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HR Final Ch9-14

Health-Tech Materials is a firm that manufactures medical equipment purchased by hospitals and clinics. The firm employs over 2,500 workers in its two manufacturing facilities located in Texas and Arizona. Recently, Health-Tech dismissed a number of employees for ethics violations ranging from improper Internet usage to stealing company funds. In addition, the firm has been sued by two former employees for wrongful discharge. As a result, Health-Tech’s top executives are evaluating the firm’s hiring process, ethics training system, reward system, and disciplinary system to determine how to promote ethics and fair treatment.
Which of the following best supports the argument that Health-Tech should make significant changes to its disciplinary process?
Historically, arbitrators have overturned the dismissal decisions of Health-Tech’s managers because of unclear company rules.
________ refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees and arising from their employment.
Employee compensation
Direct financial payments include all of the following EXCEPT ________.
Which of the following terms refers to pay in the form of financial benefits, such as insurance?
indirect financial payments
Which compensation-related law contains provisions for minimum wage, maximum hours, overtime pay, equal pay, and child labor?
Fair labors Standard Act
Jorge worked 6 hours of overtime this week but has decided to take time off instead of overtime pay. How many hours will Jorge receive in time off from work?
9 hours
Which of the following is true for employers who use independent contractors?
Fair Labors Standards Act overtime requirements do not apply
According to the Family and Medical Leave Act, eligible employees can take up to ________ weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for the birth of a child or for the care of a child, spouse, or parent.
12 weeks
Which of the following has historically been the primary issue in collective bargaining?
wage rates
Lisa is an HR manager who has been assigned the task of establishing pay rates to ensure external equity. What should Lisa do first in the process?
Conduct a salary survey
________ is a formal and systematic comparison of jobs to determine the worth of one job relative to another.
job evaluation
______ means collapsing salary grades and ranges into just a few wide levels or bands, each of which contains a relatively wide range of jobs and salary levels.
Which of the following terms refers to any salary increase the firm awards to an individual employee based on his or her individual performance?
merit pay
Tanner’s employer puts a predetermined portion of profits into a trust account for Tanner’s retirement. Which of the following is most likely the type of profit-sharing plan used by Tanner’s employer?
Deferred profit-sharing plan
A(n) ________ plan is an incentive plan that engages many or all employees in a common effort to achieve a company’s productivity objectives with any resulting cost-savings gains shared among employees and the company.
gain sharing
The indirect financial and nonfinancial payments employees receive for continuing employment with the company are called ________.
Which of the following benefits is required by federal or state law?
workers’ compensation
Eric has worked full-time for a large manufacturing company for over 3 years. Eric and his wife have recently adopted a baby, and Eric wants to take time off from work to care for the child. Which of the following laws most likely applies to Eric’s situation?
family and medical leave act
About ________% of people working in the United States belong to unions.
Which of the following best explains why union membership has fallen since 1955?
Legislation provides workers with protections that were once exclusive to unions.
The ________ form of union security means that the company can hire only union members.
closed shop
Which type of union security accounts for almost three-fourths of union contracts?
union shop
The term “________” describes statutory or constitutional provisions banning the requirement of union membership as a condition of employment.
right to work
Right-to-work laws inhibit union formation by ________.
prohibiting any form of union security
Which of the following was established by the Wagner Act?
It gave unions legal protection, and granted employees the right to unionize, to bargain collectively, and to engage in concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection.
You are a manager at a manufacturing facility, and you tell your subordinates that unions are dangerous to the economy. Which law protects your right to express these views?
taft-harley act
________ is the process of legally terminating a union’s right to represent employees.
Which third-party intervention uses a neutral third party to assist the principals in reaching agreement?
Which intervention method listed below is the most definitive of all third-party interventions?
Binding arbitration
Arbitration means ending an impasse by ________.
Giving a third-party the power to determine and dictate the settlement terms
The Evil Woman Thesis asserts that when a woman does not act the way men and other women think she should, they will tend to treat her more harshly than they might if the alleged misdeed was done by a man.
The introduction of union relations laws, civil rights laws, and occupational safety laws have led to the diminishment of most employees’ legal rights.
Unfortunately, employers have no tools for measuring the ethics of an individual during the applicant screening process, so employers do not realize they have hired an unethical person until it is too late
The four main types of privacy upheld by courts are intrusion, publication of private matters, disclosure of medical records, and appropriation of an employee’s name or likeness for commercial purposes
The standards an individual uses to decide what his or her conduct should be are known as common law
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires publicly traded companies to declare whether they have a code of conduct, and it increases penalties for companies convicted of ethics violations if they have codes of conduct that were not properly enforced
Many people in the new business development group at GRS&M feel that Blaine was promoted due to her personal friendship with the supervisor rather than a fair review of the qualified employees in the group. This attitude is the result of the employees’ perceived procedural justice relative to the decision.
