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How companies help employees to keep pace?

Web 2. 0 that’s called the second generation of web development has almost changed the way we communicate, rather live. Social networking, blogging, increased end-user participation and interactivity, web feedbacks, user comments, sharing, trading, collaborating, buying-selling online—the list is endless—have become the order of the day. However, in this rat race of being the fastest, the best, the ONLY, there are some who are either left behind or are lingering on, with all their might, only to exist, not live.

Among them are the C-level business people, especially those that messed up in the first generation of web technology. ‘Training’ is the keyword here. Companies impart proper training to the employees so that they can perform on their jobs. CEO of General Electronics, India T P Chopra says, “We spend, in good times and bad, close to or well over a billion dollars per year on the training of people. We train people, develop them and making sure that they have the right training to really perform on their jobs. ” [It’s all about the people, 2009]

Some employers have also started to practice new strategies like encouraging social networking in offices—one can learn a lot by being an active member of an online community. Others have planned to deploy an internal-facing social community to encourage knowledge sharing and employee interaction and collaboration. [Trends and best practices in Adopting Web 2. 0, 2008] 2 Web 2. 0 3 One media company, NDTV has already deployed such an intra-networking platform and requires its employees to be active on it.

The companies can really help their employees in a big way, to keep pace with the new trends that are emerging in the markets rapidly.


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