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How to Increase Your Creativity and Productivity Essay

Knowing how to implement your best skills in the workplace is essential to success; therefore, if you have creativity and productivity, you do not have to sacrifice one for the other. With correct placement and timing, you can implement strategies that encompass both of these. Understanding how to work smarter and not harder will save you both time and stress.

There is no hidden rule that dictates that the forces of creativity and productivity must always be at odds. Rather it is the opposite; they must be combined to give you the maximum yield in any situation. In today’s workplace, it is essential that any business understands the importance of combining the two and not sacrificing one to accommodate the other.

Though the concept has been studied for many decades, researchers have come short of fully understanding the creativity. The intention is to improve creativity and to learn how to manipulate it for our express benefit, on demand. Rather, researchers have been more successful at actually recognizing the patterns that are associated with creative thinking. With this information, we can actually derive tactics that will enhance or detract from creativity.

We can sum up these tactics, by identifying them as the four ‘Ps”

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of creativity. A concept posited by Mel Rhodes, who was an educational scientist. Rhodes surmised that you could not control, neither the ‘Person’ nor the ‘Product’. However, there two other factors, which could be controlled and they were ‘Process’ and ‘Press’ (environment).

It is on this theory that we present the ideas below, which will help you to be more creative. At the end, you will have covered different ways, influenced by the four ‘Ps’ theory, of attaining the best with your creative efforts.

Provoke a Position of Psychological Detachment

Think back to when you were last faced with a situation that had nothing to do with you, but you needed to provide a creative solution; was not being detached from the situation helpful? When you are away from your desk, at home and relaxed, didn’t the answers come easily? This psychological detachment enhances the probability of being more creative, says Lile Jia, a professor of psychology. The absence of stress allows the mind, without pressure, to discover freely any creative solutions to problems.

Asking for other’s opinions might also be helpful because they will have a different perspective on the task.

Put Aside Pressing Responsibilities for “Flow” Hours

You might have noticed that your creativity is more fluid and accessible at certain times of the day. This varies with each individual. It will be frustrating if you seek to go against this natural flow, you will be less creative in these moments. For many people, the best time is in the morning, when your brain has not yet been bombarded by other tasks. During studies of ultradian rhythms, it has been realized that most people have productivity levels between 90 and 120 minutes. There are several phases throughout the day, after that, we lose focus and require breaks.

Try to identify when you are at your best, creatively.

Put Creativity Enhancing Restrictions on Yourself

This is the opposite of being micromanaged. Certain restrictions can be beneficial for creative thinkers, but not excessively. This process will adjust our perspective of the world and therefore, our approach to problem-solving. Limiting the access to resources actually stimulates the mind to provide different suggestions for fixing a problem, scientists discovered. It is a greater challenge to find solutions to a problem that has fewer alternatives.

For instance, if you had little money, you might choose to cook a creative meal for dinner, improvising with the ingredients you have at home. On the other hand, if you had excess cash, you might simply choose to buy something pre-prepared, using less creativity to resolve a problem.

Following these steps will help you to enhance your creativity by placing yourself in the ideal situation to tap into your creative power.

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