A manager constructs a fair discipline process on three pillars: rules and regulations, a system of progressive penalties, and outplacement counseling.
Financial benefits like employer-paid insurance and vacations are not a part of employee compensation.
Employee compensation refers to all forms of pay going to employees and arising from their employment. It has two main components, direct financial payments (wages, salaries, incentives, commissions, and bonuses) and indirect financial payments (financial benefits like employer-paid insurance and vacations).
When employees work more than 40 hours per week, employers must pay overtime at a rate of at least one-and-a-half times the normal pay for any hours worked over 40 in a workweek
The Equal Pay Act states that employees of one sex may not be paid wages at a rate lower than that paid to employees of the opposite sex for doing roughly equivalent work
A key advantage of employee stock ownership plans is that the company gets a tax advantage equal to the fair market value of the shares that are transferred to the trustee.
Competencies are demonstrable characteristics of a person including knowledge, skills, and behaviors that enable performance
Employee benefits account for about one-third of wages and salaries.
Federal law requires private sector employers to grant a minimum amount of paid vacation leave.
If an employee is injured at work due to a blatant disregard for company safety policies, the company is not required to pay workers’ compensation
It is illegal for supervisors to discuss their opinions about unionization with employees
Employers can replace strikers permanently unless the strike is based on unfair labor practices.
A wildcat strike is an unauthorized strike that occurs during the term of a contract.
Grievances should be settled based on what is considered fair even if the solution differs from the labor agreement.
The Employee Free Choice Act would make it more difficult for employers to prevent the formation of unions.
OSHA enforces its standards through inspections, which are usually announced so that employers have time to prepare
Safety training should be bilingual in situations where employees speak English as a second language or are not fluent in English.
Lockout/tagout involves affixing a disabled tag to the equipment.
Family pressures are a primary cause of expatriate failure.
According to the ethics research presented in the text, “bad apples” are best described as ________.
People who are inclined to make unethical choices
Health-Tech’s HR department has devised a brief ethics test for employees to use when determining if their actions match Health-Tech’s code of conduct. Which of the following questions is LEAST likely to be included on the ethics test?
Would I perform this action if I worked for a Health-Tech competitor?
Based on research into ethical behavior in the workplace, which of the following is a true statement?
Having ethical leaders in an organization reduces the number of unethical decisions
R&R has a nonpunitive discipline policy. Employees at R&R Carpet and Tile are allowed to take one-hour lunch breaks. Todd’s assistant, Suzanne, took a two-hour lunch break today without prior approval. Suzanne was given a verbal warning five weeks ago for a similar infraction. Which of the following will most likely be Todd’s response to Suzanne’s actions today?
give Suzanne a formal written reminder that will be included in her personnel file
Which of the following would most likely be considered unfair by employees?
sustaining the burden of proof on the employee
Employees at R&R Carpet and Tile are allowed to take one-hour lunch breaks. Todd’s assistant, Suzanne, took a two-hour lunch break today without prior approval. Suzanne has never broken any other rules since being employed by the company. R&R has a nonpunitive discipline policy. Which of the following will most likely be Todd’s response to Suzanne’s violation?
issuing an oral reminder to Suzanne
Tamika, a FedEx employee, was recently disciplined by her supervisor for insubordination. Tamika believes that the punishment was too harsh. According to FedEx’s guaranteed fair treatment program, what should Tamika do first to appeal the decision?
Submit a written complaint to a middle manager
During ethics training, which of the following would most likely emphasize the importance of ethics to the firm?
top management participation
Jason, a sales manager, has been given the task of coaching a new employee. What should Jason do first?
observe the employee working and interacting
The basic purpose of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is to ________.
set and enforce the safety and health standards that apply to almost all workers in the United States
The Occupational Safety and Health Act was intended to ________.
assure every person safe and healthful working conditions
All of the following are covered by the Occupational Safety and Health Act EXCEPT ________.
self-employed persons
According to OSHA, employers must report occupational injuries that result in any of the following EXCEPT ________.
first aid treatment
Which of the following would most likely NOT be considered a reportable injury according to OSHA?
John sprains his ankle after becoming tangled in his car’s seat belt in the company parking lot.
