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History Quiz 2

What did the fate of the Sherman Anti-Trust of 1890 demonstrate
Congress was in league with big business
This image of the Siegel-Cooper store in New York City reveals that, unlike more traditional stores, the new department store focuses on
****advertising its wares
Which statement would most likely have been said by a believe in social Darwinism?
The wealthy and powerful are those who are fittest for survival
The Great uprising of 1877 was a general strike against the nation’s
railroad companies
What is the difference between vertical integration and horizontal integration
Vertical integration involves control of all phases of production whereas horizontal integration involves buying out rival companies producing the same product
Two cases, Wabash, St.Louis & Pacific Railway Co. V. Illinois and Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific railroad, demonstrated that the supreme Court in 1886
primarily conservative and supported big business
What is ironic about this drawing portraying the experience of female workers
******It portrays female workers as hardworking , but few women were actually employed in industry
After the Civil War, a leading trend in business was the increase in exports of
manufactured goods
Who led the American Federation of Labor as it became the largest organization of workers in the United States
Samuel Gompers
What aspect of this newspaper illustration celebrating the deaths of rioters at the 1886 Haymarket incident serves to highlight the reverence accorded the policemen who also died
The policemen are shown as individuals, whereas the rioters are not.
Which of the following best describes Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth
the belief that a free market creates opportunities and benefits for all
According to the this drawing, the 1877 execution of ten alleged Molly Marguires was staged to emphasized the men’s
Founded in 1887, the Interstate Commerce Commission could initially best be described as
unsubstantial and ineffectual
Which of the following most likely would have helped to prevent injuries and and death in factories in the late nineteenth century.
greater government regulation, which would have prevented negligence.
Regarding the increase in female workers, most American believed that
married women should leave the paid workforce
Laissez-faire was a philosophy typically held by
conservative capitalists
Which statement about women and children in the work force is not true
Women and children were typically paid the same as men in similar occupation
In the nineteenth century, how did rural customers typically differ from urban customers.
They had less access to stores than urban customers
What was the significance of the adoption of a standard gauge
It allowed all trains to travel on any tracks, integrating the entire system
The political cartoon reflects what criticism of monopolies
They strangled their competition.
Which set of factors best accounts for the reasons why the United States emerged as a global industrial power by 1900
******the willingness of industrialists to exploit workers, new forms of corporate organization, and new advertising methods
How did children’s work in industry differ from the earlier contributions to the family economy
In factories, children worked under supervisors, whereas earlier they had worked among family.
Who emerged as the leader of the Knights of Labor, the nation’s first large union
Terrence Powderly
The inventor of a business model known as the “trust” was
John D Rockfeller
What did the creator of this illustration for Harper’s Weekly most likely hope that the views would notice about the wealthy couple
******their proud bearing
The American Federation of Labor excluded unskilled workers from its membership rolls because AFL leaders believed unskilled workers
were weak and unreliable
Which of the following best characterizes the stories of Horatio Alger
They reinforced the ideal of the self made man
When female workers at the Mundell Company in Philadelphia faced wage cuts like the ones that male workers at the company had successfully resisted, the workers opted
to have both the men and women strike together
Why did many married African American women take part in the paid workforce
out of economic necessity
What is one way that the American Federation of Labor differed from the Knights of Labor
The AFL did not ______ African Americans
The rapid emergence of trust in the late nineteenth century alarmed many Americans
In the late nineteenth century one benefit to being a stockholder in a profitable corporation was directly influencing the day to day operations of the company
Edward Bellamy’s novel Looking Backward, 2000-1887 criticized laissex-faire capitalism
In the late nineteenth century, periods of economic growth and prosperity were interrupted by severe depressions and recessions.
In 1884 pro union newspaper editor John Swinton defended strikes on grounds that they were often made necessary by circumstances beyond the unions control
In 1901. Andrew Carnegie said his empire for $400 million then donated most of the money to various causes
In the late 1800s factory work was the leading occupation for wage earning women
Most advertisements of the post civil war era relied exclusively on simple brand name recognition and the price of the product to attract consumers
The department stores of the late 1800s offered a number of attractive policies, such as free delivery and a money back guarantee.
As a result of a strike in 1881, the Mundell shoe company rescinded a wage reduction
The first big business in the US was the
In an 1884, editorial, pro-labor newspaper editor John Swinton argued that
poor working conditions would be much more worse without unions and strikes
How did the Knights of Labor differ from other nineteenth- century labor organizations
it was inclusive in its membership
Which of the following beliefs influenced the development of the trust
a belief that competition results in waste and market instability
Founded in 1866 by William Sylvis, the National Labor Union was
the first attempt to build a national labor movement
What was one disadvantage of the rise of industrialization for American workers
corporations came to control the conditions and nature of work
The press stirred up rage over what aspect of the Haymarket Riot
the death of seven policement
Robert Koehler most likely hoped that viewers of his 1886 paintings The Strike would feel
an appreciation for the humanity of workers
Why did advertisements increasingly need to be eye-catching and memorable
to stand out among the growing number of advertisements
The year 1886 saw the labor movement unify behind the move for
the eight hour day
Frank W. Woolworth’s stores were known as
five and dime stores
The workplace of the late 1800s included all of the following except
increasing numbers of skilled craftsmen
The mass market that emerged in the late nineteenth century could best be described as
a shared consumer culture
George Eastman created a successful business based on his invention of
This 1889 political cartoon depicts industry magnates with bloated bodies to express fear of
the influence of trusts over congress
By 1879, John Rockefeller’s company controlled 90 % of the nation’s
oil refining capacity
By 1900, all of the following were true of the railroad industry except that
the shipment of goods by rail was more costly than other forms of transportation.
Which headline would most likely have appeared during the Great Upheaval of 1886
Seven Policemen Slaughtered by Rioting Radicals
An immigrant of African and Dutch heritage name Jan Matzeliger invented a machine that helped to mechanize the
manufacture of shoes
Andrew Carnegie became representative of those in big business who believe that
the affluent should return some wealth to the public through philanthropy.
A Scribner’s Monthly editorial on the 1877 Great Uprising alleged each of the following except that
socialist infiltrators instigate strikes
Why was Frank Woolworth able to set low prices for his merchandise
He bought huge quantities of goods at a discount from wholesalers and manufacturers
Many members of the Workingmen’s Benevolent Association were
Irish immigrants
Which of the following business tactics was not employed by Andrew Carnegie?
He aimed to appease labor unions
In writing about “the modern emblem of motion and power-the pulse of the continent,” Walt Whitman was celebrating late nineteenth-century
Thomas Nast’s political cartoons argued for increased government regulation in the business sector
High tariffs and government interference prevented American businesses from expanding globally
New machines transformed shoemaking from a skilled trade to a low skilled factory job
The Molly Maguires was a clandestine organization of coal miners that carried out acts of intimidation, vandalism and violence
Prior to the Civil War, most american manufacturers were small scale operation with fewer than 25 employees

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