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History review 3

Which of the following statements about the hard times of the Great Depression is NOT true?
Mothers who stayed home found their traditional roles more disrupted than their husbands’.
Most Depression movies, like much of popular culture, tended to
Provide dark images of horror or tragedy that played to the emotional despair of a suffering nation.
The dust storms that devastated the plains resulted from all the following EXCEPT
Logging of the region’s trees.
During the Depression, the federal government began to deport
The story of the “Scottsboro boys” illustrates the point that the Depression
inflamed racial prejudice.
As Herbert Hoover entered the presidency in 1929, all the following were true of him except
Was a self-preoccupied investment banker.
Herbert Hoover’s response to the Great Depression can best be summarized as
Initially, a voluntarist approach to both recovery and relief, but then an unprecedented series of active government measures.
Which one of the following best describes President Herbert Hoover’s initial approach to the Great Depression, as your text portrays it?
Efforts to promote the same kind of relationship between government and business that he’d advocated during his term as secretary of commerce.
The “Bonus Army” was a
Group of veterans who came to Washington to get bonuses promised them for service in World War I.
Franklin Roosevelt’s new Democratic coalition
United Democrats in the South with the rising middle class of the far West
Which statement about the New Deal is true?
Labor unions, taking advantage of New Deal legislation, secured impressive gains despite Roosevelt’s aloof attitude.
During her years as First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt
Was a passionate spokeswoman for the underdog and the disadvantaged?
The New Deal’s first step to achieve recovery dealt with
What New Deal agency put young, single men to work planting trees, building parks, and fighting soil erosion?
Civilian Conservation Corps.
One of the most important achievements of the New Deal in the area of banking was included in a l933 act. This key reform
Was the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, so that the government would guarantee bank deposits
Which of the following did the Supreme Court declare wholly or partly unconstitutional?
National Recovery Act and Agricultural Adjustment Act.
Which one of the following men did NOT challenge New Deal policies?
Harry Hopkins.
Roosevelt’s administration, under the prodding of Eleanor Roosevelt and Harold Ickes,
Began to support racial integration, and banned discrimination in certain programs.
What best describes the character of the post office murals painted during the Depression?
They showed common folk from the region doing common, traditional tasks.
The New Deal, according to the assessment in your text, offered a legacy in all the following ways EXCEPT in
Bringing recovery from the Great Depression.
The first city attacked with atomic weapons was
At the Potsdam summit,
Truman, Churchill, and Stalin agreed on occupying Germany, but had to compromise on reparations.
Winston Churchill’s vision for the postwar world
Stressed the balance of power to check the Soviets, and resisted ending colonial empires.
The text portrays the key agreements at the Roosevelt-Churchill-Stalin Yalta Conference of l945 as
A series of compromises and U.S. concessions, relying on Soviet cooperation for fulfillment.
Most Americans viewed war work for women as
A temporary response to the war emergency.
June 6, l944, was the date of
Operation Overlord, the Allied attack across the English Channel.
The text makes the point that minorities in the United States
Enlisted in high numbers to avoid being sent to internment camps.
Which statement regarding the “miracle” of war production is most accurate?
U.S. achievements in war production proved as important to the Allied victory as success on the battlefield.
What government body was created to help implement Executive Order 8802, which forbade discrimination by race in hiring government and defense industry workers?
Fair Employment Practices Committee
What was NOT a principle or strategy that unified the diverse group known as isolationists?
Support for the Lend-Lease Act.
To assist Great Britain after the fall of France in l940, President Roosevelt
Devised ways to provide aid without going to war.
How did joblessness during the Depression affect families?
Child labor increased dramatically
The Federal Reserve’s tightening of credit and Congress’ adoption of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff
Worsened the economic situation
In the election of 1932
Roosevelt won in an unprecedented landslide.
The Social Security Act was modeled most closely on the proposals of
Charles Coughlin.
In contrast to the American Federation of Labor, the Committee of Industrial Organization organized workers by
Proposed by Senator Robert Wagner, the Wagner Act was officially called the
National Labor Relations Act.
The CIO differed from the AFL in that it
Included blacks and women
All of the following are members of the New Deal voting coalition EXCEPT
he most popular form of entertainment in the l930s was
Some American black writers supported the Communist Party because
Communists opposed lynching, discrimination, and segregation
One of the consequences of FDR’s court packing attempt was
The Supreme Court started to uphold the constitutionality of the New Deal legislation.
The first thing FDR did to re-establish confidence in the economy was to:
Declare a four-day bank holiday to shore up the banking system
The Public Works Administration or PWA was based on the principle of stimulating the economy through:
Providing jobs and increasing consumer spending.