Which of the following would be considered OSHA’s highest priority for inspection?
inspecting a site where there may be imminent danger
As a supervisor, which of the following is the LEAST recommended action to take during an OSHA inspection?
volunteering all hazard and safety information
Improperly guarded equipment, defective equipment, hazardous procedures, and improper ventilation are all examples of ________.
unsafe conditions
Which of the following is one of the earliest indicators of an employee’s possible alcoholism?
missed deadlines
All of the following are symptoms of employees in the advanced stages of alcoholism EXCEPT ________.
delegating job responsibilities
Research estimates that the cost of health care is nearly ________ higher for highly stressed workers than for workers with low levels of stress.
Which of the following is a true statement regarding workplace smoking?
Employers may dismiss workers because they smoke at home
Which term refers to the HR techniques and concepts that employers use to manage their international operations?
International Human Resource Management (IHRM)
________ are citizens of the countries where they are working
Home-country Nationals
In which human resource activity does a typical labor agreement NOT give the union a role?
The first step in an industrial hygiene program involves the health and safety officer conducting a facility walk-through.
Prior to 1930, employers attempted to limit the influence of unions using all of the following methods EXCEPT ________.
None of the above (employers didn’t have to participate in collective bargaining)
Which of the following unfair labor practices and provides for majority rule and secret ballot elections?
Wagner Act
Each year there are roughly ________ cases of workplace accidents per 100 full-time workers in the United States.
6 cases
A drug-free workplace policy should state at a minimum “The use, possession, transfer, or sale of illegal drugs by employees is prohibited”.
When firing a high-risk employee, an HR manager should conduct the meeting on a Friday so that the terminated employee has time to calm down over the weekend
HR activities in small firms tend to be more informal than in larger firms
While most small firms are affected by the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act, only large firms need to be familiar with the Consumer Credit Protection Act.
Research indicates that the majority of workplace accidents, especially serious accidents, occur in firms that employ less than 50 workers.
A recent name change or promises of substantial savings suggest that a professional employer organization will be reliable
Wallace Cleaning Services employs 10 workers, so the small business does not have to comply with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
The majority of multinational corporation management positions are filled by expatriates
In a polycentric corporation, the prevailing attitude is that home country attitudes, management style, knowledge, and managers are superior to anything the host country might offer.
Firms using a geocentric staffing model will seek the best people for key jobs throughout the organization, regardless of nationality
Employees preparing for overseas assignments should be trained in cultural differences, attitude formation and behavioral influence, factual country knowledge, and language skills
Varying departure and arrival times when working in a foreign country can minimize a business traveler’s chances of becoming a crime victim.
Treating locals as equal partners when developing a global HR system will minimize resistance.
The most expensive approach to staffing is the polycentric staffing model
Human resource audits and benchmarking are two critical tools used by managers who implement an evidence-based approach to human resource management.
Most employers routinely conduct HR audits every 6 months
A compliance audit would most likely be used to assess a firm’s recruitment and hiring practices compared to those of other firms
A strategic audit would most likely be used by an HR manager to assess a firm’s procedures and practices in regard to employee benefits
Although low employee morale indicates a problem in the firm, it does not indicate that an HR audit is necessary
An HR audit is most likely needed when the business grows to the point where line managers need the help of HR to hire and discipline employees
An applicant tracking system provides a way to measure the quality of those you are hiring.
Human resource practices, such as hiring based on selection tests, pay raises based on work performance, and training provided to new and experienced employees, contribute to a company’s ability to achieve high-performance levels.
High performance work systems became popular in the 1980s due to competition among U.S. automakers.
Which of the following is a common characteristic of HR at most small businesses?
Mark owns a small business that provides engineering consulting services. Mark is new to business ownership, and he has a list of questions he would like answered. Mark has logged on to the EEOC Web site to search for answers. Which of Mark’s questions is LEAST likely to be addressed on this Web site?
What is the primary reason that small firms use the Internet for employee training programs?
Training programs at most small firms tend to focus on ________.
Which of the following best explains why effective communication methods are essential to small businesses?
Approximately what percentage of U.S. workers is employed by small businesses?
At most small businesses, human resource management activities can best be described as ________.
Which of the following agencies offers small businesses the use of FirstStep Employment Law Advisor?
The purpose of FirstStep Employment Law Advisor’s Web site is to help small employers to ________.
Jana owns a dry cleaning business and employs 25 people. She needs a safety and accident checklist that is specific to the dry cleaning industry. Jana would most likely find the information she needs on the ________ Web site.
DOL (Department of Labor)
Which of the following recruitment and selection tools would LEAST likely be used by a small firm?
