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Hospitality marketing quiz 1 chpt 1-3

_____ form(s) when capacity exceeds demand an guests are willing to wait.
* demand
* loyalty
* popularity
* queues
When hotel management establishes no-smoking floors, bar managers no longer allow happy hours with free drink specials, and resort managers eliminate pollution from the properties, the ____ concept is being employed.
* Marketing
* Product
* societal marketing
* manufacturing
Societal marketing
the fact that a business traveler will have a very positive check-in experience during one stay at a hotel and then a very negative check-in experience the next time is an issue related to which service characteristic?
* inseparability
* Intangibility
* perishability
* variability
a hotel company acquiring one or more of its competitors is an example of
* backward integration
* forward integration
* horizontal integration
* none of the above
Horizontal integration
the principle objective of a market-oriented mission statement is to:
* satisfy basic partnership needs
* satisfy basic supplier needs
* satisfy basic stockholder needs
* satisfy basic customer needs
Satisfy basic customer needs
Price is ____ related to demand for most products.
* directly
* disproportionately
* proportionately
* inversely
The social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need through creating and exchanging products and value with others is called:
* commerce
* economics
* sales
* marketing
In a well-run hospitality organization, there are two customers-the paying customers and the ___________.
* customer’s company
* employees
* guests of the customer
* nonpaying
Marketing mix elements include all of the following EXCEPT:
* distribution
* marketing information systems
* price
* promotion
Marketing information systems
a casino employee’s uniform and a restaurant’s fancy front lobby are a means of:
* creating overly high expectations on the part of the customer
* overspending on the part of the service provider
* Tangibilizing the service
* paying attention to the perishability of the service
Tangibilizing the service
According to the Ansoff product-market expansion grid, management should first consider whether:
* it should develop new markets for its current products
* it should find or develop new products for its current market
* it should find new products for a new market
* it should gain more market share with its current products in their current market
it should gain more market share with its current products in their current market
which of the following is NOT part of the service profit chain?
* satisfied and loyal customers
* satisfied and productive service employees
* internal service quality
* external service quality
external service quality
Customers cannot take services on a “test drive,” which means that they cannot evaluate them before they use them. This is a problem with the ________ of the service.
* inseparability
* variability
* intangibility
* perishability
Building strong economic and social ties with customers by delivering high-quality products and services is the foundation of:
* relationship marketing
* return on quality
* the manufacturing concept
* total quality management
relationship marketing
A well worked-out ________ provides company employees with a shared sense of purpose, direction, and opportunity.
* a mission statement
* company profile
* set of objectives
* strategic plan
Mission statement
Which of the following is NOT part of the four-P framework of marketing?
* Product
* Pricing
* Placement
* Product
When hotel chains enter such markets as the retirement home industry they are practicing which type of strategy?
* differential diversification
* concentric diversification
* horizontal diversification
* conglomerate diversification
Conglomerate diversification
“we are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” is a motto for:
* Ritz-Carlton
* Conrad Hotels
* Marriott
* Hilton
The Forum Company found that the cost of retaining a loyal customer is just ____ percent of the cost of attracting a new one.
* 20
* 50
* 40
* 30
A company’s _______________ is the set of benefits or values it promises to deliver to consumers to satisfy their needs
* value proposition
* value promise
* mission statement
* quality proposition
Value Proposition
Instead of simply being defined as “freedom from defects,” QUALITY should be defined:
* in terms of total sales
* in terms of customer satisfaction
* in terms of product specifications
* in terms of employee satisfaction
in terms of customer satisfaction
Studies have shown the best way to deal with service failure is to:
* ignore the failure in the hopes the customer will forget about it
* refund the customer’s money whenever a failure occurs
* replace the unhappy customer with a happier one
* give the unhappy customer timely information regarding the failure
give the unhappy customer timely information regarding the failure
_________________ is the marketing logic by which the company hopes to create customer value and achieve profitable relationships.
* marketing alignment
* marketing integration
* marketing diversification
* marketing strategy
marketing strategy
A ________ is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need.
