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History Review

How did Andrew Carnegie vertically integrate the steel industry?
buying iron mines and the transportation companies
What is an example of the changing relationship between government and private business?
Anti-Trust Acts
How did the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad affect the demographic of the US?
it encouraged westward expansion
In the 2nd half of the 19th century, what transformed agriculture in the US?
increase in the use of farm machinery
How was the land made available to many Americans during the late 19th century?
the Homestead Act
What led to the Battle of Little Bighorn?
the government’s attempt to open the Black Hills
Why was the Sherman Anti-trust act unsuccessful in regulating monopolies until Transcontinental Railroad?
SC would not allow government to regulate business
Big business grew in the late 1800s , how did the farmers do?
overproduction= lowered prices
Why did the Populist Party want free coinage of silver?
to increase circulation in money
When was the Dawes Act?
What was the intent of the Dawes Act?
to get rid of the Native American culture and Americanize
What contributed to a large increase in factory production in the early 1900s?
What political party did the “Cross of Gold” speech resonate with the most?
Why did the steel industry expand in the US?
Bessemer process made steel affordable
Decreasing the price of something to force competitors out of the business is an aspect of
One result of the Homestead Act of 1862 includes
a rush to grab free land in the Great Plains
The Dawes Act of 1887-
made Native Americans land owners by giving them land
How did the Transcontinental Railroad impact the economy of the West?
access to new markets for local goods
What contributed the most to the settlement of the Great Plains?
construction of railroads west of the Mississippi
What does the cartoon (log with octopus legs) say about economic policies of the US during the rise of big business
Laissez-faire allowed big companies too much control
Why was the AFL one of the first successful labor unions?
fought for the rights of skilled workers
What was the purpose of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?
dissolved monopolies that hindered free trade
What was the major difficulty for the people in the Klondike Gold Rush?
harsh natural conditions
William Jennings Bryan was a Democrat most closely associated with whom?
Populist wing of the Democrats
During the late 1880s, business leaders formed trusts mainly to
eliminate competition
The Interstate commerce Commission and the Populist Party were reactions to
the abuses of industrialization
What is the critical factor in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad?
land and money from the government
Which industry promoted time zones?
Why were some called “Captains of Industry” and “Robber Barons”?
provided new goods and services but under-payed employees
Why did many labor unions form in the late 1800s and early 1900s?
conditions and wages were poor
What did Populists and Grangers want in terms of railroad companies from the ICC?
rates for transporting crops be lowered
Homestead Act, demise of the buffalo, & the Transcontinental Railroad are associated with what?
decline of the Plains Indians
Some critics of the Gilded Age said big business leaders reduced competition by
forming trusts and creating monopolies
Why were many strikes unsuccessful during this time?
violence on both sides
Holding companies were an innovation intended to escape what?

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