All of the following are characteristics of work sampling tests EXCEPT ________.
Managers who prepare for an interview using the streamlined interview process should focus on all of the following factors about a candidate EXCEPT
Age and skills
During a streamlined interview, questions that probe such areas as a person’s aspirations and energy level seek information regarding a candidate’s _________ factor.
Any governmental action that could adversely affect the long-run profitability of a firm is called a ________.
Political Risk
Jason is a British freelance journalist working in Paris, so he is most likely classified as a(n) ________
Of the types of international managers that multinational companies can employ, expatriates are
Non-citizens of the countries in which they are working
Roberta is an Italian citizen who spent a great deal of time during her childhood in England. She now works in Brazil as an HR manager for a British company. Roberta is a(n) ____________
Call centers that service customers for firms like software and computer hardware companies are increasingly using employees in India to staff the telephones. This is an example of
Microsoft tends to follow a geocentric staffing model. From which group will it tend to hire?
In any of the regions where the company operates
Which of the following terms refers to the belief that home country attitudes, management style, knowledge, evaluation criteria, and managers are superior to anything the host country has to offer?
Which of the following best explains why female managers receive fewer foreign assignments than male managers?
-women may not wish to work internationally
-men in the host country do not wish to do business with women
Before departing for an overseas assignment, an employee would most likely benefit from _____ training
______ refers to bringing a manager back home after a foreign assignment has been completed.
High performance companies are more likely than low-performance companies to
use validated selection tests when hiring employees, fill jobs internally, use self-managing work teams, and provide extensive amounts of employee training
The primary purpose of implementing high-performance practices such as recruiting, screening, and training are to practices is
to foster a trained, empowered, self-motivated, and flexible workforce.
Which of the following refers to an analysis by which an organization measures where it currently stands and determines what it has to accomplish to improve its HR functions?
HR Audit
An HR specialist conducting an HR audit should review which of the following when auditing recruitment and selection practices?
Background Check
Ray, an HR specialist, has been informed that he needs to conduct an HR audit. Which of the following events does NOT signal the need for an HR audit?
Matthew, an HR manager, needs to select a vendor that will handle his firm’s benefits administration tasks. Which aspect of the vendor is most important for Matthew to consider?
Problems associated with the accelerators of Toyota cars primarily raised questions about the firm’s ________.
High Performance Work System
Which of the following terms refers to the process of comparing and analyzing the practices of one firm with those of a high-performing company?
What is the final step in the basic HR audit process?
Possible answers:
-termination & transition policies and practices
-create action plans
________ metric focuses on measuring the activities that contribute to achieving the company’s strategic aims.
Strategy based
Thermo is a plastic supply and custom fabrication company. The company employs approximately 500 workers at its facility in Ohio. Safety is a top priority at Thermo, and supervisors are required to conduct daily inspections of all equipment. Recently, three workers were seriously injured by a large press used to mold plastic parts. The workers spent time in the hospital for hand injuries, and they are currently recuperating at home. As a result, top management is evaluating all aspects of safety at the facility to determine what changes need to be made.
Which of the following, if true, best supports the argument that Thermo needs to implement a positive reinforcement program?
The injured workers removed a safety guard while operating the press in order to speed the process
Which of the following, if true, supports the argument that Thermo needs to modify its screening, placement, and training procedures?
Interviews with the injured workers indicate that the most experienced worker removed the safety guard and the other two workers did not know how to respond.
Which of the following, if true, best supports the argument that Thermo supervisors need additional training in OSHA standards?
The safety gate had been removed from the press to bypass a safety interlock, and the gate was not replaced prior to the three workers using the machine during their morning shift at Thermo
During a merger and acquisition, it is especially important for managers to be sensitive to employees who are dismissed so that…
remaining employees will remain productive and committed
Which term refers to being psychologically involved in, connected to, and committed to getting one’s jobs done?
Which of the following requires that employers of 100 or more employees give 60 days’ notice before closing a facility or starting a layoff of 50 or more people?
Worker Adjustment and Retrain Notification Act
Which of the following terms refers to a systematic process by which a terminated employee is trained and counseled in how to perform a self-appraisal and secure a new position?
Outplacement Counseling
Keith works as a construction foreman, and he is viewed as a reliable, competent employee. Keith was recently injured in a car accident while on vacation, and his injuries are so severe that he will not be able to return to work. Which of the following would most likely provide Keith with benefits?
Unemployment insurance
Even if the employee was treated easily with first aid, employers must report the occupational injury.

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