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How important is Diversity to the HR section?

Before moving to answer these questions, it is quite important to know what is diversity is all about. Michalle Barak said “Diversity is about belonging to groups that are visibly or invisibly different from what ever is considered mainstream in society. (p122) This diversity is the gender, ethnicity or nationality. Barak explained that this diversity is important as organizational commitment and job satisfaction of ethnically diverse individuals is affected by perceived discriminatory treatment. ” (p87).

I believe HR can ensure to maximize diversity management program by establishing pro active management of divers’ issues. Robert Mathis and John Harold Jackson pointed out that by spending considerable time on cases management dealing with employee problems that are both work and non work related and pro active management of issues will result in greater retention of individual of all background. (p88) How would you deal with absenteeism? Mathis and Jackson admit that employees can be absent from work as absence is unavoidable and understandable.

(p73) They noted some reasons such as: illness, death in the family and other more personal reason. Nevertheless Mathis and Jackson point out that organizational policies on absenteeism should stated clearly in the employees’ hand book. (p72) They listed some approaches such as disciplinary approach, positive reinforcement approach which gives rewards to perfect attendance, no fault approach which holds that reason for absent do not matter and the employees must manage their own attendance.

Using and combining these approaches I believe can help in preventing absenteeism except for extreme cases. Motivational practices for employees Donald Breckon pointed out that regardless of any motivational theory employed “managers and administrators need to understand intrinsic and e4xtrinsic motivators. Breckon explained that it is inherent task that individual employee accomplished something well by his or her own initiative. Breckon suggested that this kind of achievement is worth appreciating in order to strengthen intrinsic motivator.

(p137) Extrinsic, Breckon explained may not be related to specific accomplishment. They are company benefits such as bonus fringed benefits and so forth. Alexander Hiam argues that extrinsic motivation does not produce this same urge to improve. Instead he emphasized that emotional motivation and intrinsic motivation provides the atmosphere for employee to develop, grow accomplish and succeed. (p176) There fore reward should just be individual as a complement to individual’s achievements and accomplishment.

Good HR section sells an organization? Would I choose a job based on HR? Hugh Secord noted that “HR does not only exist to qualify the fit of candidate to job and the organization but also to sell the organization as ambassador. Yes, they sell but the problem is, HR personnel soon will no longer be needed as their function has been taken out the use of technology. Mathis and Jackson said, “HR functions are now becoming electronically done. ” Thus I may not dare to work in the HR department.

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