* service
* choice set
* concept
* product
_______ are highly loyal but not very profitable.
* butterflies
* strangers
* barnacles
* true friends
If a hotel chain buys one of its suppliers, it is engaging in what type of growth?
* backward integration
* vertical integration
* forward integration
* horizontal integration
Backward integration
when backed by buying power, wants become:
* satisfied
* needs
* desires
* demands
which of the following statements is FALSE?
* CRM calls for developing unique and lasting relationships with customers
* one goal of CRM is to make switching costs high
* the use of CRM in the hospitality industry appears to be strong.
* CRM combines marketing, business strategy, and information technology to better understand customers
the use of CRM in the hospitality industry appears to be strong
Hospitality companies face the task of increasing three major marketing areas:
* service focus, service quality, and service productivity
* service focus, service quality, and service profitability
* Service differentiation, service quality, and service profitability
* Service differentiation, service quality, and service productivity
Service differentiation, service quality, and service productivity
Because services are characterized by the issue of inseparability, service providers often will have to:
* minimize the inseparability issue
* reduce inventory
* lower their prices
* train the customers
train the customers
The example of the Las Vegas Hilton’s change in strategic focus underscores how companies are increasingly refocusing their attention on the need to manage ________ instead of departments.
* people
* processes
* industry scope
* planning
“Project RED” was the name given to the long-term strategy of which restaurant chain?
* red lobster
* red robin
* red burrito
* red rooster
Red Robin
Studies have shown that a well-crafted mission statement aids a firm’s performance, as the mission statement serves as a statement of:
* fact
* financial goals
* purpose
* values
the two main industries that comprise the activities we call tourism are:
* the hospitality and marketing industries
* the hospitality and travel industries
* the restaurant and cruise industries
* the hotel and restaurant industries
the hospitality and travel industries
A system of values and beliefs in an organization that reinforces the idea that providing the customer with quality service is the principal concern of the business is called __________________.
* Credo or motto
* Mission and credo
* Mission statement or vision statement
* service culture
Service culture
Disneyland’s version of the ride reservation is called:
* FastPass
* Extension Pass
* FreePass
* MultiPass
It is wise to assess the customer’s __________ value and take appropriate actions to ensure a customer’s long-term support.
* Money
* Market
* Long-term
* intrinsic
which of the following is one of the four Ps of the marketing mix?
* People
* Profits
* Propaganda
* Place
At the Ritz-Carlton, each employee can spend up to __________to redress a guest grievance.
* $500
* $3,000
* $2,000
* $1,000
The fact that services cannot be seen, tasted, felt, or smelled relates to which service characteristic?
* Perishability
* Inseparability
* Variability
* Intangibility
the most basic concept underlying marketing is that of:
* Understanding
* Needs
* buying power
* customer
____________ growth makes sense when good opportunities can be found outside the present businesses.
* Diversification
* Multilateral
* bilateral
* Product development
The ideal target market for a firm is the one in which it can profitably generate the greatest customer ________ and ________ it over time.
* Sales, sustain
* Value: sustain and grow
* Loyalty; grow
* Satisfaction; spread
Value; sustain and grow
The production concept holds that consumers will favor products that are __________ and highly ____________, and therefore management should focus on production and distribution efficiency.
* popular, qualitative
* popular, affordable
* available, affordable
* available, qualitative
available, affordable
Which of the following is not part of the four Ps of the marketing mix?
* product
* price
* promotion
* profits
Revenue management grew out of ___________ management, which was introduced in the 1980s.
* marketing
* reservations
* yield
* overbooking
Most large companies consist of four organizational levels: corporate, division, business unit, and:
* Promotional
* Product
* Employee
* Management
which is not a purpose of marketing in a customer-centered firm?
* to generate customer value
* to maximize company revenue
* to improve relationship marketing
* to maximize customer satisfaction
to maximize customer satisfaction
Under the product concept, marketing strategy focuses on making continuous product ___________.
* advertisements
* promotions
* advertisement and promotions
* improvements
Companies that diversify too broadly into unfamiliar products or industries can ______ their market focus.
* capitalize
* enhance
* depreciate
* lose

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