call distributor
Tools to manage service level agreements (SLAs) in a help desk software package probably are of greatest use by ____.
a help desk manager
Most components today use which of these strategies to maximize hardware compatibility?
plug and play standards
A follow-up question a troubleshooter asks to get additional information about a problem situation is called a(n) ____.
Theft of information, use of a computer to commit sabotage or embezzlement, and fraudulent use of a computer are examples of ____.
computer crimes
Use of a computer for unauthorized access to information about a customer, patient, or student is called ____.
invasion of privacy
The incident management step in which a closed incident is stored for later use in a knowledge base of solved problems is ____.
archive the incident
Under normal circumstances, the body of a document should be formatted in a ____ typeface.
Reinstalling a software package to fix a problem with an inoperative program is an example of the ____ troubleshooting strategy.
module replacement
In a troubleshooting situation, a modem failed to work when a replacement USB cable was installed. Which of these critical questions would likely lead a troubleshooter to the source of the modem failure?
have you made any recent changes to your PC?
Which of these is not a characteristic of technical writing?
Concludes with the most important point at the end of a section
____ is not one of the five critical questions suggested in the chapter.
How much experience do you have using this system?
Rebooting a system in an attempt to fix a problem is an example of the ____ problem-solving strategy.
Look for an obvious solution.
Theft of information, use of a computer to commit sabotage or embezzlement, and fraudulent use of a computer are examples of ____.
computer crimes
Use of a computer for unauthorized access to information about a customer, patient, or student is called ____.

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