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History Midterm

The railroad strike of 1877 is evidence of
the fact that government often intervened on behalf of big business in the decades after the Civil War, increasing worker discontent with low pay and hazardous conditions, and the growth of an organized labor movement in America
As the industrial revolution progressed in America, all of the following occurred except
immigration became less important to America
The first transcontinental railroad was completed in
During the Civil War, Congress took advantage of the absence of southerners in the House and Senate to do all of the following except
prohibit child labor
Refrigerated rail cars were first developed to
transport fresh food to Union troops in the field
Robber barons or captains of industry were businessmen who
amassed large fortunes between 1865 and 1900 with ruthlessness and ingenuity
How did business owners respond to the growth of unions and the labor movement?
they required workers to sign yellow dog contracts or created blacklists
The Big 4 businessmen who left New York, went to California, and led the construction of the western railroads included all of the following except
Jay Gould
Andrew Carnegie made his fortune with the help of the Bessemer converter which
transformed large quantities of iron ore into steel by using extremely hot air
Carnegie’s business model of controlling all aspects of the steel industry, from iron ore extraction to steel delivery is known as
vertical integration
The Haymarket strike led to
growing anti-union sentiment nationwide
America’s oil boom began when Edwin Drake struck oil while drilling in
The person who cornered the market on oil refining in the late 1800’s was
John D. Rockefeller
Industrialists justified their growing financial and political strength in all of the following ways except
they insisted that they earned what they had from hard work and declined unfair advantages
Much of Rockefeller’s success can be attributed to his pioneering efforts at
horizontal integration
Although corrupt, New York’s Tammany Hall appealed to
recent immigrants and job seekers
All of the following were examples of environment damage that occurred during the early industrial revolution except
constructing canals diverted much needed water to other places
Which of the following men is incorrectly paired with his technologies development?
J Pierpont Morgan-streetcar
The credit mobilier scandal involved
railroads, kickbacks, congressmen, and company stock
The need for managers in the many new businesses of the late 1800’s contributed significantly to the growth of
big business
The need to market goods over wider areas gave rise to new forms of
The creation of national brand products such as NABISCO biscuits relied on all of the following except
horizontal integration
Which of these became the greatest symbol of America’s growing desire for consumer goods?
the chain store
The first mail-order business was
Sears and Roebuck
Mechanization transformed labor in all of the following ways except
it led to safer working conditions

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