When Roosevelt, with an improved economy, cut federal spending and tightened credit in 1937:
a sharp recession occurred.
The Fair Labor Standards Act established:
A federal minimum wage.
New Deal programs for the arts—writers, painters, musicians, and others—were administered by the:
John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath (1939) sympathetically portrayed the plight of:
Oklahoma Dust Bowl migrants
United States involvement in the IMF and World Bank was designed to:
Assure U.S. primacy in the postwar global economy
All member nations in the United Nations were represented in the:
General Assembly
The phrase “iron curtain” to describe Soviet domination of Eastern Europe was popularized in a 1946 speech delivered by:
Winston Churchill.
The Truman Doctrine was a response to the threat of subversion and revolution in:
Turkey and Greece.
The Marshall Plan for European nations reflected the Truman administration’s fear of:
the political consequences of economic chaos
The NATO alliance was formed in response to:
the Berlin blockade and airlift crisis
. In response to NATO rearming West Germany, the Soviet Union organized the:
Warsaw Pact
The 1947 Taft-Hartley Act:
Was passed by congress over Truman’s veto
The U.S. promoted a rebuilding of the Japanese economy after the war:
To ensure that Japan would be part of the anti-soviet bloc
One of the few components of the “Fair Deal” that became law was:
An increase in federal minimun wage
Truman’s assumption that the U.S. would maintain its containment policy through a monopoly on nuclear weapons was undercut by:
the Soviet’s matching each US atomic and hydrogen bomb development
The Taft-Hartley Act largely reversed New Deal policy established by the:
National Labor relations( Wagner Act)
The Dixiecrats bolted the Democratic Party in the 1948 election because of Truman’s position on:
Civil rights
All of the following caused anxiety during the 1950s EXCEPT:
economic uncertainty
Truman’s Executive Order 9835 in 1947:
established a loyalty program for government employees
In 1949, Jiang Jeishi was defeated and Mao Zedong took over:
The 1950 McCarran Act was aimed at essentially criminalizing:
Membership in the communist party
In 1951, Truman fired this World War II hero and Korean War commander for publicly criticizing his policies.
Douglas MacArthur
Truman’s most important practical contribution to the civil rights movement was:
Challenging the segregation in Washington DC
In 1946, the NAACP obtained the Morgan v. Virginia ruling, which declared that segregation was illegal on/in:
Interstate buses
The “Operation Wetback” program was launched by:
Puerto Ricans faced discrimination because, in addition to the usual resistance to migrants
They only spoke Spanish
The new Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965:
Abolished national origin quotas
In the late 1940s, the Supreme Court ruled in the Mendez and Delgado cases that:
Segregation of Mexican Americans was unconstitutional
The 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act finally allowed what group to become U.S. citizens?
Japanese Americans
After Malcolm X made a pilgrimage to Mecca, he:
Broke with the Nation of Islam and abandoned black separatism
The Jones Act of 1917 granted U.S. citizenship to:
Puerto Ricans
The Nation of Islam was inspired by the militant nationalism of:
Marcus Gravey
In 1955, Emmett Till was murdered in Mississippi because he:
Isolated the code of black submission by speaking informally to a white women.
What strategy in pursuing equal rights did LULAC share with the NAACP in the 1940s?
Filing court cases to secure equal rights and opportunities
How did the Korean War finally end?
A military deadlock and protracted negotiations finally ended in an armistice that maintained a divided Korea.
What finally pushed the Kennedy administration to commit to federal legislation to end segregation and protect voting rights?
The violent repression of nonviolent demonstrations.
The case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka concerned
Racial segregation in public schools
The Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to your text, “marked one of the great moments in the history of American reform.” It barred discrimination in all of the following EXCEPT
All of the following were elements of Johnson’s “Great Society” programs EXCEPT
A funding program to return tax revenues to states
In the election of l964, President Johnson was opposed by the candid and outspoken
Barry Goldwater.
Which of the following civil rights organizations effectively used the nation’s judicial system to implement lasting change in America?Which of the
. Which of the following presented the most divisive issue the Kennedy administration had to face?
The civil rights movement
Supreme Court decisions designed to protect the rights of citizens who had been accused but not yet convicted of a crime were intended to benefit which group in society.
the poor
“I Have a Dream,” the great landmark speech of the civil rights movement, was delivered by
Martin Luther King, Jr.
What natural resource influenced the direction of foreign policy in the WWI postwar period.
The belief war could be avoided in the postwar WWI period was embodied in the
Kellogg-Briand Pact.
