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How to apply TQM in Hospitality Industry ?

Total Quality Management (TQM) in the hospitality industry or service industry is focused around the core philosophy of service innovation management that is creating processes and enabling people to deliver excellence in service every time. As Tom Peters in his book “In Search of Excellence” explains that companies that focus their energy and resources on empowering employees to take decision based on the situation, invest in them through training and development programs, and reward them for going the extra mile to help the customers are the one that have outperformed Wall Street over the past 50 years.

In Hospitality Industry TQM can be applied in following stages (Williams, 2003) – 1. Building an environment where customer satisfaction is core of process design. 2. The service protocols are flexible enough to adjust to customer needs and quantifiable enough to benchmark performance with in the organization. 3. Case studies are provided to employees regarding what is expected and how employees in the past have gone out of the normal protocol to deliver the level of services.

The key to success here is identifying the key component of a particular jobs are focusing energy on how to deliver that service effectively. 4. Finally the appraisal

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system should be transparent and considerable enough to appraise not only delivered results but also situational analysis and subsequent impact on the performance. Service Industry Inspection – Why this is critical to the Management ? Service Inspection is similar to quality management in the product based company.

At each customer touch point organizations strive to deliver not only consistent service standards but also the one that their brand stands for. Inspections are critical to not only spot the areas where the guard may be coming down but also finding ways regarding how process of service delivery can be improved. Service inspection can help in (Williams, 2003) – 1. Understanding the orientation of the employees and other human resources management factors like worker fatigue, level of service delivery and variation in the actual performance and desired performance.

2. Service Inspection can help in assessing the ability of the present processes to deliver the expected level of service in the organization. 3. Service Inspection is on job appraisal compare to post performance appraisal so in a way it’s an endeavor on the part of management to maintain continuous improvement across the organization.


Williams, C. & Buswell, J. (2003) Tourism, Leisure industry and Quality Assurance. Publisher: CABI Publishing. ISBN: 97-0-85199-763-6

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