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True or False: The healthcare industry is stable with little change from year to year.
A manager measures a community’s health outcomes and factors that cause them, and then uses that information to coordinate the community’s people and organizations to improve health. The manager is practicing
population health.
Which of the following four factors in Blum’s force field model of health (as presented in Chapter 1) has the strongest
effect on the health of a population?
Which of the following four factors in Blum’s force field model of health (as presented in Chapter 1) has the weakest effect on the health of a population?
Medical care
The external environment that affects healthcare organizations can be divided into ten sectors. The sector that encompasses related businesses and competitors is the
industry sector.
Healthcare organizations together provide a continuum of care that includes
All the above:
preventive services.
rehabilitation services.
diagnostic services.
True or False: When planning solutions for population health problems, managers should realize that disparities are linked to environment.
Correct True
True or False: The continuum of care includes healthcare services from birth to death.
True or False: As defined by the World Health Organization, health is the absence of disease or infirmity.
The external environment that affects healthcare organizations can be divided into ten sectors. The market sector encompasses
customers and clients.
According to the textbook, healthcare issues, trends, and future developments include all of the following except
physicians working for smaller independent medical group practices.
Establishing mission, vision, and goals of an organization is what top managers do when they
True or False: Students should try to learn one best way to organize and then use it wherever they work during their careers.
Development of administrative theory was important for improving
entire organizations.
Monitoring performance and then making adjustments so that goals are achieved is
True or False: As presented in Chapter 2, management is not the same as leadership; it is part of leadership.
The five fundamental management functions identified by Gulick and the textbook include all of the following except
True or False: How a healthcare organization should be organized depends partly on the external environment in which that organization exists.
According to ________ theory, a manager might take action that will make the organization seem legitimate to stakeholders.
A manager who arranges work into separate, smaller, more specialized tasks is using
division of work.
True or False: The use of bureaucratic principles for management tends to make organizations more efficient and less personal.
Mintzberg studied roles that managers perform and found that they
used decisional, informational, and interpersonal roles.
The Hawthorne studies in the 1920s and 1930s led to which of the following approaches to management?
Human relations approach
True or False: Managers have their personal differences, yet they all manage the same way using management theories and methods.
True or False: Span of control shows how many subordinate workers a manager is responsible for.
Arranging work into jobs, teams, and departments; arranging supervisor-subordinate relationships; and assigning responsibility are all part of
Departments in a healthcare organization should be organized with similar degrees of centralization, specialization, division of work, and chain of command.
Frederick Taylor was a pioneer in management who helped improve how
workers performed jobs.
The process of getting things done through and with people is known as
Katz argued that managers need three fundamental skill sets that include all of the following except
technical skills.
A project manager should manage all of the following except
project reimbursement.
Which of the following should take place before all of the others?
True or False: Lower-level plans are concerned with “what to do” whereas higher-level plans are concerned with “how to do it.”
A Gantt chart helps a manager answer which of the following questions?
What will be done when?
True or False: Although managers continually gather information for planning purposes, actual planning occurs once per year.
True or False: Planning involves managers at all levels of healthcare organizations.
True or False: Top-down planning is used to build commitment of lower-level managers to the plans.
Which of the following is good advice for managers who are planning?
Allow flexibility in the planning and in the plan.
A SWOT analysis
considers an organization’s internal factors.
A healthcare organization (HCO) examines where it is now, decides where it wants to be in the future, and figures out how to get there. The HCO is doing
strategic planning.
Which of the following is not a basis for strategy to achieve competitive advantage, as explained in Chapter 3?
External strengths
True or False: A department manager must plan for his/her own department while also considering what his/her department can do to achieve the organization’s goals.
The open systems perspective emphasizes that healthcare organizations should interact with their
True or False: A healthcare organization should be closed to its environment to protect itself from environmental threats.
True or False: Staff positions are created in the vertical chain of command to directly help achieve a department’s goals.
True or False: Standardization is one way of coordinating work.
An organic structure includes all of the following except
strong vertical interaction.
The organization structure that fits best with a stable, predictable environment is
To ensure that jobs in a healthcare organization are working toward a common purpose, a manager may use supervision to coordinate
When workers who do not have a supervisor-subordinate relationship in the chain of command interact to coordinate their work, they are using
mutual adjustment.
A system has all of the following characteristics except
it strives for efficiency.
Organizing involves all of the following except
organizing plans into budgets.
When designing a job, managers must do all of the following except
establish external opportunities for the job.
True or False: Organizing particular tasks into jobs creates both division of work and specialization.
True or False: In addition to being part of a formal organization, workers may also be part of an informal organization that coexists with the formal organization.
An organization is all of the following except
closed to its environment.