The 1937 invasion of Nanking by the Japanese resulted in
300, 000 deaths.
The belief in Shintoism was practiced by
Japanese military.
Executive Order 9066
Ordered the internment of Japanese American citizens during World War II.
All EXCEPT, was true about Native Americans serving in World War II
Served in segregated units.
The Double V strategy was the
Civil rights strategy of fighting in World War II while protesting segregation at home.
(T/F)The Hawley-Smoot Tariff raised import duties to an all-time high
(T/F)In the 1920s, many investors bought stocks on margin, that is, with borrowed funds.
T this was part of the reason that the depression was so bad
(T/F)One major cause of the Depression was that workers’ wages were too high
F Worker strikes for better conditions were common even before the Depression, indicating that big business had taken advantage of them. as usual.
(T/F)Herbert Hoover refused to involve the government in efforts to relieve the effects of economic depression.
F He at first didn’t want to involve the government but he eventually did need to intervene in the economy.
(T/F)Businessmen flew “Hoover flags” to show their support for the president’s hands-off approach to the Depression
F Hoover flags were signs of despair as it was the pocket lining of pants, which indicated empty pockets or the state of having nothing.
(T/F) The “Bonus Expeditionary Force” was organized to secure the U.S.-Mexico border.
F they wanted their bonuses from ww1
(T/F)Just before his election to the presidency in 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt was serving as governor of New York.
(T/F) Herbert Hoover was permanently disabled after contracting polio.
F It was Franklin Roosevelt.
(T/F) Douglas MacArthur cleared out “rioting” veterans from Washington in summer of 1932.
T pro tip: If it was an ******* thing to do, it was probably MacArthur.
(T/F) Although the New Deal initiatives produced mixed results, they halted the economic downturn and provided the foundation for a system of federal social welfare programs.
(T/F)Early in his presidency, Roosevelt ended Prohibition.
(T/F)The CCC addressed the problem of overcharging by doctors and others in the medical and health professions
F the CCC provided jobs to young men
(T/F)John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath told of Wall Street businessmen brought to their knees after Black Tuesday.
F, it was about a Oklahoman family migrating from the dustbowl.
(T/F) The AAA required farmers to donate surplus crops and livestock to feed the poor.
F. The man paid them to kill excess livestock and plant less crops
(T/F) FDR made black civil rights a major priority, ordering that New Deal programs not practice racial discrimination
(T/F) The Wagner Act helped dramatically boost union membership
(T/F) FDR called the Social Security Act the “supreme achievement” of the New Deal
T. hint: its the only one we still think about.
(T/F). Despite the New Deal, full recovery from the Depression did not come until the crisis of World War II
(T/F) By the end of the 1930s, FDR’s New Deal had pushed the country a large way toward socialism
(T/F)According to Tindall and Shi, in l932 25% of America’s population was unemployed.
(T/F). Union members were not a part of Roosevelt’s “brain trust.”
F they were professors
(T/F) The goal of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 was to raise farm income mainly through cutbacks in production
(T/F)To earn the federal payments for reducing crops many landowners took their leased land out of production
(T/F)Codes of fair practice were part of the NRA
(T/F)One objective of the Tennessee Valley Authority was flood control.
(T/F) One drawback of the Tennessee Valley Authority was that it forced people to move if their land was needed for dams and lakes
(T/F) The transition during the early twentieth century from widespread scattered subsistence farming to industrial agriculture made the dust storms worst during the Depression
(T/F)During the Depression, the U.S. government deported 500,000 Mexican Americans and their American-children because officials wanted to avoid the costs of providing them with public service.
(T/F)The Indian Reorganization Act attempted to reinvigorate traditional Native American cultures
(T/F) In the case of Norris v. Alabama, the Supreme Court upheld Alabama’s claim that the Scottsboro Boys were not entitled to public defenders.
(T/F) The 1937 economic slump was caused in part by a sharp decrease in government spending.
(T/F) Francis Townsend was known as the “Kingfish.”
F (it was Huey Pierce Long)
(T/F) Charles E. Coughlin headed the TVA
F he was another ******* white guy.
(T/F)In the case of Schechter Poultry Corporation v. United States, the Supreme Court overturned the National Industrial Recovery Act.
(T/F) The National Labor Relations Act was often called the Wagner Act.
(T/F) American isolationism declined in the turmoil of the Great Depression of the early 1930s.
(T/F)Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was only one part of a larger offensive launched into Southeast Asia and the Pacific
(T/F) During World War II, presidential authority expanded significantly
T war powers act

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