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How Can Complaint Systems Be Designed And Implemented To Be Fair? Essay

Biasness in the field of activities of employment in open countries is far more difficult under the idea of freedom of expression of thought in a land where it is natural to talk freely of your beliefs as long as they do not hurt anyone, yet, such beliefs revolve inside the mind and fester in one’s background of beliefs and has them commit crimes of hatred and under sanctities of customs and traditions and conventional and necessary thoughts they have been brought and raised up with and by.

The idea of such systems which help regulate the form of employment between different sectors of people, who are either weaker in the society versus the stronger prevalent thoughts and ranks of society, is a major issue which must be resolved through either grouping people together who have similar beliefs away from those who could under pressure them with their ideas and facts and stop their progress around and over time.

Yet, there is always the fact that such barriers are deeply rooted in a person that when it is the age of employment, it is extremely difficult to have them believe that otherwise thought relations between ideas is more sober than the ideas

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tat they behave according to.

Starting with psychologically dissecting of people, not according to background, is a first attempt to closen between people, this closening could occur through bias people who do not arrange people according to certain ascending or descending orders of their skills based on their ethnic background, beliefs and how they level compared with the place and time they are recruited in with people who have alternative and alternate ideas between those who make things worse, when spoken out loud at work.

The idea that moves a work and steers the ship of work is the fact that religious beliefs should and must not interfere between the worker and his or her colleagues at work, that they, the workers, have no right to discuss their beliefs and convince others with what they are working in and thinking about to be better and truer tha that they believe in.

For example, scientology has been a problematic problem which existed , and still does exist, as a measure of inappropriate believing in the world of the universe, yet, if a follower of such worshipment method agrees to do the job, then, the fact that they believe in whatsoever has nothing more than the reflection of a mind working under a certain belief and helps aid them work further better and under stronger influence of the believing mind as to what he believes is related to the work done. People are measured according to their capacity to work properly at work and not according to what they believe.

Although it is extremely difficult to find thoughts easier carried out as biasing everyone towards everyone, it would be a better notion to have emotional people work under the influence of those who are more stable and those who are stronger in character with those who need to be empowered, with one condition which is how they regard the others according to the work environment they both help upgrade and not according to whom will receive help from whom based on the idea that such embraced thoughts are “mentally unstable or that they are choking the team work of the company”.

This result has the solution of interviewing people according to how they would like to work in the environment of work they are applying towards which will not have them drawn back, such as expected within the limits of the ethics of the working area and the field of work. “First, mediation offered the likelihood that the employment discrimination complaint could be resolved faster and cheaper. The EEOC’s initial pilot studies of mediation indicated that complaints were resolved substantially quicker, and therefore more economically, than under the traditional enforcement system.

For example, the average time from filing the charge to completing the mediation in the pilot program was just 67 days — compared to 294 days to complete the traditional EEOC enforcement process [2]. More– over, while it is unknown whether or not typical open door systems resolve employee disputes more quickly than EEOC mediation, the studies noted earlier indicate that open door systems were likely to be ineffective in either uncovering discrimination problems or successfully resolving them once they came to light.

” Such agreements occur in the light of understanding the relation between the psychological, linguistic and cultural backgrounds of the people working together, people working together work as fish in an aquarium, whenever it is being cleaned, the most scared of fish (even if very strong in the water envirnoment0 tend to escape the bigger beings that try to save it to clean its habitat to return it to breathe cleaner water. Thus, the right of such fish in the aquarium is to represent those kinds of fish that could swim together without the danger of having such groups grouped together to be bullying among one another.

There is still a catch, the idea that birds of a feather flock together applies also to the fish in the aquarium, thus, the idea of separating those who could work together from those who could not could have a potentially sensed push towards a better start for the company, but, what if the workers have to work together and that they have to make sense between one another’s works and that they have to work together as one team?

The problem lies in the kind of boss who handles the company and the board of general managers and presidents of the company who recruit according to the CV and what it holds from potential possibilities in the field of the company’s work to grow faster, bigger and more variant. Yet, what if there is still a problem in the HR’s choosing of such people, for HRs have also the stake of choosing those who could aid them in their work, neglecting those with efficient work due to the fact that they are not of their sort of type and are “trouble makers to the teams working together”?

thus, the idea of choosing an HR and Administrative president of the company who does not team up according to the kind of work they have in common or looks and beauties and common shared hobbies, but it should be said that people of similar efficiencies and strong knowledge of human nature could work together better. Thus, when choosing equivalent workers in the field of the administration and in the field of hiring results in the fact that equal metals and cores could stop one another from being rude or inappropriately behaving towards a certain kind of worker in the field.

For example: as women do not like to be governed by women and men by women, it is best that the workers who work together work under the supervision of the same education and same method of employment, being of same and similar backgrounds and orderly working as that they have the same ideas, psyches and understanding of the nature of the work. It should also be noted that facts between the HR and the administrative manager should be equally diagnosed and cultural measurements of the both parties should have the fact of biasness equivalently applied, not that one is weaker than the other and another stronger.

It could be best possible to have those with bias ideas and are neutral towards the sides in conflict as leaders of a multi national environment which has the perils of breaking down because there are strongly hot headed believers who look from the scope that people have no better understanding of faith than them being only “named after what they follow and are not true appliers of the regime of the belief” deal with those who work with whom could argue intellectually and has a strong background of the different religions of the same mind matter.

This helps save consumed time at breaking up quarrels and resolving problems together easier without having to go for the manual of working in the workstation, having thus a better understanding of how to handle thoughts of different believers according to what they commonly have from ideas in common touched and worked out easier, by striking these common ideas’ cords to inform them what they have missing in between their fights which is the key to destructing the quarrel.


The EEOC’s alternative dispute resolution program: A more civil approach to civil rights disputesMark J Kepple r, Review of Business. Jamaica: Winter 2003. Vol. 24, Iss. 1; pg. 38, 5 pgs Chris Field’s speech to the Australian Institute of Administrative Law, http://www. ombudsman. wa. gov. au/ Ombudsman Dealing with employee complaints. (management methods), Publication: Products Finishing, Publication Date: 01-APR-04, Author: Pollock, Ted

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