Managers should consider which of the following factors when organizing tasks into jobs?
Worker motivation
True or False: Departments should be organized with similar degrees of centralization, specialization, division of work, and chain of command.
In which organizational form are departments and positions organized according to the tasks workers perform and the abilities workers use?
Functional form
In which organizational form are departments and positions organized mainly to focus on particular groups of customers?
Divisional form
When a healthcare organization (HCO) contracts with an outside company to operate a department (such as food service) in the HCO, the HCO’s managers must
state how contract workers fit in the HCO’s hierarchy.
True or False: Although five distinct organization structures exist, many organizations create a hybrid by combining structures.
True or False: The planning and organizing processes are closely related because implementing plans might require a change in structure.
In which organizational form do managers outsource functions and departments and then connect those using contracts and electronic information systems?
Modular form
A hospital’s medical staff structure of departments and committees
has become more closely combined with the management structure in recent years.
The governing body of a healthcare organization (HCO) is responsible for approving the HCO’s goals and budgets and then doing what is best for the patients.
True or False: In a parallel organization form, a matrix structure organizes positions in a multidepartmental approach for solving complex problems.
The organizational form that simultaneously focuses on specific groups of customers while also focusing on efficiency is the
Matrix form
True or False: Physicians are part of a hospital’s medical staff rather than a hospital’s administrative staff, so they do not influence a hospital’s decisions.
Which of the following organization structures is likely to work best in a healthcare organization with physicians producing many services?
A bureaucracy with some authority based on professional norms and expertise
True or False: Groups are common in healthcare organizations because they help coordinate work among professions and work shifts in the organizations.
The act of agreeing quickly, politely, and superficially to maintain harmony in a group is known as
Structural characteristics of groups that affect group performance include all of the following except
Which of the following is a reason why a healthcare organization may utilize groups?
All the Above
To enable workers to grow, try new roles, and develop professionally
To build commitment to solutions, changes, and new plans through participation
To obtain input and representation of stakeholders, interest groups, and constituents
True or False: Bigger groups often are better than smaller groups because bigger groups have more cooperation.
According to the group development model presented in Chapter 6, which of the following is likely to happen first when a new group begins to meet?
Members will get acquainted and try to figure out what is OK.
Which aspect of group structure guides the group, including how often the group meets and which resources it uses?
Group decision making
might not be effective because of a lack of accountability.
True or False: For a group to be effective, group members should communicate with people inside the group but not with people outside the group.
Which of these statements correctly describes groups in organizations?
They may be permanent or temporary.
Which types of roles are helpful to groups?
Maintenance roles
A job description usually includes
job qualifications and job duties.
True or False: Healthcare organizations are considered to be labor intensive.
Hiring someone to fill a job vacancy is likely to involve everything listed below except
pay raise.
Which of the following is one of the seven processes needed for staffing?
Job design
True or False: Because of urgency of decisions in healthcare organizations, a trend in hiring is to use just one person rather than a team approach.
True or False: Managers’ flexibility in how they staff their organizations is restricted by numerous laws.
Staff planning should consider
all of the above.
Which of the following is needed prior to interviewing job applicants?
Current job description
Advantages of internal recruitment (as compared to external recruitment) include all of the following except
it provides more potential applicants.
Who usually does the hiring of new employees for departments in healthcare organizations?
Department managers and human resources staff
True or False: Although performance appraisals are important to guide better performance by employees, managers sometimes avoid performance appraisals.
When healthcare organization employees feel their rights and concerns are not adequately considered by top managers, the employees may gain power by electing ________ to represent them.
a labor union
The pay rate for a particular job is often based on
all of the above.
Onboarding in a healthcare organization (HCO) is concerned with helping new employees
all of the above.
One method of evaluating a healthcare organization (HCO) employee’s performance uses input from other workers who work above, below, and at the same level of the HCO as the employee. This method is
360-degree evaluation.
True or False: An accurate job description is an important resource for determining appropriate pay for a job.
The formal, systematic assessment of how well employees do their jobs in relation to established standards is a
performance appraisal.
Open-door policies, town hall meetings, formal grievance procedures, and disciplinary review boards are all mechanisms that managers can use to improve
employee protection.
True or False: Training programs rarely conflict with other organizational priorities.
When using the point factor method of deciding pay for jobs, a manager is likely to consider
all of the above.
True or False: Managers sometimes inflate their evaluations of employees to avoid conflicts with employees.
True or False: The first step in the training process is figuring out objectives of the training.
When doing a performance appraisal, a manager should do all of the following except
focus mostly on the employee’s past performance.
Employee benefits as part of total compensation at a healthcare organization (HCO) are
based on laws, employees, and the HCO’s financial plan.

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