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History 202 Chapter 16

The Great Uprising of 1877 was a general strike against the nation’s:
railway companies
Who led the American Federation of Labor as it became the largest organizer of workers in the United States?
Samuel Gompers
Eastman lost most of his patents for the early camera.
What was one disadvantage of the rise of industrialization for American workers?
corporations came to control the conditions and nature of work
Why was Frank Woolworth able to set low prices for his merchandise?
He bought huge quantities of goods at a discount from wholesalers and manufacturers
The press stirred up rage over what aspect of the Haymarket Riot?
the death of seven policemen
Which set of factors BEST accounts for the reasons why the United States emerged as a global industrial power by 1900?
the nations wealth in population and resources, technological innovation, and laissez faire government policies
By 1879, John D. Rockefeller’s company controlled 90 percent of the nation’s
oil refining capacity
Which statement would most likely have been said by a believer in social Darwinism?
the wealthy and powerful are those fitted for survival
Which of the following business tactics was NOT employed by Andrew Carnegie?
he aimed to appease labor unions
The workplace of the late 1800s included all of the following EXCEPT
increasing number of skilled craftsmen
How did the Knights of Labor differ from other nineteenth-century labor organizations?
it was inclusive in its membership
Regarding the increase in female workers, most Americans believed that
married women should leave the paid workforce
What did the fate of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 demonstrate?
congress was in lead with big business
Which of the following best describes Andrew Carnegie’s “Gospel of Wealth”?
the belief that a free market creates opportunities and benefits for all
Which of the following beliefs influenced the development of the trust?
a belief that competition results in waste and market instability
After the Civil War, a leading trend in business was the increase in exports of
manufactured goods
Why did advertisements increasingly need to be eye-catching and memorable?
to stand out among the growing number of advertisements
The American Federation of Labor (AFL) excluded unskilled workers from its membership rolls because AFL leaders believed unskilled workers
were weak and unreliable.
In the nineteenth century, how did rural customers typically differ from urban customers?
they had less access to stores than urban customers
Founded in 1866 by William Sylvis, the National Labor Union was
the first attempt to build a national labor movement.
What is the difference between vertical integration and horizontal integration?
Vertical integration involves control of all phases of production whereas horizontal integration involves buying out rival companies producing the same product.
Which of the following best characterizes the stories of Horatio Alger?
They reinforced the ideal of the self-made man.
The inventor of a business model known as the “trust” was
John D Rockefeller
How did children’s work in industry differ from their earlier contributions to the family economy?
In factories, children worked under supervisors, whereas earlier they had worked among family.
Which statement about women and children in the work force is NOT true?
Women and children were typically paid the same as men in similar occupations.
By 1900, all of the following were true of the railroad industry EXCEPT that
the shipment of goods by rail was more costly than other forms of transportation.
Laissez-faire was a philosophy typically held by
conservative capitalists.
Founded in 1887, the Interstate Commerce Commission could initially best be described as
unsubstantial and ineffectual.
Why did many married African-American women take part in the paid workforce?
out of economic necessity
A Scribner’s Monthly editorial on the 1877 Great Uprising alleged each of the following EXCEPT that
socialist infiltrators instigate strikes.
Frank W. Woolworth’s stores were known as
“five and dime” stores.
Which set of factors BEST accounts for the reasons why the United States emerged as a global industrial power by 1900?
the nation’s wealth in population and resources, technological innovation, and laissez-faire government policies
Many members of the Workingmen’s Benevolent Association were
Irish immigrants
When female workers at the Mundell Company in Philadelphia faced wage cuts like the ones that male workers at the company had successfully resisted, the workers opted
to have both the men and women strike togther
George Eastman created a successful business based on his invention of the
In an 1884 editorial, pro-labor newspaper editor John Swinton argued that
poor working conditions would be much worse without unions and strikes
Which headline would most likely have appeared during the Great Upheaval of 1886?
“Seven Policemen Slaughtered by Rioting Radicals!”
Which of the following most likely would have helped to prevent injuries and deaths in factories in the late nineteenth century?
greater government regulation, which would have prevented negligence

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