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The most abused illicit drug is
Drugs that reduce pain and numb senses…
Cocaine is a…
Synthesia is…
the mixing of senses.
____ is an illicit drug made in labs.
Drugs used because they lower anxiety and inhibitions.
Most popular club drug
Choice drug of the young
Trade name for a date rape drug
The largest institution in the world dedicated to drug abuse research
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Where is the DARE program implemented
MAD, AA, SAD are what type of agencies?
What is the smallest part of the federal drug budget?
Tertiary prevention programs for drug use are usually designed for what age group
Primary substance abuse education programs are usually designed for what age group
Type of health care practice that aimed at disease prevention and promotion is…
Restorative care is
part of long-term care
Those lacking the financial ability to pay for their own medical care are..
medically indigent
A written agreement between a private insurance company and individal..
A negotiated set amount that a patient pays for certain services is..
amount of expenses
medicare is for
65+, kidney failure, certain disabilities
gov. insurance program for kids
Managed care focuses on 3 main areas:
lower cost control, efficiency, frequent fliers control (utilization)
greatest risk for lead poisoning
tobacco smoke inhaled and exhaled from smokers
porous water saturated layers of underground bed rock
water pollution that occurs from run off seepage and pollutants in water
nonpoint source pollution
average us residents use how much water in a day
80-100 gallons
substance that remains after humans use water for domestic or commercial purpose
level of wastewater treatment that involved filtration through sand and carbon filters
level of wastewater treatment where sludge is removed
federal law that makes sure all rivers are swimmable/fishable
Clean Water Act
factors that contribute to foodborne disease outbreak
improper cooking temperature
unsanitary conditions
raw milk
most municipal solid waste comes from
most desirable form of integrated waste management is
source reduction
Liquid created when water mixes with waste and removes solid constituents by percolation is called..
practice of establishing and maintaining healthy conditions in the environment is..
affective disorder characterized by
major depression
elevated mood
Diseases that result from chronic-general adaptation syndrome..
diseases of adaptation
early education to economically disadvantaged preschool
widespread use of lobotomies became unnecessary because of the invention of…
one of the main forces that expedited deinstitutionalization
antipsychotic drugs
people moved from one institution to another is what age group
EAPS and crisis intervention are what level prevention
treatment of mental disorders through verbal communcation
treatment over indefinite time
psychiatric rehabilitation
the capability of a communicable agent to cause disease in a susceptible hoat
the ability of a pathogen to lodge and grow in a host
point source epidemic curve
an epidemic curve depicting a distribution of cases that can all be traced to a single source of exposure
child neglect
the failure of a parent/guardian to care for or otherwise provide the necessary subsistence for a child.
Question, persuade, refer
Medicare A
hospital insurance, mandatory; has deductible & co-insurance
Medicare B
medical insurance, those in part A automatically enrolled unless decline; has deductible and co-insurance
Medicare C
managed care plans, offered by private insurance companies; not available in all parts of U.S.
Medicare D
prescription drug plans, optional; run by insurance companies; monthly premiums; large number of plan available; complex to navigate
Kisikc’s triangle is
relationship between cost, quality, and access in all sorts of institutions such as policy making, healthcare, and businesses; reciprocal, all affect each other, trade-offs, all in competition.
Actions that consumers can take to reduce foodborne outbreaks are..
Following safe handling practices and avoiding consumption of unsafe food.
Federal agencies involved in drug abuse problems are..
Food and DRUG administration (ensure safety and efficacy of all prescription/nonprescription drugs), Drug Enforcement Agency (lead agency, enforces drug laws), Office of National Drug Control Policy (headquarters of USA drug control effort, director appointed by POTUS), Dept. of Health and Human Services (SAMHSA and NIDA), Department of Justice (DEA, FBI, OJP, ATF), DHS, etc.
Federal agencies that relate to food safety and why things don’t get solved.
USDA and FDA. Local inspection. Consumers can cause risk.

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